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A Lot Can Happen In Seven Years
Commentary on the News
Friday, November 02, 2007
Jack Kinsella - Omega Letter Editor

There was a fascinating editorial in this weekend's Jerusalem Post published under the headline, "Europe's Awakening" outlining Israel's hopes for the outcome of Ehud Olmert's trip to Paris.

The JPost viewed the trip as 'quite encouraging' listing, among other things, an unexpectedly militant ally in Gordon Brown, who promised to push for increased sanctions against Iran until it drops its nuclear program.

Although Israelis have little reason to believe stepping up sanctions against Iran will turn Ahmadinejad into a Zionist, when you are a pariah state, anybody who isn't against you is with you.

But it was French President Nicolas Sarkozy that the Post singled out for extraordinary praise:

"Olmert reported that French President Nicolas Sarkozy's position regarding Iran's nuclear program was "identical" to his own. Sarkozy reportedly also told Olmert, regarding the Palestinian demand of a "right of return," that they cannot demand a state of their own and "part of your country too."

Finally, (and most importantly, I think) Sarkozy reportedly told Olmert that "Israel's establishment is a miracle and may have been the central event of the 20th century."

The Post continued, "these are important statements, especially coming from European leaders, and particularly from France, given that country's recent role as an exaggerated advocate for Arab interests. Today's France, fortunately, seems closer to another era in its history when, in the early years of the Jewish state, Paris provided more significant assistance to Jerusalem than did Washington."

The Post paints Sarkozy as a fresh, new wind, blowing across the Middle East, saying,

"This new wind is not just good for Israel, it will increase European influence on events in the Middle East, could help breathe new life into the peace process, and directly advance European interests. It is even good for the Arab world, since Arab countries are also threatened by the advance of Islamofascism and by the severe developmental costs their war against Israel has imposed."

Seven years ago, France was among the bogeymen that used to have Israeli politicians staring at the ceiling all night when when they went to bed.

Seven years ago, Israeli newspapers were screaming about 'resurging French anti-Semitism' -- and at one point even warning Jews to hide their Jewishness in public and even consider evacuating France for the relative safety of war-torn Israel.

Now, with the ascension of Nicolas Sarkozy to power, the Jerusalem Post is positioning France as an ally second only to the United States, and Sarkozy as something akin to a Zionist in residence at the Palais Elysee.

A lot can happen in seven years.

Seven years ago, the United States was Israel's chief protector and ally, and Europe was high on Jerusalem's list of antagonists. During the Chirac era, the French never saw a UN resolution condemning Israel that they didn't like, and never saw a UN resolution favoring the Arabs that they couldn't support.

Long-time Omega Letter readers know that, until only recently, when it came to anti-Israel resolutions, the only countries to consistently support Israel at the UN have been the United States, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia -- and Israel's biggest critic among the European leadership was Jacques Chirac.

According to the prophet Daniel, ultimately, it is to Europe, and not to the United States, that Israel turns to negotiate a final peace agreement that settles the issues now looming large; the final status of Jerusalem, Temple Mount sovereignty, the security 'wall' etc.

Daniel says that it is a 'prince' of the revived Roman Empire that finally 'confirms' a seven-year 'covenant' between Israel and the 'many' of Daniel 9:26-27. And as I've observed before, one cannot 'confirm' a covenant -- or even a dentist's appointment -- unless one firsts exists to be 'confirmed'.

That unconfirmed covenant exists. It was signed between Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin on September 13, 1993 and was based on the principle of 'land for peace' (dividing the land for gain - Daniel 11:39). It called for a series of phased trades of land for peace that was to result in a 'final solution' to the issues of Jerusalem and an equitable sharing agreement for the Temple Mount.

Arafat scuttled the Oslo Agreement and started the Oslo War, but every subsequent peace effort (including that scheduled next month in Maryland), is based on Oslo's basic formula of land for peace.

Israel has surrendered the land, but the United States has been unwilling or unable to guarantee the peace. That has been, and remains, a central stumbling-block to this point.

An additional problem lies in the fact that there have been so many agreements built upon 'understandings' built upon previous agreements and understandings that nobody understands or agrees as to what has been agreed to and what has been understood to this point.

It seems painfully obvious that at some point, somebody is going to have to step in and roll everything back to zeroes and start over.

The US can't. The war on terror has more or less permanently poisoned the US image in the Islamic world. American and Israeli interests are so closely linked as to be inextricable -- if the Arabs don't trust Jerusalem, there is little reason why they should trust Washington.

Europe, on the other hand, is widely viewed in the Arab world as being an impartial broker, and both the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference have demanded greater European involvement in the peace process, which they argue, was a process that was brokered in Oslo under the auspices of the European Union in the first place.

But Israel couldn't accept a European-led peace process because Israel didn't have anybody in Europe that they felt they could trust.

Until Ehud Olmert met Nicolas Sarkozy and, peering into his soul, found there a closet Zionist.

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