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Inner Ear Insanity
Prophecy - Signs
Saturday, March 17, 2012
Rebecca Droeger

It has been a rough winter despite the unseasonably warm weather here in Indiana.  For over a month now, I’ve been suffering through sinus issues.  First came the headaches, then the congestion, then the sinus infection.

After a round of antibiotics, it ultimately culminated into an inner-ear infection; of which, I am still suffering from the symptoms to this day.  The dizziness, nausea, weakness and overall puniness have really taken its toll.  To say that I feel rotten would be an improvement.

While I count our blessings that the devastating storms that tore through the Midwest skipped over our area, witnessing the destruction that hit in other parts of the state and other portions of the Midwest have definitely made the recovery process seem like an eternity.

During the worst of the inner-ear infection symptoms, I sat, paralyzed on my bed, unable to move; even enough to turn the TV station for fear of getting sick.  The remote was within reach of my hand, but I literally could not budge.  I was watching the news, then a talk show came on.

Unable to react, I knew I had to suffer through it, or become ill.  I’m not sure which was worse, the fact that I actually had to sit through the show, or that I eventually became ill anyway.  I think sitting through the show wound up being the worst.

Seeing what passes off as entertainment these days really gives one pause to think.  Is this really what we have become?  People actually enjoy watching other people’s dirty laundry and pain being aired enough to give it a television slot?  It really reminded me of the downfall of Rome and how the Republic tried to keep the masses happy with free “bread and circuses.” 

Roman citizens would watch gladiator tournaments, prisoners thrown to various wild beasts (usually Christians), and other debauchery as a form of entertainment.   All while the Republic was being spent to oblivion, the masses were happy and ignorant as long as they could enjoy their shows.

Today, we have the same thing going on with shows like these; only the West shouldn’t be just concerned about the fall of the Nation.  No, they should be worried about their very souls.   I’m not even just talking about eternal salvation; I actually think they need to worry about losing their souls here and now.

What had me so mortified on these shows wasn’t even as bad as I’ve seen on some of the advertisements of shows just like the one I was tortured with.  Sure, it was scandalous; but by today’s standards, it is becoming the norm and probably not all that shocking for the crowds that normally choose to watch it.

The show was about DNA tests for teenage boys accused of fathering babies by teenage girls.  Sure, you think it’s the classic story:  a girl falls in love, gets talked into sexual relations with a boy, gets pregnant, then the boy bails on her saying “it’s not mine.”

No, not nowadays.  Many of the boys on there were found not to be the father.  So, not only does it mean that these young kids are becoming sexually active; it means that they’re promiscuous too.

Like I said, it seems so cliché to be talking about this as if it’s shocking anymore that these things are happening.  Sadly, it’s becoming so common that I probably sound like I’m a prude; or that I’ve been living in a closet for the past couple of decades.

To make matters worse, I get that teenagers have uncontrollable hormones.  I was one once myself.  I know what it was like.  And, to make matters worse, it doesn’t mean you necessarily grow out of it when you’re an adult.

Regrettably, the family unit is growing further and further apart and now these teens find themselves without the guidance and discipline they need to prevent being put in a situation where they could go too far.

If they don’t have the family unit to help prevent the situation, they definitely don’t have the support they need after they have the child.

Sure, in centuries past, it was not uncommon for teenagers to get married.  In medieval and ancient times, as soon as a girl had her first menstrual cycle, she could be wed.  Then again, they were actually given in marriage, the life expectancy was not as long, nor was the chances that either the girl or the baby would survive at such a young age.

But, if the mother and child survived the first birth; since the teenagers were married, they most likely had a whole family to help support them.   The young mother was not expected to go it alone.  She often had her female siblings, aunts, and cousins to help with an infant.  It was a community effort, not one expected to be accomplished in a vacuum.

What kind of community helps the mother now?  Financially, it’s the taxpayer dollars through government programs if there is no family support.  Spiritually is a far worse picture if left up to pop culture.  What hope does daytime talk shows and reality TV offer other than a few minutes of pseudo fame?

The future does not seem so bright when looking through the lenses of the world’s glasses.

So, here’s to praying you don’t have to suffer through inner ear insanity in the future!  Take comfort in knowing that your Savior meant more for you than this, and that our Salvation is with Him.

Lord willing, we’ll be with Him soon in the clouds.  It shouldn’t be too long now, judging by what passes off as entertainment these days.


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