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Praying for America’s Next Generation
Prophecy - Signs
Thursday, July 29, 2010
Rebecca Droeger

Last week, we were blessed with a vacation to Northern Michigan at my husband’s family cottage.  It’s a block from Lake Michigan, and within a ½ hour of many attractions like boating, fishing, hiking, tubing, canoeing and climbing sand dunes.  Other than my pain keeping me down for a lot of the trip, I was able to capture some great pictures and relax.

Unfortunately, we had some down-time in which we spent in the cottage to where only one TV was available.  Mick’s sister, niece, step-sister and her friend vacationed with me, Mick and Nicole.  Everyone’s company was extremely enjoyable; however, I fear the TV programs they watch are shaping their minds in worldly ways.

Mick’s step-sister just turned 18.  Her viewing choices included MTV’s Real World (which I did not know still existed), some other MTV reality shows that involved blending different high school social groups, and America’s Top Model.

Her friend told me her favorite show was Jersey Show, another MTV reality show.

Being subjected to these shows really demonstrated the mindset of teenagers who do not necessarily have a close relationship with God.  While I have had conversations with Mick’s stepsister about belief in Christ before and she confessed that she believed, I’m fairly certain it’s more of a long-distance relationship.  Her fascination with the opposite sex (boy craziness), her appearance and worldly conversation demonstrated as much.

As a result, I asked that God help me with my conversations and deeds because I did not want to cram my faith down her throat.  Before talking about salvation, I need to be sure she can see that I am honest, have love in my heart, and am not the type of person who is judgmental.

Of course, knowing that she watches these shows, and the majority of our youth now consider these types of shows cool, I really fear for their future and see how the brainwashing into socialism and having “big brother” provide for their needs of fame, popularity  and success is becoming appealing to them.

These shows portray that the most important things in life are partying, looking good, having casual sex, using alcohol or other substances, and being on TV.  Of course, the show has the token drunk and the other members being concerned about her blacking out; but the show still glorifies partying, just so long as you don’t black-out.

To me, it seems like it fills our youth with a false sense of reality.  For one, many of youth have no ambition to look for a career.  Although they are urged to go to college, it is more for experiencing the party-scene vs. receiving an education.

Secondly, many youths feel like becoming famous or getting on a reality TV show will give them a free meal ticket to popularity, success and money.  Instead of focusing on important issues in life, like their relationship with God, their family, and focusing on what to do with their lives, these youths become stuck on talking about the shows, trying to audition to get on the shows, or just letting the shows dictate how they think life should be lived.

Without trying to sound superior or like I’m just throwing out a Biblical lesson at them, I would comment here and there about consequences of certain activities based on personal experiences.  I shared my college stories, what worked for me and what did not.

What is extremely difficult is trying to relay the Biblical point of view without referring to it and the “why.”  For one, I tried to make a point of telling them to hold off on a sexual relationship until they are older.  I tried to describe the pitfalls of becoming intimately involved with someone before they have lived their lives as single women.

Tragically, the worldview is that having sex when you’re attracted to someone is the norm.  Waiting until you’re married is laughed at and considered old-school.  Plus, the concept is so ingrained in young men’s hearts that young women think the only way to hold on to a boyfriend is to “put-out.”

This type of liberal attitude was promoted back when I was in school; and I fell for it.  Sadly, the relationships did not work out despite becoming involved before marriage; and I could have gotten pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease as a result.  Instead, the Lord blessed me with just a broken heart.

At the time, I had a strong relationship with God; I just had a stronger relationship with the way of the world.  While I knew what the Bible had to say about it, I chose to ignore what God said and figured “that was the way it was then, it’s different now.”  This was before I studied the Bible in greater detail and realized that I did not want to define what I thought was right, but to submit to what God ordained as right.  In other words, I repented.

The repentance allowed me to discern worldly traps with much greater perspective.  Not only do I see the pitfalls of the actions God commands us not to engage in, I also see the enemy working behind-the-scenes to accomplish his goal.

What is frightening is the concerted effort of a socialist’s agenda to break-down the family unit and promote promiscuity to achieve their dark agenda.  Sadly, the entertainment industry largely supports and advances this agenda and displays it rampantly.

As Christians, we have an uphill battle on our hands.  We have to battle the forces of darkness against the worldly point of view with a disenfranchised youth who largely has a warped point of view regarding right and wrong.  We have to put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:12-18), pray, and remember that He is in ultimate control.

With that in mind, my next challenge will be to talk with Mick’s stepsister in greater detail about God’s promise of Salvation and invite her to our Sunday worship service more often.  Thankfully, God has opened her heart before and she has visited our congregation.  Now, I just pray the Holy Spirit helps me do what He wants me to do; and that He moves her heart to become closer to Him.

After all, I’m the messenger, not the enforcer.  Please pray with me; and any words of Godly advice would be most appreciated as well.

God Bless!

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