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Saturday, April 14, 2012
Rebecca Droeger

We all have them.  Some of us have ones that are not as societally taboo as others, but we all have them.  Whether it’s caffeine, chocolate, nicotine, food, soap operas, alcohol, pain killers, illegal drugs, sex, pornography, certain TV series or reality shows, exercise, sports, or even something as mundane as a particular video game, we have at least one we can name.  Addictions.

Humans, by nature, are addictive creatures.  When studying Biopsychology in college as one of my electives, I found it fascinating how the brain reacts to certain chemicals and stimuli.  The professor was particularly qualified in this field of study due to her multiple years of research.  For some reason, I retained a lot of the information from that class and exceled at the course.  I even considered changing my major as a result.

In a nutshell, humans desire pleasant sensations.  We enjoy doing things that provide us gratification.  Obviously, it doesn’t take a Bio-psychologist to figure that one out.  Just being human gives you an inkling on that concept.

Biopsychology helps you figure out the “why” behind how the brain reacts to pleasure inducing receptors.  It breaks down the chemical components of an addiction and helps identify mechanisms to cope or “cure” the addiction. 

Of course, a lot of the “cures” involve working with drug companies to help curb the addictions.  Mind you, Bio-psychology also works on other psychological issues such as depression, bi-polar disorder and other conditions; but we’re focusing on the addictive side of the field.  Additional information can be obtained through various web sources like this one.

One lecture really stood out to me and it was regarding the lengths that we go to fulfill our pleasure sensations.  The professor used the example of cocaine addicts.  Apparently, cocaine is one of the most highly, psychologically addictive drugs currently known to mankind.

Most people who become cocaine addicts have preferred patterns, surroundings, and friends when using the drug.  They consistently seek the repeated feeling of the kind of high that gives them complete bliss.

In this process, they’ll begin take a certain amount of the drug where their body becomes physiologically adapted at a certain level.  However, if they are out of the environment and pattern; say, in a hotel like some celebrities we have heard of; they’ll take that same amount cocaine, but they’ll overdose because their psychological pattern wasn’t followed.

In rehab, cocaine addicts often have to move to a different home, disassociate with their friends that still use the drug, and change a great deal of their previous daily routine to avoid a relapse.  In fact, couples who have cocaine addictions often split up or have to go through rehab together in order for it to be successful.

Basically, cocaine addicts have to change their entire lives if they want to quit using it.  This meant that their whole lives revolved around when, where, how and with who they would do the drug. 

At the time, I marveled at how that could happen.  I never really got it until I became addicted to painkillers.

While I was dealing with my female problems, I had to take narcotic prescription painkillers to help ease the pain.  The pain was so intense that all I could do was live in agony and wait for that next dose so I could curb it for maybe a little while to function. 

The pain was so bad, I could barely function enough to do my job; and many days, I couldn’t even do that.  I would lay in the fetal position and work from home just so I could make sure my work was getting done.

When I was able to go into the office, I could hardly walk; and when the day was over, I would go home, eat dinner, and go to bed.

What wound up happening is that the condition grew worse, and I had to continue to take more and more pain pills just to cope (and that didn’t always work).  Sadly, I would take a pill and still be in so much pain that I couldn’t remember if I took a pill or not.  I had to keep track of it for fear of overdosing.

It sure helped me understand how people can overdose on this type of medication after that ordeal.

After months, procedures, tests and surgeries, we finally received answers.  Praise Jesus the last surgery did the trick.  With many prayers and God’s divine intervention, I was able to get my life back.

My life had devolved into mostly staying at home, not associating with many people, and wondering when I could take my next pill to get some relief.

Now, I realize that it was not an addiction as if I were trying to seek a certain “high.”  But my body became addicted to the drug none-the-less.  My doctor’s office often times would not call in the prescription until I was out of it for over a day; even when I called in plenty of advanced time.  So, I would go through horrible pain and the withdrawal of the medication.  It was awful.  I know I must have looked like a crazed lunatic; and it was humiliating to have to keep pestering the doctor as if you were some kind of drug abuser off the street wanting a fix.

If it weren’t for the power of prayer through our Savior, Jesus Christ, I know I would still be in misery.  Scoffers might say that it was the 3rd surgery that finally worked; but with internal adhesions, it can be so tricky.  Even the doctor that did the last surgery wanted to make sure I knew that since they’re like scars on the skin; they can come back and still cause problems. 

Scars on your skin hook the skin back together.  Scars in your body can heal by hooking things together that shouldn’t be fused.

At any rate, I suppose there would be no real way to prove to scoffers that it was the power of Christ that healed me; but God endowed that surgeon with the gift to heal, so He had a hand in it.

Stay tuned next week for how all of this plays out for End Times Prophecy.

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