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Global Anti-Semitism Increasing
Israel - Middle East
Sunday, April 14, 2002
Jack Kinsella - Omega Letter Editor

As the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis goes into its third week, there is evidence of rising global anti-Semitism with attacks against Jews and Jewish targets world-wide. Not just in Third World, heavily Islamic places like Tunisia, where truck blew up outside the 1900 year old El Ghriba Jewish synagogue and shrine. The European press is running some of the most anti-Semitic cartoons seen in Europe since the 1930's. Jews are under attack in France, Canada, the US, and even from within mainstream Western Christian church denominations.

Synagogue Targeted In Tunisia

In Tunisia, six people are dead after a truck blast outside North Africa’s oldest synagogue site. Four German tourists, a policeman and the driver of the tanker, which was filled with cooking gas, died when the truck blew up outside the El Ghriba Jewish shrine on Thursday on the usually placid holiday island of Djerba. A bus carrying about 45 tourists was near the synagogue at the time of the explosion and was hit by the wave of the blast.

An Accident or Suicide Attack?

Local officials call it an ‘accident’. Israel says it was a suicide bomber. According to Israel, “The [Tunisian] government version is questionable --particularly if we take into account that the synagogue was in a dead-end road.” A reporter at the scene said the “driver took a bizarre non-tarred track which cuts through olive trees and the truck blew up about three metres (yards) from the synagogue outer wall.”

Where Jews Are Concerned, Nobody is "Neutral"

Tunisia has portrayed itself as a kind of Arabic Switzerland, a neutral friendly in a sea of belligerents. The comparison is uncomfortably close – history proves Switzerland’s celebrated ‘neutrality’ was more in theory than in practice.

Tunisia hosted Yasser Arafat and his top leaders after they were kicked out of Lebanon during Operation Peace For Galilee in 1982. Arafat and his ‘Tunisians’ returned in triumph after the Oslo Agreement in 1993.

Tunisia prides itself on religious tolerance. There has been a Jewish synagogue at this site for 1900 years. Tunisia has a vested interest in downplaying domestic anti-Semitic sentiment. But anti-Semitic sentiment is on the rise on a global basis.


The 700,000 strong French Jewish population are reacting to a near-daily series of anti-Semitic attacks linked to the violence in the Middle East. French Jews are starting to develop a fortress mentality in the face of the authorities' inability to stop the assaults, graffiti and swearing directed at them. The head of the anti-racist group LICRA, Patrick Gaubert, described the situation this way. “The feeling in the Jewish community is that some don't dare talk about attacks against them and others want to create their own security militia.”

On Wednesday, a masked gang wielding metal bars and shouting anti-Jewish insults beat up a group of footballers from a Jewish club in the Paris suburb of Bondy.

A bus transporting kindergarten and primary school children from a Jewish school in a racially mixed eastern district of Paris was pelted with stones. The missiles shattered one of the windows and a young girl received slight facial injuries. At least 39 people have been arrested in connection with attacks on Jewish people and property. Armed police stand watch outside 44 of the 59 Jewish schools in Paris. Others have hired private guards.


The library at the Congregation Agudas Israel synagogue was torched in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. That attack was aimed only at religious texts and historical documents stored there. The oldest synagogue in downtown Toronto was torched. There were no injuries in either fire.

Protests against Israel's military campaign in the West Bank have occurred in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and other cities. Typically Canadian, the protests were largely peaceful.

In Canada, the battle is mainly between mainstream Christian denominations and Canada’s Jewish religious community.

The Canadian Jewish Congress pulled out of interfaith meetings with Protestant and Catholic church leaders that date back 30 years.

They cite the fact that Canadian mainstream churches are siding with the Palestinians. Rev. Anglican Archbishop Michael Peers issued a statement on the Anglican Church of Canada's Web site that blames Israel's ‘occupation’ of ‘Palestinian territory’ for the conflict.

Bruce Gregersen, the United Church of Canada's secretary for interfaith relations, said his church’s label of "illegal occupation" comes from a broad-based ecumenical reflection on the situation.

