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The Outcome of Obsessing over Israel
Israel - Middle East
Friday, October 14, 2011
Alf Cengia

I know I’ve beaten this drum a couple of times before. I know people get tired of reading the same stuff over and over again. But it seems to me that some topics scream out for reiteration and attention. So please bear with me.

Recently we’ve all heard of the case in Iran where Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been detained in prison since 2009 under death sentence for, allegedly, converting from Islam to Christianity. Apparently his fate is now in the hands of the Iranian supreme spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, courtesy of an Iranian court appeal.

While apostasy was the original crime which Pastor Nadarkhani was arraigned for; after significant media attention other crimes were added to that charge. Suddenly there emerged charges of rape, extortion and a “Zionist security risk” tag attached to the Pastor. Those new facts were probably mistakenly overlooked in the mountain of paper work sorting out all these “security risks”.

Political/Security Deputy Governor Gholamali Rezvani informed Fars News Agency that,

“Youcef Nadarkhani has security crimes and he had set up a house of corruption. ... Nobody is executed in our regime for choosing a religion, but he is a Zionist who has security crimes.”

But Nadarkhani’s case isn’t a solitary one. As it turns out, Iran has multiple “security” challenges. Fox news cites Elam Ministries:

“Nadarkhani is the latest Christian cleric to be imprisoned in Iran for his religious beliefs. According to Elam Ministries, a United Kingdom-based organization that serves Christian churches in Iran, there was a significant increase in the number of Christians arrested solely for practicing their faith between June 2010 and January 2011. A total of 202 arrests occurred during that six-month period, including 33 people who remained in prison as of January, Elam reported.”

As I write this there have been massive clashes between Egyptian police and Coptic Christians. FrontPageMag reports:

“Authorities in Cairo have imposed a strict curfew in the aftermath of massive riots between Coptic Christians and police on Sunday that killed 25 and wounded 400 more. The Copts were protesting the destruction of one of their churches in the southern province of Aswan on October 1 — a crime that the Copts say the police are ignoring. Although the demonstration began peacefully, witnesses report that gangs of plainclothes thugs attacked the marchers, which then started the melee. The police moved in and opened fire on some marchers while running over others with armored cars.” (Emphasis mine)

What’s more, the state-run news media encourages these attacks. According to the Washington Post:

“State television, controlled by Egypt’s military rulers, also came under fire Monday for coverage that activists and human rights workers said incited violence. Broadcasters called on “honest Egyptians” to take to the streets to defend the military from what anchors described as Coptic Christian assailants, a call that appeared to resonate with Egyptians who thronged downtown wielding clubs and chanting pro-Islamic slogans.”

These are but two examples. Let us observe something about these reports. Israel had nothing to do with the conflicts. If you haven’t read my commentaries before; read that once more and repeat it slowly....it’s not Israel’s fault. And yet, for some reason, it remains the focus of enquiry into Middle East conflict.

Nicholas Kristof’s piece “Is Israel Its Own Worst Enemy?” rightfully drew criticism for its one-sided commentary. Referring to Kristof’s article, Spengler chimes in to ask:

“A mass of Coptic Christians marches through Cairo to protest the military government's failure to protect them from Muslim radicals. They are attacked by stone-throwing, club-wielding rowdies. Armed forces security personnel intervene, and the Copts fight it out with the soldiers, with two dozen dead and scores injured on both sides. Who is to blame?...The full credit answer is: Benjamin Netanyahu, for building apartments in Jerusalem...”

It’s this perplexing, irrational and compulsive focus on Israel’s sins that is a distraction from noticing the multitude of atrocities that are occurring elsewhere – such as the incarceration of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani.

I was pleasantly surprised when the Pastor’s plight was posted on the weblog of one of the leading anti-Israel activists, although by that time the media had picked up on the case. That pleasantry was soon short lived. That post ended up a small blip on the radar which was eventually buried under the usual avalanche of the cataloguing of Israeli misdemeanors.

Remember the Pastor? He’s still in prison.

But it isn’t just Israel’s transgressions that attract attention away from other Middle Eastern concerns. There’s an upwards trend in academic efforts to marginalize anyone who supports Israel. That usually means Christian Zionists. Sadly, the narrative is to mischaracterize those who support Israel by quoting those on the extremist and fringe levels of Zionism.

In past updates, Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries has noted this as well. She posted Jim Fletcher’s response to Brian McLaren. The latter had referenced a letter by Sabeel’s Naim Ateek to Archbishop Rowan Williams. Ateek states:

"With candor, the last two groups of extremists, i.e. Jewish and Western Christian Zionists, are a greater threat to us than the extremist Islamists. In fact, these extremists have more military power and clout to uproot all Palestinian presence both Christian and Muslim from our homeland."

Jan also drew attention to comments made by Frank Schaeffer (son of Frances Schaeffer). According to Schaeffer:

"To a Christian Zionist, defending Israel is just a handy pretext for indulging their obsession: Egging on, even helping the fulfillment of biblical prophecies about the return of Christ. But their worst sin isn't just embracing dumb theology but that they have enabled a nefarious group of losers...”

A recent “scholarly” book by theologian Alistair Donaldson joins the fray when on page 149 he informs his readers that:

“[Zionist and/or dispensational] beliefs, though being counter to a sound biblical understanding, have significantly influenced foreign policies of governments (especially the United States) concerning Israel, giving rise to significantly distressing world-impacting events, and to what is often uncritical support for the modern state of Israel – despite her atrocious and dehumanizing tyranny of another people – by millions of people who profess to love God who himself abhors justice.” (Emphases mine)

There’s much more than could be quoted but that should be enough. As far as I can make it out the two basic rules are this: 1) support Israel and you’re a war-monger and 2) unfairly criticize Israel and you’re for peace.

I’m not really sure how that works out. But I do know who’s losing out – it’s thousands of people like the Iranian Pastor who fall off the fanatical radar scope of the detractors of Zionism and Israel.

It’s not Christian Zionism that is an obstacle to Middle East harmony – it is the fomenters and enablers of Islamic intolerance and hatred when they appease it and ignore its outcomes.

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