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What The Omega Letter Means To Me
''If I could only visit one website a day, it would be the OL''
Monday, October 31, 2011
Georgia Miller

As I have been reading tributes by others as to what the OL means to them, my offering seems inadequate at best. Other tributes have inspired and blessed me. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. I look for your tribute every day. My tribute started out short, but somehow it has grown and I hope it’s OK to share a long one!

I joined the OL on January 14, 2004. I was not one of the fortunate folks who found the OL in 2001 but I wish I had been. What a treasure I have found in this place. I thank God for leading me here. I remember how hard it was for me to post at first, because I felt a bit awkward and unsure of myself. I remember too, making mistakes and finding out I was not on track about some things. I had a lot to learn and God was using the OL to teach me things I did not know.

Like many others, I found Jack through Hal’s website. I checked Hal’s site almost daily and would always decide to click on Jack’s link to see what he had to say. Each day I was surprised at how God used Jack to minister to me in some way. Jack explained things Ken and I talked about but often we just didn’t have the ability to connect the dots. That is what I love most about Jack – he takes what we know but connects the dots for us, making things simple to understand, and helping us to share with others who will listen. I too, wonder how Jack writes a column six days a week. I find it an amazing feat but thank God for using Jack in our lives!

Part of my personal testimony is that God has taught me about His grace through the OL. You see, legalism ruled in our home as I grew up. I felt God was always out to get me, and I had the wrong kind of fear about the Lord. The Bible was used often to keep me in line. Our church, where I attended 3 times a week, taught salvation could be lost. It was up to us to keep our salvation once we accepted Christ. I remember that after church on Sunday night, which usually ran long because of the long altar calls, I would look up and ask Jesus to please come because I was ready to go. I knew by Monday that I wasn’t ready to meet Jesus anymore.

As a kid, in junior high school, the turmoil inside of me was raging all the time. My distorted view of Christ damaged me for years to come. Sadly, I feel my own children suffered because I never fully understood grace. God has had a lot of healing to do in me, and in my family.

When I read Jack’s briefing on the Defeated Christian (that is one of my very favorite briefings), or when I read what Jack writes to explain grace and eternal security, it still blesses me tremendously.

I still struggle with legalism and I guess I will always struggle, but God has silenced my fears of being lost, and He has used the OL to do that.

God has used so many on the OL too, to encourage me when I doubt my salvation. Finally, just last year, at 4 in the morning in a hotel room, God gave me the scripture that settled it for me that I am His. It was in 1st John 2:12 and the words “sins are forgiven” jumped off the page and I knew right then I was His, and no doubts come anymore.

For me, the OL is the most special internet place in my life.  I check the OL first thing each morning, and I check through the day, or leave the OL open for reference through the day. I learn so much here.

Another benefit for me is that I just love the people! The fellowship here is very special. I learn not only from Jack, but from others here as well. For Ken and I, the OL has become a large part of our spiritual daily bread.

I know with all my heart that it is because of the OL that we have grown in Christ.  God has used the OL, and especially Jack’s briefings, to bring me to a closer walk with Him.

Ken and I try to share Christ with others but often our words are not received well. People are asleep, not willing to pay attention, and it breaks our hearts. Here at least, we are with people who see things spiritually and are not afraid to share the Truth. It’s a refreshing place. The forums are a blessing, the writers are a blessing, and the information found overall is most valuable. If I could only visit one website a day, it would be the OL.

The OL is an amazing place that I love dearly.  It’s as if God has placed many here to help us – folks like Jack of course, but also Kari, Pete, Alf, Wendy, Ed, so that we cannot miss His Truth and what He wants us to know.

I find it wonderfully amazing that God has provided so many with knowledge in different areas so that we are kept aware of what is going on. With all our writers we have such wealth of knowledge that the world does not.

I thank God for giving Jack and Gayle the idea to start his ministry. I thank God for Mike and Kari and Char, and others too, who contribute to the OL site. I can’t think of any way I could possibly express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for everyone associated with the OL website.

I am very grateful too, for the lifelong friendships I have made! My life is richer in every way, because I found this place. We have met some wonderful people through the OL as we have been so fortunate to travel to a few of the meetings. The trip to Israel was one that has blessed Ken and I more than we can express. It still brings tears to even write about it as the memories start to flood my mind.

It was our great honor to meet Jack and Gayle, of course. Others include Kari and Mike, Frank and Connie, Betsy, Shelley, Winky, Sue, Alf and Alesia, Martha, Steve and Linda, Ray and Lyla, Steve Fries, and on and on. I know it’s risky to name names because I cannot name you all, but to me, the OL family is a huge blessing, and named or not, you are all very special and dear.

How I look forward to all of us being on Omega Avenue (smile) when we finally arrive Home, where we are with Him, who saved us, and safe forevermore. The flight Home must be coming soon!

Thanks again to all who have shared their tribute to what the OL means to them. It’s been great reading them all!

God bless you all, You are a blessing! Love, Georgia Miller

"The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple. The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes." (Psalm 19:7-8)


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