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An Open Letter To Hollywood
Finding It Hard To Get Work, Lately?
Commentary on the News
Sunday, February 09, 2003
Jack Kinsella - Omega Letter Editor

Dear Hollywood Stars:

I'd like to thank you for all your comments concerning American foreign policy and commend you on your civic concern. I'd like to. But I can't. Here's why. You don't know what you are talking about. You really don't. You can't speak for the average American, since you don't know him. He doesn't live on your street. Honest.

The average American struggles with heating bills in the winter has a bigger problem with Michael Jackson's penchant for little boys than George Bush's 23-year-old DUI arrest.

The average American worries about whether or not he can make next month's mortgage. The working American doesn't believe that someone who makes a living pretending to be something you are not is necessarily an automatic qualification for high political office.

The average American doesn't have a driver, a publicist and a cadre of bodyguards to keep him isolated from the 'ordinary' people when he ventures out among them. Joe Average's kids aren't raised by a nanny, he sends them to public schools and he doesn't need a tax accountant.

By the way, since so many of you oppose tax cuts as 'only benefitting the wealthy', then why do you all have tax accountants to keep you from paying YOUR fair share? Aren't YOU rich? Or are you a DIFFERENT kind of wealthy?

("I'm not really a big hypocrite, I just play one on TV.")

The average American was happier to get a $300 refund check than he would have been if he followed your recipe of not giving tax relief to ANYBODY if it benefits the wealthy (who can afford tax accountants to find tax relief in off shore banking accounts and tax shelters).

The average American isn't allowed to spend YOUR money -- he has to be content with his own. So why would he want to give up his refund because somebody else's might be bigger and you say that's unfair (on your way to your accountant's office)?

Thanks to OL Member David Mannon

Besides, your word is no better than the politicians you so clearly despise. The Baldwin brothers swore that if Bush were elected, they'd pack up and leave the country. They're still here. (Can't believe a word they say).

Barbra Striesand, Woody Harrelson, Susan Sarandon, Tom Cruise, etc. etc are still with us, although I note fewer of you are appearing in the trailers of new hit movies than you did before you decided we were as interested in the REAL you as we were in the FAKE you.

Because that is what it boils down to. The FAKE Tom Cruise (the one who climbs sheer mountain faces without a rope, jumps from moving trains without injury, and can dodge moving bullets is MUCH more interesting than the short, unkempt and unshaved long-haired thug that recently decided maybe Britain wasn't a better place to raise kids than America was, after all.

The FAKE Alec Baldwin who pretended to be a WWII patriot in "Pearl Harbor' and 'The Hunt For Red October' had way more in common with Joe Average American than does the REAL Alec Baldwin.

The real Baldwin is the whining liberal who thought America would be so devastated at the prospect of his leaving if the votes didn't break his way that they'd vote his conscience instead of their own.

Especially after it turned out that while Baldwin doesn't like George Bush's America, he DOES like all that money that finds its way from Corporate America into the bank account overseen by his tax accountant, lest Baldwin fail to reap his share of any benefit from the 'tax cuts to the rich'.

So instead of taking his money (he didn't say he was leaving that nasty US money behind) and moving to foreign shores, he decided America wasn't that bad after all.

Or that it would be worse for what is left of his career if he left.

Lately, such great philosphical and political thinkers as Martin Sheen (plays a president on TV) Mike Farrell, (played a drunken wartime doctor) Jeannine Garafalo, Susan Sarandon, David Duchovney, Matt Damon and Jessica Lange have shared their political acumen with the lower orders of Americans they so obviously disdain -- the overwhelming majority of whom support disarming Saddam Hussein, according to all the polls.

Get a grip on reality. You have your soapbox because we GAVE it to you. Not because you represent reality -- nobody would watch an actor who wasn't believable in their role -- but because you are a skilled fakers.

Sorry. That's what you do. Pretend to be something you are NOT. No actor got famous for playing himself with the notable exception of Audie Murphy, WWII's most decorated HERO.

Captain Murphy was the real deal, winning every medal for valor there was, including the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The rest of you are where you are because we average Americans plunk down our hard earned cash to see you pretend to be what you aren't.

Now that you've showed us who you are, more and more of us are doing what I do.

Take notes of the movies I won't watch until they are on free TV. Us little guys still have what it takes to shut you up.

Our money.

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