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Monday, September 24, 2018   8:58:50 AM  
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Best Laid Plans
Globalism - Ecumenism
Sunday, October 16, 2011
Pete Garcia

With the release of the explosive new book by Pat Buchanan, "Suicide of a Super Power", some hard truths are laid to bare that almost everyone acknowledges, but few dare to speak out loud.

His accompanying article discusses the failure of (and/or unraveling) of multiculturalism and trans-national globalism, back to a creeping nationalism that puts ones own nation ahead of the global good.  From purely a American political conservative perspective, he is dead right on all charges.

But from a prophetic perspective, he is missing the forest for the trees. The Bible, predicts a coming system that locks the world under the control of just one man, the Antichrist.

"And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." (Revelation 6:2)

Here is where Mr. Buchanan both hits and misses the point.  Yes, these problems are real, but they are also being orchestrated to illicit a predetermined outcome.  He nails the problems we face today, not just as a nation, but as a westernized people.  He accurately pinpoints the root of the problems that plague the Western world in an honest, refreshing, yet blunt manner.

Where he misses though, is that this is somehow lost by the powerful elites and we are spiraling wildly out of control.  As if this end-state isn’t where they intended to take us from the very beginning.

Truth be told, they are never going to let nationalism come back in, not at least in the 20th century model we have grown accustomed too.  But, the minute anyone begins to start talking about a ‘One World Order’ or ‘global elites’, you are quickly marginalized as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and shut down as anyone with anything credible to say.  But let me let you read a handful of their own disturbing words for yourself.

These aren’t anonymous left wing bloggers hiding behind their IP addresses, these are men of state, with power, influence, and resources.  With the exception of Congressman McFadden, (a precursor to Ron Paul if you will), the rest have spoken of and actively worked for this one world system to come about for the better part of a century.

According to the Bible, there are various power players at the end; King of the North, South (Daniel 11:40-45), Kings of the East (Revelation 16:12), and the Ten nation Revived Roman Empire (Daniel 7:20-25). 

Now, there are two variations at play here: one is an economic mechanism that absolutely forces all to participate, and punishes by death those that refuse.  This comes about by the mark of the Beast system, which not only infers swearing loyalty and worship to the Antichrist in whom the False Prophet orchestrates, but apparently is the only system anyone can use in order to do anything. (Revelation 13)

The other is of power and control that begins to build outside of the economic aspect.  These rulers are able to accumulate power under this new system and eventually attempt to rise up against the Antichrist.  But they still fall under the economic system that Antichrist creates...or enforces.  In order to make this whole thing plausible, means that our current structure HAS to change.  If everything were going along swimmingly, it would make this new system not only unattractive, but irrelevant.

Issues such as; famine, terrorism, failed economies and currencies, insurmountable personal and national debt, dwindling natural resources, lawlessness, and low birth rates prompt panicked elected leaders to return their State back toward nationalism and isolationism as a natural reaction.  In panic mode, the mob thinks irrationally, and willingly give up rights and liberties in favor of security and a return to the status quo.  But, the real power brokers behind the scenes, are neither elected nor worried about this, because afterall, they are the ones orchestrating it.

But these daunting issues are for the most part, artificial, and have been manufactured to canalize the masses to trade liberty for security.  Globalists, whether their modus operandi is to save the planet or to enslave it, only use the appearance of failure to secure more control.  Failing global policies, never point back to a retreat towards nationalism for them, but becomes the impetus to hasten the necessity for even greater speed at which control is cemented so they don't fail. (think ‘more stimulus’).

So, although on it’s face, it appears that the west is going down the tubes fast and furiously, it is a facade generated to dismantle the current structure we are locked into.  But this too has a down side.  The men and women who dream of one day falling in under the banner of a One World Government utopia, don’t live forever either.  This is along the same lines I mentioned in a previous brief that these people and their nefarious plans have a shelf life.

