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Killed to Order: A New Form of Evil
Prophecy - Signs
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Jack Kinsella - Omega Letter Editor

Two Canadians, one, a member of Canada's Parliament and the other a human rights lawyer, have spent a year and a half "researching and traveling on a global mission to raise awareness of the practice they conclude is "a form of evil yet to be seen on this planet."

MP David Kilgour and lawyer David Matas recently released their report under the ponderous title; "Bloody Harvest: Revised Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China in January this year."

The study almost doubles the evidence presented in an earlier, similar report, published in July, 2006.

"The practice of organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners is even more widespread than we had originally reported," Kilgour and Matas say in their study.

New evidence includes heavy Chinese military involvement in organ transplants, including evidence from transplant recipients, and large-scale persecution and execution of religious dissidents for organ harvesting.

"Bloody Harvest" tells of one Asian man who was offered eight kidneys over two separate trips to China before a match was found.

"In 2003 [the man] flew to Shanghai to obtain a new kidney for the $20,000 USD price negotiated before his departure... during the ensuing two weeks four kidneys were brought for testing against his blood and other factors. None proved compatible because of his anti‑bodies; all were taken away."

The man returned to the hospital two months later, where another four kidneys were tested. The eighth proved compatible and was successfully transplanted.

The surgeon, Dr. Tan Jianming of the Nanjing military region, wore his army uniform at times in the civilian hospital and carried sheets of paper containing lists of prospective "donors", based on various tissue and blood characteristics, from which he would select names, the revised report Bloody Harvest said.

"The doctor was observed at various times to leave the hospital in uniform and return 2‑3 hours later with containers bearing kidneys. Dr. Tan told the recipient that the eighth kidney came from an executed prisoner."

Where did the other seven kidneys come from? AND, what IS a 'prospective donor'?

Let's take the second question first. It should answer both questions at once.

A 'prospective donor' is any living person whose organs are in satisfactory condition for transplant. So pretty much everybody is a 'prospective' organ donor.

There are only two details remaining; authorization and death.

In a civilized, free society, organ donation can only be authorized by the donor while living, or by a close family member at death.

In China, the state both authorizes the donations and arranges the deaths of the donors. That's why Dr. Tan had lists of 'prospective' donors.

They were lists of convicted prisoners who the state had authorized to be killed-to-order for organ donation.

MP Kilgour's assessment of China's organ harvesting practices as a 'form of evil yet to be seen on this planet' is almost an understatement.

In most countries, prisons are a waste of human potential, a waste of government resources, and a drain on both the society and its economy. In China, they are a national industry.

Big Western discount store chains buy billions of dollars worth of products made in China in forced labor camps by convicted criminals. The Chinese slave labor camps set up first under Mao in the 1950s are known as Laogaio.

Writing for the Human Rights Brief at American University’s Washington College of Law, Ramin Pejan explains:

The PRC (People’s Republic of China) uses Laojiao to detain individuals it feels are a threat to national security or it considers unproductive. Individuals in Laojiao may be detained for up to three years. Because those in Laojiao have not committed crimes under PRC law, they are referred to as “personnel” rather than prisoners and they are not entitled to judicial procedure. Instead, individuals are sent to the Laojiao following administrative sentences dispensed by local public security forces.

This vague detainment policy allows the PRC to avoid allegations that the individual’s arrest was politically motivated and to assert that they were arrested for reasons such as “not engaging in honest pursuits” or “being able-bodied but refusing to work. . . ”

Then we line up at discount stores to buy their products at a fraction of the cost of Western-made goods, and the PRC uses the profits to build up their military.

For uncooperative slave labor candidates, China has the death penalty for 68 crimes including murder, drug trafficking, rape, re-selling VAT receipts, pimping, habitual theft, stealing or dealing in national treasures or cultural relics, publishing pornography, selling counterfeit money, economic offenses such as graft, speculation and profiteering and even killing a panda.

It conducts more executions annually than all the rest of the world put together. More than half of all executed Chinese prisoners are at the pinnacle of health and between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five years old.

Chinese "dissidents" including Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, members of the Falun Gong, (a pagan religious group) in addition to actual criminals guilty of committing serious crimes. All end up in China's organ harvesting factory, so none are 'wasted' -- so to speak.

Condemned criminals wait on death row until somebody orders their eyes, their hearts, their kidneys, whatever, then they are trotted out and killed to order. It simply stuns the mind to contemplate such evil.

But it doesn't really seem to bother us the civilized world. We simply avoid contemplating it and go on about our business.

"And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." (Matthew 24:12)

After all, "low prices are the law".

From the Omega Letter Daily Intelligence Digest, Volume 72, Issue 4

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