It's interesting how things start. Over the last 35 years, ever since I first read the book of Revelation, there had been something missing in my life when it came to my relationship with God.">
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''I have to credit the OL fellowship. . .with leading me to salvation''
Monday, October 17, 2011
Frank Spaniak

It's interesting how things start.  Over the last 35 years, ever since I first read the book of Revelation, there had been something missing in my life when it came to my relationship with God.

I was quite well versed in Lutheran doctrine but I knew that a big hole was there, but just couldn’t put my finger on it.

I had been looking for answers to the big questions, why did God do what He did.  My fears made me ask; is He coming soon?  Why didn't any of this make sense?  I got mad at God because of it, but He kept drawing me back to Him.

I read books on spiritualism, new age ad nausaum; still the answers didn’t satisfy me.  I'm going to heaven, right?  I had given up going to the churches around here because I was mad at God and the feel-good stuff being preached.  Nobody carried a Bible and it always gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

Being a web news reader I used to read worldnetdaily every day.  On the world net daily site, Hal Lindsey at that time, he had a weekly column.  Needless to say I loved the work and what he taught right then.  Those news stories led me to Hal's website where I spent several hours reading what was available.

One of the links on the site said "The Omegaletter".  Was not sure why then, I know now, but I clicked on it and found the OL site.  Between this and Hals' site, it was like finding a pearl of great price in an empty field of spiritualism, deception, spin, lies and rancor.

After reading a couple of the articles I had to tell my wife that, "This guy Jack is writing about several of the questions that I was thinking about for a long time".  His writing style was easy to read, well-reasoned, clear and understandable and it made sense to me.  At that time, once or twice a week the OL website would open the entire Omegaletter for that day to the public; I would think that was my big treat.

You should understand that I almost never posted anything on the open internet, and kept a very low profile, let alone write about my beliefs.  I "lurked" on the OL website for a few months, checking a few times a week for my "free" OL treat.

I wish I had kept better records of the events but Jack wrote an article that I had a hard time understanding, after much internal debate, I worked up the courage to write him and ask a question and he wrote me back!  I was floored, we didn’t know each other and nobody had done that for me, yet Jack took the time to answer what was probably a simple and basic question.  But our God works in mysterious and wonderful ways, it was what was needed to start to break the logjam in my head.

After another month or two and another letter or two to Jack and the weekly checking, I wrote Gayle about paying the membership to get into the website.  She was very patient with me since I didn’t trust anybody on the open internet let alone people that I have never met, 700 miles away from me.

We wrote back and forth a couple times before I felt comfortable.  I was treating the OL at that point like a business and not a family, mistrust and all.  In hindsight I am sorry for that. I will not forget the kindness she showed in patience with my mistrust and helping me sign up for the OL one month at a time.

Anyway, I paid my $10 and got in the OL site.  I was like a kid in a candy store; writings on subjects that I had given up on trying to figure out, or put into the "maybe someday I’ll get it file".  The best part was that I was getting a complete OL every day.  I spent the next few weeks reading past OLs till I saw spots. :)

Computer forums where nothing new to me, but that changed when I started to read them.  I'd say it's a bit of an understatement to say that the forums are a treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom and fellowship.  I probably spent close to six full months there just listening and lurking and learning (still am).  It was for me a great leap of courage sometime in late 2004 when I finally asked a question on the forums.  They help me and several others find the answers in scripture.

During this time there were several people talking about being saved, I thought at first it was this abstract concept of salvation because we believed in Jesus.  It had occurred to me that I could never remember giving my life to Jesus.

So one day, (I can’t remember what day exactly, but Jesus Knows) I was sitting in my office and bowed my head and said the sinners prayer and gave my life to Jesus. Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, the Bible made sense and what God wrote in the Bible and also using Jack and others came into focus.

I’m not sure that 10,000 words would articulate what that was like for me to be given this understanding, it truly was a Godsend, and it put my spirit at peace.  My salvation was what I was looking for, that was the hole in my life.  It has not been the same since is my understatement.

It was Lou that suggested to me to try a Calvary Chapel when looking for a Bible teaching church in my area.  I had never heard of them before that.  Connie and I have been going there ever since.  God has given me many new brothers and sisters in Christ there.  Also my step-brother and daughter have come to know Christ, and this started because of the Omegaletter.

The fellowship on the Omegaletter and Calvary Chapel has blessed and changed my life in so many ways.  The first OL gathering in person started in the 'chat'.  Nicole had mentioned that she had had a dream and it took off from there until several of us met for the first time in Branson, MO.

I still fondly remember the happy grin on my face for several weeks after that, also remembering how excited I was to meet some of the people who I have become friends with in the forums.  Of course we all went there to meet Jack.  I can still remember pretty clearly that we sat on that picnic bench talking until we were both too tired to keep going.

Through some of the darkest times in my life, with my wife getting very sick, several of the members were there to help and pray with us through it.  By the grace of God hearing the prayers of my brothers and sisters, God gave my wife back to me.  A very special Thanks to Ken and Georgia and I pray for their continuous blessing.

Through Jack's writing, my eyes have been opened to much greater truths than I would have ever found on my own.  I have to credit the OL fellowship, God through Jack and Hal's works and with help from the forums was leading me to Salvation in Our Lord Jesus.  Words cannot express my thanks to God for you guys.

Going to Israel with the Omegaletter group, I am happy to say has been one of the high points of my life.  I doubt that I would have made the trip otherwise.  Now I can’t wait to go back, should we ever go again or to meet you all when we go together with Jesus.  The friends made in the forums and having met several of them in person in my travels for my office has changed so much for me.  The blessings that God has given me in the OL is far in excess of what I deserve.  I pray that God continues to show himself as He works in you and Gayle and Mike and all the others.

It has been my distinct honor to work with Jack as his webmaster in 2008, while Mike had other projects going.  I can see clearly now why Mike does it, the blessings from it are too numerous to list, and I agree completely that it is a labor of love and not really work in the sense of the word.

The generosity of Jack's time to teach me while we worked on the website was far beyond what I could have learned in any school.  Often I thank God for you all.  Working closely with him, I was blessed to see up close several of the blessings of the Holy Spirit working in my brothers and sisters in Christ in the Omegaletter and other places.

One cannot be the same after watching the hand of our Father through the Holy Spirit moving among each of us.  It still inspires me today.  It is battle to be sure, with those forces that seek to stop the name of - Jesus - to be heard, and to tell others what He has done and what He is doing today, is easy work since all we are is witnessing to what HE has done.

To sum it all up, I love all you guys and am thankful for the love we share in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Thank you Jesus for being my Savior.

Thank you Jack for being chief among my teachers and friend.

And thank you to the Omegaletter fellowship for being my Brothers and Sisters in Jesus!

To all my OL friends; may all your blessing be without measure.  Your actions in trials be worthy to bring honor to Him who loves us, Jesus.  That whoever you talk to, that they can see Christ in each and every one of you.

God IS Good!

Your loving Brother in Christ,

Frank (phrank)


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