World wars, impossible debts, terrorism, and the myriad of other problems were created to push the world under one system, much the same way the US has generated artificial financial (and completely avoidable) catastrophes that in the end, only end up consolidating more centralized power and control (think TARP 1,2,&3, IRS, Mortgage Collapse, the Federal Reserve, etc).

Let me put this to you as an example: You sit on the board of directors for the most powerful company on earth, and your company founding charter forbids the dissolution of company sovereignty.  Would you elect your most junior and inexperienced employee to be Chairman and CEO?   Probably not.  You would want your company to succeed, so you put in your best and brightest.

But if the answer is yes, then why? The only reason I can see for a deliberate sabotaging of your own company would be if you were working toward a merger or takeover with or by another powerful company.  You would want ignorance and incompetence to rule the day so you can artificially create the dire dilemma that would necessitate the need for merging or being allowed to be bought out.  If you had a competent and experienced CEO, he or she could potentially lead the organization out of the dilemma and fix said problems without the threat of going bankrupt.

If you have your lightweight in there, that neither knows how to fix or even who to consult on fixing the problems, you are speeding up the process so you can bankrupt the company and force a change.  It is like betting against a stock you know will tank because you have insider information.  Mergers and/or takeovers tend to create huge dividends that await those in-the-know on the other side.

Why else do you think a virtual unknown (and still is) was thrust to the front runner of the Democratic party nomination in 2008 to run the most powerful nation the world had ever seen.  That's why the leftist elites spent the last four years of the Bush presidency bashing him so relentlessly, that by the time the 2008 elections rolled around, the general uniformed public would vote for anyone, other than a Republican.  The uniformed masses then voted for a man who ran on the vaguest of all political platforms in the history of US (Hope and Change), and won.

The powers that be, are tired of waiting for this system to come, and know that with a little nudge, they can get the ball rolling a whole lot faster.  They spent all their long academic lives studying globalists like Adolphus Huxely, David Rockefeller, Woodrow Wilson, Henry Kissinger, and others who have come and gone (or are about too).  These men were, in their heyday, the movers and the shakers.  But that ‘utopian’ world still hasn’t happened yet and this lawless generation’s patience has long grown thin.

So what appears as a cornucopia of unpredictable calamities, are really being orchestrated to get a knee-jerk reaction out of uniformed people, to cede more of their freedoms over faster.

In all honesty, Globalists wear both Republican and Democrat suits, but the Democrats of late have just been more overt about it.

We are as a nation, currently at such a state of moral and cultural relativism, that it doesn’t matter anyway.  This whole process was a century in the making, and can be generally be looked at as a three pronged approach, with many forks and branches that would take too long to list here.  But here are the nuts and bolts of the progressive agenda:

  1. Remove God from Society: from schools, government, and public places
  2. Bend the Constitution incrementally and continually until it breaks or is irrelevant
  3. Dumb down the masses through the arts (tv, music, movies) and by relaxing the learning standards through the education system

You therefore end up with a Godless society that doesn’t even know what right looks like anymore, much less have the moral backbone to stand up for what right is when they do see it with a Constitution, that has been tinkered with so much and so often, that legalists can interpret it to mean anything, while the general population doesn’t even know what it says, nor do they care.

But to the careful student of prophecy, and particularly those who hold a Pre-Tribulational view of Eschatology, you need not worry.  We have already read the end of the book and know how this is all going to end.

We know that we are on God’s timeline, and He is not going to let things progress faster than He will allow them too.

Which is why we have a nation in debt up to its eyeballs, yet still functioning economically.  Its why Israel is completely surrounded by enemies armed to the teeth just waiting to destroy her...yet are holding back.  It is why the US Constitution is still the biggest barrier to a one world political system, and why it hasn’t been discarded as of yet.  It is why technological breakthroughs have only progressed as far as they have, and no farther.

The Holy Spirit’s restraining force is the dam, holding back the floodgates of hell, currently waiting to burst.  But King David, moved by the Holy Spirit 3,000 years ago has already answered this for us. (Psalm 2:1-12)

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