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The Blame Game
Perspective on the News
Thursday, August 19, 2010
Rebecca Droeger

Ever since the dawn of time, Mankind has attempted to blame someone other than himself whenever he commits a wrongdoing.  The first recorded instance of it occurs in the Bible in Genesis 3:12, right after the fall of man.

Adam had just sampled the same forbidden fruit that Eve had eaten; then when God asked him about it, what did he do?  He said “The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.”

Of course, Eve did no better.  She blamed the serpent for her woes in Genesis 3:13 “…The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”

So, the Blame Game really is nothing new.  Whenever we’re backed into a corner, our natural instinct is to deflect our own guilt by blaming it on something else.  Whether it is a person, thing, situation, or circumstance, anything is up for grabs so long as it takes away the focus on you.

This is known as the “flight” response in psychology.  Whenever confronted with a difficult situation, the human response has been one of “fight or flight.”  Fighting the situation involves facing it head on.  Fighting is accomplished by acknowledging some responsibility for your part in the wrongdoing.  Flying occurs when you by avoid accountability either by lying or placing the blame elsewhere.

Deflecting responsibility, or blaming someone/something else, is an effective tool in our arsenal.  It makes the accuser focus on something else and derails his train of thought.  If it works, his attention will shift from you to the new person or problem.  It may even cause the accuser to feel guilty or remorse for accusing you in the first place. 

For example, let’s say you were using the internet for non-business purposes too often at work and it was causing you to miss your deadlines.  The boss brings this to your attention and asks you to refrain from using the internet for personal use so much because it’s affecting your ability to perform.

You get defensive and don’t like that you’ve been called out.  If you were to fight, you would own up to the usage, and hopefully apologize and say you will do what the boss asks if you want to keep your job.

On the other hand, if you fly, you’ll say something to the effect “well, Joey does it too.  He’s always on the net when I walk by his desk.  In fact, I know almost everyone in the office surfs the net.  Why are you coming down on me and not them?”

Now your boss is put in the position of defending the other employees or the reasoning behind why he brought it up.  If your boss is smart, he’ll say “The issue is not their internet usage, but yours.  If their performance suffers, I handle it with them privately just as I am doing with you.”

Even if your boss takes this route, it momentarily shifts the focus from accusing you to defending his position.

If shifting blame doesn’t work like in the above instance, the accuser’s wrath intensifies and the consequences can cause mistrust, a feeling of being used, broken relationships and a lack of respect.

With these consequences in mind, you would think that the more knowledge and educated we become, the less we would resort to the blame-game tactic.  Unfortunately, politicians seem to take the game to a whole new level.

The Founding Fathers of America foresaw this tactic because they understood human nature and how politicians or those in power could manipulate the public.  This is why they acknowledged our rights came from God, framed our government to have checks and balances, and why they gave the Press the freedoms to challenge those in charge.

If the Press does its job, then when politicians like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi or any elected official blame the previous administration or the other Party for current problems, the Press would say “o.k. that may be true, but how are you going to fix it now?  What kind of evidence do you have that your solution will work?  If your proposed solution has a history of not working in the past, what makes it possible for it to work now?”

Instead, we get the same ole’ answers on the economy, immigration, national security, et al ad nauseam.  Because the mainstream media buys into the politicians’ agendas’, it accepts their excuses without follow-up questions.  Some of the media even offer their own spin on the subjects instead of providing unbiased reporting.  Their inability to do their job continues to contribute to why the majority of Americans distrust those holding the reigns of this country.

You would think that the mainstream media would ask the hard questions that Americans want to know in order to convince them that the country is on the right path.  Instead, they are so invested in “the cause” these politicians represent; they blatantly ignore the obvious questions in favor of their own idealistic agendas.

Call it deception, propaganda, or lying, but the mainstream media are accessories to the crime in this game.  It all plays in to the signs of the times and confirms that our redemption is near.

When asked what would be the signs of His coming, the first sign Jesus gave was “Take heed lest any man deceive you.” (Mark 13:5)

No matter how many examples we keep offering at the Omega Letter, it’s still amazing to see it unfold in front of our eyes while we’re still here on the planet.  At least it is a good witnessing tool since we oftentimes do not have to bring it up in conversation with others because they see it too. 

We are blessed because we can be the messenger of the Good News.  God is allowing us to direct others to the Being that predicted it all from the beginning; and the perfect tool to decipher the meaning of it all: The Bible.

About Rebecca Droeger

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