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Irony of a Charging Bull
Prophecy - Signs
Thursday, October 20, 2011
Ed DeShields

This week New York rushed an army of security forces to protect the statue famously known as Wall Street’s Bull from the Occupy Wall Street protest.

“Hey, let’s Occupy the Bull and paint it gold”, they shouted!  You couldn’t script this kind of symbolism.  New York’s finest wasn’t about to let that happen in fear it would blow the lid off the problem. 

After all, the image of the bull is a powerful symbol and this was THE Bull.  Across the ages there have been many bulls.  In the modern age it has become an almost universal image of the financial system.  

A bull is Europe’s symbol.  EU symbolTheir bull depicts a female (metaphorically the political system) sitting atop the bull.  To ride the bull means to control it both politically and financially. 

Occupy Wall Street crowds are not victims, but anarchists.  They intend to ride the bull.  But to do so means nominating a leader(s) to organize their intentions into a tipping point.   They desire someone who must feel their pain and see an opportunity to ride along.

Wall Street's BullThe Bull at Wall Street has a rather interesting backstory.  Officially known as “Charging Bull”, it became an unwanted “gift” of sorts to New York through a self-promotion campaign by sculptor Auturo Di Modica immediately following the 1987 stock market crash.   His theme was to represent a rebuilding of the financial system.  As we now recognize, with the 20/20 vision of hindsight, that has happened. 

When Di Modica unloaded it beneath the city’s giant Christmas tree it was without the knowledge or permission from the city.   The City of New York wasn’t impressed.  A three-ton statue cannot be easily re-gifted. 

Eventually it wound up in Bowling Green Park, the oldest park in Manhattan and historically known as the place where the American Indians traded Manhattan to the white man in one of the earliest expressions of redistribution of wealth.  It was the ultimate trade at a location one could claim as the birthplace of modern capitalism.   

Even though the City of New York didn’t initially want it, the crowds soon worshiped the idea and it quickly became one of the most visited places in the city.   Reluctantly, the City fathers went along. 

Capitalizing on the success of the Raging Bull, DiModica has sculpted five such bulls with the latest versions stronger and red in color. Bund Bull One such bull was placed in Shanghai’s Bund financial district last year.

Like its Wall Street counterpart, the Bund Bull is rumored to produce good luck when stroked at both ends.  Yes, both ends.  Crowds in pursuit of this kind of good fortune temporarily caused the bull to be fenced and guarded, unlike the Wall Street Bull (until this week). 

Despite constant security, visitors attempt to climb the bull to pray for good luck and hang bags on the horns while taking pictures. This strong public desire to be close to these bulls have made them second-only in popularity to the Statute of Liberty.

But, the Bund is also symbolic.  It is considered to be the location that symbolizes the era of European colonial capitalism over China. 

Oh, the irony of it all.

One side of the argument sees the OWS as reminiscent of the Biblical story of Moses returning from Mt. Sinai to find his people without direction and morals.  Evidence of such was illustrated by the OWS crafting their own graven idols, painted gold and hoisted above their heads while proudly parading it through the streets of New York.  Public sex and drugs adds just the level of mayhem that Moses must have seen with his own eyes. 

The OWS has become a mirror and symbol of their own greed and entitlement of what society should owe them

The other side of the argument laments that these are the disadvantaged people whose pain must be recognized, accepted and reconciled with meaningful change and societal reform.  

The OWS’s issues are not honed because it isn’t ripe.  It has no rudder but awaits a captain to emerge at just the right moment.  That moment is exactly when the movement seems to be dangerous enough for people to really pay attention.  Of course, I have not the slightest idea of whom.  

OWS possesses the same greed that has created the disease.  OWS simply demands their share.  They desire to ride the bull. 

The mainstream media, and now the politicians including the President of the United States will help the OWS hone their inequality message – because it is politically correct and it is an opportunity for power if harnessed. 

Riding the bull will require the political system to mount the beast.  And, this will seemingly provide a false sense of a solution to the world’s deteriorating financial picture.  

There will be no shortage of those wishing to have his or her picture taken atop that Bull.

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