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Special Report End of the Road for the Ship of Fools- Part 2
The Fall of the Arab Wall
Israel - Middle East
Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Ed DeShields

In 2006, there was thought to be no risk of a serious crisis on the horizon.  In 2009, it would have been absurd to imagine the slightest risk of a breakdown in the existing world order, let alone the social order.  And, today our elite’s intellectual capacity to foresee, or act upon, the changes currently taking place in the world has been dismal.

There is no doubt that we are engaged in a process of historical transformation, which is seeing the world after 1945 collapse before our eyes.  The U.S., Europe and Japan each face inescapable financial crises and on the other side are the BRIC countries (with China and Russia in particular) who are proving to be incapable of taking control of all or part of the international system, at least for now.

2011 will be almost certainly marked by a series of violent shocks that will threaten to destroy the pillars on which the “Dollar wall” has rested for decades.  The year 2011 will deal us a systemic crisis and put us at the crossroads of global chaos including a bloodless reorganization of the Arab world within a dilapidated international political system unable to respond to the challenge.

According to a recent Pew Poll, 79% of the masses making up the emerging social reform movement in the Arab world view the U.S. in an unfavorable light.  The prestige and power of the U.S. is less important because it is no longer admired, feared or respected.  Our political policies are far less involved than in previous administrations. 

In a world where we have traditionally exported our policies by supporting palace regimes, we now get riots and revolutions against dictators that we, at one time or another, propped up in exchange for a secure supply of oil (except Libya and Syria).  Citizens are becoming more disgruntled and embolden.  After all, you can oppress your people but if you do not feed them, they will start a revolution.

Even the IMF, despite its lack of imagination is now warning of civil wars throughout the world as the gap between the world’s rich and poor is now known as the 8th Wonder of the World because of its now unparalleled size.

If you consider the comparison of events affecting the Arab world with the fall of the Berlin Wall you can gain a broader picture of a potential outcome.  Yet this "Arab wall" which is now collapsing, has been built by someone, or something, and for a specific purpose.

The East German government in the broader context of the “Iron Curtain” built the Berlin Wall.  The USSR needed to separate the Communist bloc from the West.  To avoid any questioning of the power held by the single party in each communist country the wall helped perpetuate Moscow’s control of the East European countries.   In return, Moscow ensured full support and stipends of all kinds to the leaders of Eastern European countries.  

The fall of the "Berlin Wall" challenged these monopolies of power and quickly caused the successive fall of all the Eastern European communist regimes.  Less than two years later the USSR collapsed and with it, the end of seventy years of rule by the Russian Communist Party.

So if it's also a "wall" that’s falling before our eyes in the Arab world it is essential to be able to answer these questions: who built it?  For what purpose? And the answers are not that difficult to find for those who don’t watch the news with ideological blindfolds.  

First, this "wall" was built by each Arab dictator of the region to ensure his continued monopoly on the power and wealth of the country.  They conveniently avoided any question of their legitimacy. In this sense, there is very little difference between the cliques in power in the Arab countries and those that led the communist countries.

Second, this "wall" was part of the broader system set up by Washington to preserve its preferential access (in US Dollars) to the region's oil resources and to protect Israel’s interests. The forced integration of the military and security systems of these countries (except Syria and Libya) with the U.S. defense system ensured unwavering U.S. support and allowed Arab leaders to receive all kinds of wealth without being called into question by internal or external forces.

Don’t you think that current events in Tunisia and Egypt are the early signs of the fall of all the regimes that depend on Washington for their survival? And that, in particular, can lead to a rapid collapse of the system supplying oil to the United States and with it the global system for oil billing and the central role of the Dollar.

And, what about Israel? The fall of the "wall" will almost certainly involve the need for our political elites to reconsider, or abandon, the entire U.S.-Israeli policy given a new set of power actors in the region who aren’t impressed by the leadership and policies of the past.

About Ed DeShields

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