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And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.
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The Old New Age
Prophecy - Signs
Thursday, October 14, 2010
Alf Cengia

I spent a fair amount of time searching for meaning in the New Age. Part of the reason was the transition from a Catholic school that taught strict doctrine - but not apologetics - into a school that taught evolution as fact. I had a dilemma resolving the paradox that if evolution was fact then what about Adam and Eve and the need for redemption via the Cross?

The priests I had access to at the time couldn’t satisfy my questions. So, after some failed attempts to self-reconcile my questions, I ended up seeking in the New Age.

One of the “initial” appealing elements of the New Age is its smorgasbord of beliefs while retaining some similitude of Christianity, depending on what you choose to believe. One of the primary examples of this would be Edgar Cayce, who considered himself to be a devout Christian. What I liked about Cayce was his seemingly deep devotion to Jesus.

Cayce was a member of the Mainline Protestant Disciples of Christ. He taught Sunday school and read his Bible from Genesis to Revelation once a year. How many Christians do that? Better than that, at least for me at the time, he was credited by many to be in contact with a “divine source” of information that ordinary people couldn’t access.

The Association Research Enlightenment (ARE) was built around his psychic readings which were given while he was in a hypnotic state. Using the readings he was able to analyze people’s aliments and prescribe holistic cures. On a small scale he was somewhat successful in his prophecies which prompted many to seek him out. But on a broader-global scale he often failed.

Unfortunately those readings also redefined Christ as a level of consciousness and the nature of sin as separation from the “whole”. Suddenly Jesus wasn’t Christ; he was just a man. Or as Cayce put it, an “elder brother” who went through multiple reincarnations on this earth to finally attain the “Christ Consciousness”.

The references to Christ, the fall in Eden, the major biblical events as well the entire book of Revelation were re-interpreted. The hidden symbolisms that Gnostic initiates understood throughout the centuries were now revealed by Cayce’s source. According to Gnostics the serpent in reality did Adam and Eve a favor by initiating their spiritual evolution.

Apart from Cayce there were numerous other healers, yogis and psychics who seemed to have a degree of successful healings, predictions and hidden knowledge. Each one of them had their own view of history and religion.

Interestingly, none of these “spiritual teachers” ever fully corroborated each other. In fact they did the opposite.

If one person claimed someone was the reincarnation of Moses, someone else would claim something different. There was no detailed consensus. But one had to take notes and compare the differences to notice anything.

The problem was that an “enlightened” person was not encouraged to be “critical”. Someone’s truth may not be someone else’s and it was considered arrogant to say otherwise. So the fact that there were discrepancies in details wasn’t something one was to dwell on. The important thing was your “spiritual” development and attaining “enlightenment” - whatever that meant.

As I researched, I found a common thread throughout New Age literature that wasn’t apparent at first. It slowly manifested itself in disappointment that I couldn’t get satisfactory answers in my search for Christ. I felt like I was in one of those dreams where I was thirsty yet no matter how much I drank, the thirst wouldn’t go away.

Where these “teachers” contradicted each other on everything else they all agreed, like Cayce, that Jesus was either an ordinary man or an ascended master. But He definitely wasn’t the only Son of God who died on the Cross to save a lost world.

I had been reading an ARE published magazine and at some point people began to write in to object even the few references made to Jesus Christ. The very mention of His name offended them.

That raised a red flag for me.

As I dug deeper, the denial of Christ took on more insidious forms. People who took the Bible literally (fundamentalist Christians) were classified as less “spiritually” evolved – even devolved. Fundamentalists were considered an obstacle to global spiritual evolution.

For example, according to Barbara Marciniak:

"The people who leave the planet during the time of Earth changes do not fit in here any longer, and they are stopping the harmony of Earth. When the time comes that perhaps 20 million people leave the planet at one time there will be a tremendous shift in consciousness for those who are remaining."

Of course some Christians would no doubt recognize this as the rapture but New Agers see it as eliminating the dregs. But notably, it wasn’t just the fundamentalist Christians that were lowly regarded.

It was Jews as well.

New Age thought is subtly sprinkled with anti-Semitism throughout its literature. Even Cayce taught that:

“For those who seek are indeed Israel, and Israel indeed is all who seek; meaning not those as of the children of Abraham, but of every nation, every tribe, every tongue -- Israel of the Lord! This is the full meaning of Israel.”

As early as 1949 (prior to Hamas and Fatah), Lucis Trust founder Alice Bailey observed that:

"Today the law [of racial karma] is working, and the Jews are paying the price, factually and symbolically.... They regard themselves as the chosen people... [but] it is Humanity which is the chosen people... They demand the so-called restitution of Palestine, wresting it away from those who have inhabited it for many centuries."

And also that:

"They have never yet faced candidly and honestly (as a race) the problem of WHY the many nations, from the time of the Egyptians, have neither liked nor wanted them.... Yet there must be some reason, inherent in the people themselves, when the reaction is so general and universal. The evil karma of the Jew today is intended to end his isolation, to bring him to the point of ...renouncing a nationality that has a tendency to be somewhat parasitic within the boundaries of other nations."

Lucis Trust was originally known as Lucifer Trust. The name must have proved a little disadvantageous when chasing memberships so they changed it, and also their story. They denied ever being called Lucifer Trust and instead claimed that the name Lucifer was actually associated with their…Lucifer Publishing Company. I guess that makes it OK.

If Bailey got a little self-conscious about the name Lucifer, New Age leader and Findhorn pioneer David Spangler didn’t. He teaches that Lucifer is an agent of God’s love.

According to Spangler:

"Lucifer comes to give to us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it then he is free and we are free. This is the Luciferic initiation. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation in the New Age."

The New Age is peppered with praiseworthy references to Lucifer’s role in advancing man’s spiritual growth - which has nothing to do with being freed from the consequences of sin. Ultimately, the term New Age is a misnomer. It’s not a new idea at all. In fact it was inaugurated back in Eden and is an Old Age lie.

Was it a coincidence that all these witchdoctors denied Christ? Could they be all correct in that single area when they contradicted each other practically everywhere else?

Was it a coincidence that they all exhibited levels of anti-Semitism and a disdain for Christian fundamentalism? Why not go after Islam? At the core, it’s about as fundamental as you can get.

What do we see happening globally now?

No, it isn’t a coincidence. It has Lucifer’s signature all over it.

Christian Answers for the New Age


Lucifer Rising

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