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Rocking Your World
Globalism - Ecumenism
Thursday, January 27, 2011
Rebecca Droeger

Remember when TV shows like Bewitched or Star Trek would have someone from the past projected into the future?

Sometimes, that someone would be an actual historical figure like Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln.  I loved watching those episodes and always looked forward to the character’s reaction to how much had changed over time.

My Mom shared a story with me about how she looked in amazement at her grandfather watch the moon landing back in 1969.  She marveled at how one man witnessed so many spectacular achievements in his lifetime: from horses and buggies to cars, planes, jets all the way to rockets and a moon landing.  This was a man who went from outhouses to having indoor plumbing, refrigerators, TV’s, washers and dryers; and so much more.

Of course, my Mom’s grandfather had time to adapt.  The characters in the TV series always suffered from future shock because they never had time to adjust.

When you look at our generation and how everything has grown exponentially, I often think we suffer from future shock on a continual basis.  I recall Jack writing a good article on it not that long ago.

Just thinking about it, not too much changed for thousands of years.  The 20th century hits; and we’re catapulted beyond where some sci-fi novels even dreamt we’d be by now.

Think about the last decade of the 21st century.  In 10-years, only a decade, we now have revolutionary technology in the palms of our hands.  Data centers (computer rooms) once took up an entire floor of an office building to accumulate the same data that can now be stored in flash drives no bigger than a football player’s thumb. 

The phones some people have are 10 times more powerful, faster, and advanced than the computer I had 10 years ago, and I had a top-of-the line computer.  One of my co-worker’s phones can allow him to do his job anytime he needs.  He can check e-mail, hold meetings, do video chat, and all from the comfort of his 1 ½ hour drive to work (although I really hope he does not type while he’s driving).

Not only that, but his phone can tell him exactly where he is, what gas stations or restaurants are nearby, where the next accident is, and the best route to avoid it to get to work on time.

He could operate most of his life from that phone.  He could even program blue-tooth technology to trigger the oven to come on and his heat to go up ½ hour before he gets home if he liked.  If he didn’t want to cook, he could order food online and have it ready by the time he gets there.

God help us if they think of a toilet paper app.  I would hate to witness that one.

What has made me really understand the harshness of an ever-changing world is the effect it has on our children.  Sure, they are the first ones to pick up how to use new technology. 

My mom just recently replaced her phones for one of the fancy-type phones I was talking about; and my niece had it figured out in seconds in what took my Mom over a week to figure out.  The phones were so high-tech that my Mom or Dad couldn’t get used to them and traded them in again for more traditional models with less features (confusing extras).

Even though these youngsters seem to pick up on new gadgets with ease, they do not handle other change quite so well; especially if it’s all at once.

Case in point, my daughter caught the stomach flu right before Christmas Break.  She missed a little school, and went back right before the long break.  She was out of school for two weeks; and she had a great time.  Praise be to God that we were not ill over Christmas.  We had one Christmas like that back in 2004 and it was dreadful.

After she went back to school, a series of unfortunate events occurred.  Her teacher had to miss several classes because she was taking care of her husband who has cancer.  Then, Mick had to work an inordinate amount of overtime because it’s his busy time of year.  After that, she came down with a nasty virus, and has had a sore throat ever since.

Then, Mick and my Mom come down with the stomach flu the same day.  Three people on my floor come down with the same flu.  After that, I came down with it; and it lingered on through Wednesday of last week.

Since Nicole was missing a lot of school, we took her to the doctor.  She’s been to the doctor twice, and the first time it was just a virus.  The second visit, they said she had a sinus infection.

She has worked herself up so much from all of this chaos and illnesses that any time her throat starts to bother her, she balls her eyes out.  She clutches on to me with all of her might, and it takes forever to calm her down.

Even telling her that God will help us through it and praying has not helped her spirits.  It will settle her down in the short-term, but the more she has thought about it, the worse she feels.

She’s normally a very happy child.  At first, I wondered if someone was picking on her at school; but the more I evaluated everything that has gone on within the last month; I realize how much we’ve been through: one thing after another.

Just then, God smacked me upside the head with a good dose of His Holy Spirit.  She needs some normalcy.  She needs to know what to expect during the day so she’s not thrown off balance by a change in her routine.

For instance, Mick and I carpool most of the time.  With him working overtime, we haven’t been dropping her off or picking her up from school together like we normally do.  I realized that Mick and I had talked about it with each other, and we just assumed Nicole knew the deal; but we both realized that we never really sat her down and explained to her the days I would be picking her up versus her dad.  We also never really emphasized how late Mick would be at the office the first part of the month.

So, we are praying by going over the schedule, she’ll calm down and relax a bit; and it won’t be such a fight to get her to school.

This lesson also helps solidify God’s magnificence for me.  Just think about how He showed us His entire plan, from beginning to end, in His perfect love letter to us, the Bible.  Not only does He share that He has glorious plans in store for us (Jeremiah 29:11:  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future).  He also shows us the plans He has for the rest of the World.

He knew how fragile our psyche can get, especially when bombarded from the outside world.  What better way to prepare for “future shock” than by reading how it was all planned out before you were even here?

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