Keith Landy, national president of the Jewish congress, said Thursday his group suspended its participation in the interfaith dialogue because some of the churches blamed Israel for the conflict and lacked sensitivity for Israel's position.

"The silence of the churches to unequivocally condemn suicide bombers ... is cause for concern," he said in a telephone interview. "If they're not going to be moved by the slaughter of young people in a disco or families at a restaurant, there should be some resonance when a bomber comes into a Passover Seder."


A Jewish man walking in a Sacramento County [California] park was attacked with a stun gun by a man wearing a checkered bandanna on his head. Erech Olsen, 23, was out walking his dog when the man approached.

Oslen was wearing a yarmulke, or skullcap, worn by Jewish men. The other man asked Olsen if he supported Israel and then attacked him with the stun gun. The two men struggled over the weapon, which Olsen said he threw to the ground and broke with his foot.

A second man joined the first in beating Olsen, yelling statements about innocent Palestinian children being killed. The confrontation was broken up by a resident. The two attackers were reportedly African American.

As I was preparing this report, a caller to the Fox Network morning show, “Fox and Friends” evaded the call screeners and had about thirty seconds to discuss the the ‘racist’ Israelis who the caller then went on to describe as ‘all mentally unbalanced’ and ‘war-mongers’.

The call screener cut the call before he could recite the “Elders of the Protocols of Zion”, but the caller’s comments were only slightly more anti-Semitic than many of the stories selected for coverage by Peter Jennings and Dan Rather. I was struck by how similar the comments were to some of the emails we often receive here.

A Political Solution For A Spiritual Conflict
The Palestinian and Arab side are attempting to present the conflict as political. The Western diplomatic community buys it, hook, line and sinker, but the conflict isn’t between opposing political views. The conflict is spiritual, between conflicting spiritual views, with the prize being possession of the spiritual capital of the world, Jerusalem.

The assaults against French Jews aren’t attacks on French Israelis. The Tunisian synagogue isn’t Israeli. The Canadian synagogues aren’t Israeli. The United Church cites a political position, but notice. The dialogue isn’t between governments, but between those who claim to be representatives of spiritual communities. It was the Canadian Jewish Congress that suspended the interfaith meetings with Christian churches, not Israel and a Canadian lobby group. Spiritual, regardless of the political veneer. The Sacramento man was attacked because he was wearing a yarmulke, not because he was an Israeli.

That is why the prospects that Secretary Powell will come home with a peace breakthrough are so remote. He doesn’t understand the roots of the conflict are not political, but spiritual. The Bush administration pays lip service to the spiritual, while claiming Islam is not the enemy.

The entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments declare Israel to be a spiritual, as well as national entity. Both Testaments say the center of the last-days’ global conflict will be Jerusalem.

The Bible says the last great war of mankind is not political, but spiritual. The prophet Daniel says the purpose of the 70th week is “upon thy [Daniel’s] people [the Jews] and upon [Daniel’s] holy city [Jerusalem], to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.”

Israel's national reconcilation with God is yet future, as is everlasting righteousness and the 'sealing' [conclusion] of prophecy.

The Church Age was a period of time dedicated to the redemption of the Gentiles [Romans 15:16].

The Bible describes the Tribulation as a time of spiritual conflict between opposing spiritual forces whose ultimate goal is the national redemption of Israel [Romans 11:26].

The Church Age concludes, [1 Thessalonians 4:16] and God again turns His attention to Israel and against the spiritual forces aligned against it.

It is the time of Jacob’s Trouble, and, once begun, no political process will bring it to a conclusion. But Daniel 9:27 says it is a political process that kicks it off.

A seven-year peace deal between Israel and the ‘many’. Daniel predicted it 2500 years ago. But first you need an entity called Israel. Then you’d need an entity corresponding to the ‘many’. Finally, you’d need a war to necessitate a peace treaty.

You’d have to have a revived form of Daniel’s fourth kingdom in place [Rome/EU] – it would have to be interested in intervening for peace. And all of it would have to converge at the precise pinpoint place in history -- from Daniel's perspective, some twenty-five centuries into the future.

Of course, this could all be coincidence. Until you do the math.

(adapted from the Omega Letter Intelligence Briefing )

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