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Tuesday, July 07, 2015   11:22:35 AM  
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Revelation  21 : 6
And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.
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The Two Witnesses Part 5: J.L. Robb

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Vol: 166 Issue: 7 - Tuesday, July 07, 2015
''As By Fire''
Jack Kinsella There are many ministries and church denominations that either ignore Bible prophecy as being useful to the Church or argue that all Bible prophecy has already been fulfilled.
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Temple Springs
July 07, 2015 - Witnessing Tools
Wendy Wippel
Paul records that the antichrist will someday proclaim himself God in The Temple ( II Thess. 2:3- 4), which means that someday The Temple will be reconstructed. Eighteen million Jews/year, in fact, at the Western Wall (sole remnant of said temple) beseech Yahweh for just that. Recent research, however, says they might be praying up the wrong tree.

That Day
July 06, 2015 - Prophecy - Signs
Pete Garcia
It was a normal Monday.  People got up and had their breakfast and morning coffees.  News and weather channels called for generally mild temperatures and forecasts for the week.  Families readied their children for schools and universities were in mid swing for fall semester.  Military units trained and people worked.  Politicians went politicking, movie stars lived famously.  The poor were poor and the world just seemed to keep moving in the direction it always has…until the announcement.

Responding to Christian Critics of Israel
July 03, 2015 - Israel - Middle East
Alf Cengia
What do you say to Christian critics of Israel? How do you respond to Christian leaders or people who you would normally respect - insofar as proclaiming the gospel is concerned - yet habitually single out Israel for unfair criticism?

Prologue: The End The Book: Part 5
Elba Island, Italy
July 02, 2015 - Witnessing Tools
J.L. Robb
“The king is in," Mohammed laughed out loud. “The king was in.”

The Tin-Foil Hat Brigade
June 29, 2015 - In Defense of the Faith
Pete Garcia
You know who you are.  You’re the person other people tip toe around when it comes to discussing current events or religion.  You are the person who can spend hours devouring scripture or news with equal vigor, pointing out ‘last days’ events to anyone who would listen to you.  You are semi-shunned at church.  You are disinvited from church socials, because you are just too intense and narrow-minded.  You’re called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or a ‘Jesus Freak’ behind your back.  You’re always going on about the Lord’s return and that “Rapture thingy”.  Admit it.  You are one of them, one of those “prophecy nuts”.

She'll be right, Christian
June 26, 2015 - Prophecy - Signs
Alf Cengia
There's an old Australian saying: She'll be right, Mate!

Prologue: The End The Book Part 5
Wuhan, China
June 25, 2015 - Witnessing Tools
J.L. Robb
Bill “Wild Bill” Robertson and his family visited China at least once a year, and Bill’s wife spoke the language fluently. As a past interpreter at the United Nations Library in Manhattan before Manhattan had been blown up, Vicky spoke several Far Eastern and Middle Eastern languages as well.

Moses, Double Booked
June 23, 2015 - Witnessing Tools
Wendy Wippel
The Wikipedia entry on the Exodus declares that “Mainstream history and archaeology now consider the Exodus to be an entirely fictional narrative put together between the 8th and 5th centuries”.  This supposed “consensus” was based on 1) “lack of any archaeological evidence, and 2) chronological contradictions between the Exodus and Egyptian histories.”  My response? In their dreams.

Sifting Wheat
June 22, 2015 - Israel - Middle East
Pete Garcia
And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat.  Luke 22:31

Prologue: The End The Book Part 5
Southport, North Carolina
June 18, 2015 - Witnessing Tools
J.L. Robb
Sally J. Cooper, originally from England, lived along the Cape Fear River in Southport, North Carolina, about fifty miles north of Myrtle Beach. Like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s largest golf course, Southport was blessed with its own generous supply of golf resorts. Million dollar homes had blossomed in full by the time the recession hit, and hers was one of them.

Ecclesiastical Emetics
June 16, 2015 - In Defense of the Faith
Wendy Wippel
The adjective “ecclesiastical” has come to define anything described by it to mean “related to the Christian Church”.  “Emetic”, a noun, means “something that makes you vomit”.  Together? “A church that induces vomiting”.  Which should clue you in to the topic of today’s offering: Laodicea.  The church that actually seriously supports a pre-trib rapture.

Global Trends 2020
June 15, 2015 - Prophecy - Signs
Pete Garcia
Not long ago, my boss provided a select group of people the chance to read excerpts from Ian Bremmer’s Time Magazine article based off his book, entitled Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World.  We weren’t required to provide feedback, but were offered the opportunity to do so if we so chose.  Of course this topic is right up my alley, so I chose.

That Christian Zionist Agenda
June 12, 2015 - In Defense of the Faith
Alf Cengia
I'm writing about that Christian Zionist agenda once again. These people never stop and they should be countered. We peace makers have lots of work to do!

Prologue: The End The Book Part 5
June 11, 2015 - Witnessing Tools
J.L. Robb
“Your peace is a false peace, your treaty is a paper of lies. The world has turned against you, Israel; and your land will be pillaged again, as it has been in the past. Your arrogance has turned you from Yahweh, your God who brought you out of Egypt and to this very land so long ago.

Water, Water, Everywhere and not a Thought to Think
June 09, 2015 - Witnessing Tools
Wendy Wippel
Have you heard that the Genesis flood was really only a flood of the Black Sea?  No? The cable channel "proving" it has aired about a thousand times!  Repetition, however,  doesn't make an hypothesis true, and there's a problem.  It's called world history.

The Jerusalem Post

IDF releases footage from GoPro camera mounted on helmet of soldier later killed in Gaza operation

Footage was filmed from viewpoint of Givati Brigade officer Major Benaya Sarel.

Netanyahu to Greek FM: Your visit during crisis, shows will to strengthen Israel ties

PM says events in Vienna on Iran's nuclear program represent a "breakdown," not a "breakthrough."

Israel slams UNESCO for ignoring Jewish, and Christian, connection to Jerusalem

Foreign Ministry directors says: UN body's "adoption of utterly false allegations about Israeli archaeological practices is misplaced and hypocritical, at best."

Nuclear talks with Iran to miss second deadline in seven days

"We are continuing to negotiate for the next couple of days," EU foreign policy chief says; Russian FM says eight critical issues are yet to be solved.

Gal Gadot: 'Serving in the IDF prepared me for Hollywood'

The Israeli actress opens up about how she does it all as a real-life Wonderwoman.

Likud: Netanyahu will stay foreign minister

When he formed his government in May, Netanyahu kept for himself the Foreign Affairs, Communications, Health, and Regional Cooperation portfolios. Having to allocate those portfolios could cause Neta

Religious Services Minister: I cannot say that Reform Jews are Jews

Reform leader calls on PM to strongly denounce comments.

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