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Arabs Propose 'Tri-Lateral' National Grouping
Syria, Iran, Egypt Must Bolster Ties
Israel - Middle East
Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Jack Kinsella - Omega Letter Editor

According to comments published in an interview by Iran News, Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam believes the trilateral cooperation between Iran, Syria and Egypt is both "positive" and "successful"

It comes as no surprise that the Islamic Republic News Agency wire picked up this story. Each of these Arab republics finds itself increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. All of them have strong Islamic fundamentalist majorities, and only Egypt makes any effort to curtail their activities.

In the cases of Syria and Iran, they overtly aid such groups as Hezbollah, Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Egypt doesn't actively aid these groups, but only because their first target would be the Mubarak government. Egypt's government survives only because the massive US aid package it receives enables it to offer Egypt's people a higher standard of living than they would enjoy if they went the way of the fundamentalists.

But a quick glance at any Egyptian newspaper makes it clear that while they might be technically at peace with Israel, the population is as radical when it comes to the destruction of the Jewish State as either Syria or Iran.

Khaddam was careful to underscore the differences between Egyptian undertones of terrorism and the overtly terrorist leanings of the governments in Damascus and Tehran.

He told the told the English-language daily Iran News that this trilateral cooperation 'must be in the context of the Arab world',[ie, anti-Israel] otherwise this mission will not succeed, since the cooperation is relevant and interconnected.

The EU, he pointed out, has not had any clear strategy for many years but was now endeavoring to rectify the situation and Syria was assisting it in its efforts.

Regarding the potential of the EU asserting pressure on Israel, the Syrian official said, "It was theoretically possible since 60 percent of Israel's trade was with the EU." "In practical terms it is unlikely since much depends on EU-US ties," and American views on possible involvement in the Middle East," he maintained.

Touching upon Iran-Syria ties, he said, "Tehran-Damascus ties are founded on solid ground which were created at the outset of the Islamic Revolution and they are sturdy as ever." Many positive effects have been felt across the region, he added, underlining the need for the Arab world to bolster ties with Iran.

Speaking about the US war in Afghanistan to eliminate terrorism and the possibility of a struggle between Islamic civilization and the West, Khaddam termed the Afghan war as "unique" for the reason that the current conflict between Afghanistan and America was a US war against the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda.

On the other hand, Khaddam arrived at the unique conclusion that "No Islamic nation should enter the conflict under any pretext since the only winner would be Israel."

He noted that some Arab and Islamic states were aiding the US attacks under the pretext of helping the American cause as allies and promoting the overall plan, but he warned against the consequences.

He said since the beginning of the Israeli state, there had been incessant struggle and conflict between Israel and the Arabs and added: "We have never tried to match the military power and potential of Israel because the West and particularly the US have a special relationship with Israel." Khaddam further said that Israel was a military fortress and armed to the teeth. Israel had targeted many of the regional countries with its missiles.

The Syrian vice president believed that the continuation and survival of the uprising would lead Israeli factions to ask their government to withdraw from the occupied Arab lands, and added: "The Intifada is the only way to confront the usurper regime." As for President Muhammed Khatami's proposals, he said that Syria welcomed President Khatami's plan for the creation of an international pact in order to 'safeguard peace' [ed. the destruction of Israel].

"The time has arrived for the creation of a "new world order", [ed. without Israel] which is based on justice and the right of every nation to decide its own future," he stressed.

The Syrian ranking official discarded any possible future US economic and military threat to Syria and added that Syria was accustomed to such threats.

"If the US ever implements such threats, we will defend ourselves," he pointed out, but expressed his belief that it is unlikely that America would attack Syria and Lebanon.

And he said the pressure on the Hezbollah on the pretext of being a terrorist organization was treated as a forceful measure against Syria, which would confront all such US and Israeli acts.

The Syrian vice-president's comments are completely in context with the prophecies of Scripture for the last days. Although Egypt gets massive US aid, its sympathies lie with Syria and Iran. All three are former Soviet client states with strong ties to the Russians and share an unmitigated hatred for the Israelis.

Ezekiel said that in the last days, a powerful Russian led alliance of Muslim nations would launch a sneak attack against Israel at a time when Israel believed it was living in peace. Ezekiel referred to the Jewish state at that time as a "land of unwalled villages." [Ezekiel 38:11]

Obviously, despite the fact Israel has peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, and has signed innumerable peace deals with Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority, Jerusalem is not under the illusion that it lives in peace.

But all it would take would be guarantees from a global power like the Europeans, who have much closer ties with the Arabs than the Great Satan [America] does, to lull them into that false sense of security.

Which is precisely what the prophet Daniel said would happen as Phase One of Daniel's 70th Week, or what most theologians refer to as the Tribulation period. [Daniel 9:26] Daniel said a leader of a revived Roman Empire [the ten toes of Daniel's vision Daniel 2:43]

Reading the Arab press is like watching ancient prophecy come to life, mainly because this is the generation to whom those prophecies were addressed.

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