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Smoke Damage
Witnessing Tools
Saturday, February 25, 2012
Rebecca Droeger

The past couple of years have not turned out quite as expected.  They took more twists and turns than I could have imagined this side of the Rapture.

Of course, you would think we would be prepared for the worldly chaos that continues to swirl out of control all around us as the Lord’s return grows closer and closer; but then, something else happens and pulls your attention off of what just happened a moment ago.

As you may have noticed, I just started writing articles again.  For those of you who did not already know, I had chronic female pain that interfered with pretty much every aspect of my life. 

In 2011, I had to have exploratory surgery to see if the doctors could even find out what was going on in over a year of agonizing misery.  The doctors finally determined the issue, and it was scar tissue (internal adhesions) that connected many of my various organs together and went all the way up to my right lung.

Most likely, it was caused from previous surgeries.  However, it could have been exacerbated by infections my body attempted to fight off.

Either way, I was in agony; but I was relieved we finally found out what the issue was.  The doctors cut all of it out, and I was set to come back to work two weeks later.  I had fully anticipated starting to write for the Omega Letter again in April.

Then, the really unexpected happen.  My office building caught fire where I work.  Amazingly, no one was injured, and all of our equipment remained intact.

The building owners were having the HVAC repaired.  While the welders were working on the exhaust, a spark fell down the duct and ignited the insulation.

The building’s fire detection system alerted the fire department of a “hot spot,” between the 4th and 5th floors late in the evening.  Firefighters spent several hours trying to locate the troubled area.  After finding nothing, the firefighters left only to be called back early the following morning for detection of another hot spot.

This time, smoke rose up the shaft and filled the entire 10th floor where workers had just removed the shaft that would have enabled the smoke to rise up directly out to the roof for the installation of the HVAC unit.

Firefighters were able to extinguish a tiny fire before it spread any further.  Emergency personnel spent the remainder of the day ensuring that the building was secure.

Unfortunately, the smoke damage just from that tiny spark caused months of havoc and torment for my company and others in our building.

Even though it took crews over a day to clear the area, the stench from smoke became unbearable.  While the building was deemed safe enough for all of us to return, it was obvious that remaining in our office was not going to be an option.

We had to have everything cleaned while we temporarily relocated to another building.  When I say everything, I mean every possible thing:  furniture and chairs where put in zero-oxygen chambers, files were restored, carpets and ceiling tiles were replaced, cubicle walls were stripped down and re-fabriced, walls were washed, fumigated and repainted.  You name it, it was done.

It took us three months to go back to our building.  It took us at least two more months to get settled.  To this day, I still have paintings I need to hang in my office.

All of this from just smoke and no open flames.

It made me realize all the damage Satan continues to cause this side of the Rapture before the real fires start in the Tribulation.  We’re seeing all of the prophetic sparks being kindled before our very eyes; yet we’re not unscathed by all the smoke choking us out before the fires fully burn.

We are not unaffected by the tumultuous economy, the overwhelming thefts and murders on the nightly news, unrest in the Middle East, the sexual immorality rampant in our society, or everyday life as the cares of this World try to swallow us whole.

Before the blaze consumes us, Jesus will be sounding His own alarm to evacuate His precious building (the Church).

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”  Luke 21:28

Note to the fellowship:

My fellow Omega Letter Family, thank you for all of your prayers while I was down with pain.  Even after my surgery last March, I continued to deteriorate into excruciating pain.  I had to have a second surgery in December of 2011 as I could hardly move.

Praise Jesus, the last surgery worked.  The surgeon was a different one from the previous one.  He removed more significant internal adhesions.  Plus, he removed my appendix as it was incased in the scar tissue.  Also, my intestines were descended as well as coiled/kinked.  He was able to repair them, and I feel great!

What a difference!   I’m so grateful to our Lord for blessing me with His healing and this gifted surgeon.

While I could have slipped this into the article, I felt moved to personally thank you for your love and support.  Your prayers were felt and I am grateful to be up and around again.  Please continue to pray that my healing will be fruitful to our King.

Your Servant, Becky

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