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Propheticus Maximus
Prophecy - Signs
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Pete Garcia

''And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.'' (Luke 21:25-26 NKJV)

Many have raised the question as to whether the United States has a role to play in end-times Bible prophecy.  Some like to attribute the Babylon mentioned in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Revelation as a last days nod to the US.  I would suggest that we aren’t the Babylon, and furthermore that the Scriptures remain relatively silent as to our role.  In a way, the Bible can be viewed as a Will to the nations.Here is what God promises is coming you’re way at the appropriate time.

Considering that nations like Russia, China, Israel, and Europe have roles to play (good or bad) and they are predominantly not Christian seems very foreboding for a nation that is predominantly Christian (at least perception wise).  Either the US is not there, or has become a non-factor in the global scene.

Currently, our nation sits atop of the global hierarchy when it comes to military superiority.  Hypothetically, if we were to unleash our nation’s full military might, we could turn the civilized world into ashes in mere days and weeks.  Our military strength does not lie in our vast numbers of fighting men, nor in our extreme idealistic patriotism, but in our superior technology. But our technology is largely based on electronic systems, which will also prove to be our Achilles heel.  Ours is reliant upon a system of systems to properly feed information and energy to itself.  If one part of the system were to go down, it exposes huge gaps in our national armor in which an enemy could easily exploit.

For instance, our reliance upon satellites puts a whole bunch of strategic eggs in one basket…the eggs being the Internet, communications, weather, and navigational Solar Flarecapabilities.  As we are in the window of the Solar Maximum, there is a pretty good chance we will have strong solar activity for the next few years.  Never in the history of mankind have a people been so utterly vulnerable to the impact of what the sun could do.  Were the US to have a direct hit from an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from either a solar storm or enemy nuclear strike in our atmosphere, we would be rendered helpless rather quickly.  A powerful solar storm wouldn’t even have to penetrate our atmosphere; it need only hit our satellites orbiting the earth.  Imagine an X-Class Solar flare hitting us at just the right time and position, and our satellite systems would be fried.  If you’ve ever lost electronic equipment due to a lightning strike, you know the damage that can be done.

Currently, our world is shielded by a magnetic field that filters out the harmful ultra-violet rays, and allows the good rays to enter our atmosphere.  If a large enough Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) were to hit the earth head-on (which it will one day) destroying that magnetic field, then any subsequent flares would continue to have disastrous effects.  Good-bye pretty northern lights…hello heat waves of unimaginable proportions.

"I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood. And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place."  (Revelation 6:12-14)

"Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory."  (Revelation 16:8-9)

Were our nations Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) be destroyed in a Solar flare event, it would severely restrict our ability to maneuver drones, missiles, ships, and aircraft globally.  Civilian air travel would come to a screeching halt and internet based Smart Power grids would be blacked out in cities around the US.  Panic would not only rock the streets, but Wall Street as well.  Law and order would quickly erode into survival of the fittest.  If the Western Hemisphere were facing the sun when a solar flare hits, it could fry our systems while theoretically leaving the Eastern Hemisphere intact. 

Granted, the military has taken this possibility into account, but we as a whole don’t have the budget to outfit our entire forces for such protective measures.  Maybe this is why the US is preemptively fixing laws that do away with Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus.  It would also explain why the NSA is building a massive information collection hub in Utah.

Secondly, this is only one of many plausible scenarios that could potentially render the US a neutral player.  A Stuxnet type of virus could also infect whole systems and for all we know, may already be in place in some kind of dormant status, waiting on the right time to blossom.  All that said, we don’t have the political, moral, or national will any longer to stand united as a nation if something catastrophic enough were to take aim at the United States.  Do we think we are the same people as the ‘Greatest Generation’? From what we know of nations like China or Russia, would they come to our aid, or will they come to plunder a nation in collapse?  I’m fairly certain that there is much our government does not tell us, for fear of that if people knew the truth, there would be an uncontrollable descent into panic.

But consider this, what better way to consolidate power than to allow a catastrophic event to happen.  If 9/11 hadn’t happened, would we have had the Patriot Act and a very robust Homeland Defense Department?  In fact, the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 came about after the 1991 World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings.  Whether they were necessary or effective is never measured, it is the semblance of control that our government is attempting to convey every time a significant terrorist event occurs.  The government uses those events as a legitimate reason to increases its control over its citizenry.  It is just a fact of life these days; increased security always comes at the expense of our liberty.

I understand that a Solar Flare is quite different than say computer hackers hacking into the Pentagon’s database or something, or a rogue regime launching a nuke from a boat in the middle of the Pacific that detonates over our airspace.  Any of these scenarios seem implausible, but only because they haven’t happened yet.  Who would have thought that Muslims with box cutters could hijack planes and fly them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and almost into the White House?  9/11 showed us that we are not invulnerable.  Our enemies know militarily that they can’t go toe to toe with us, so they are going to find a back door and exploit it with a vengeance.

Likewise, our continued national rebellion against God through things like legalized abortion, normalization of homosexuality, growing apostasy in the churches, embracing wickedness nationally, and our abandonment of Israel will surely keep God’s protective hand from over our nation.  With that protection gone, God will remove His blessings from our lands and allow us to reap the consequences of our decisions.

Throughout history, we can see that out of chaos, comes bondage.  As our nation continues to come under increasingly severe judgments (socially, naturally, economically, and militarily), our system that is ever so delicately balanced on the presumption that our rights are granted by God, and not man…will begin to come apart.  As it does, law and order will break down.  The questions experts are asking is not if it will, but when and how.  Will it be suddenly through a catastrophic event?  Or will we drift into collapse?  When we do, someone will be there to pick up the pieces and seize control.   Whether our collapse comes from mankind, or from God Himself, our days have been numbered, and we have been found wanting.  We know from Scriptures that a man will rise up in the end from the area of the old Roman Empire, and he will take control of the whole world.  That control includes the USA (or what’s left of it)

As for the Church, we know that the Lord will return prior to the start of the Tribulation when He pours out His wrath upon the earth and those that dwell on it.  What we don’t know is how bad it will be prior to this.  Some point to Luke 17 and the reference Jesus points too (the days of Noah and Lot) would be similar to when He would return.  Those people were not under judgment, but were living as if there was no God.  Others point to the increase in wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, and general degradation of society as found in Matthew 24 and see that things will continue to wax worse.

I think maybe it’s a little of both, that there will be places on earth that will experience terrible calamities (both man made and natural).  Similarly, there will be places that aren’t experiencing it, and will live as if there were no God or nothing to fear beyond this life.  We as believers shouldn’t spend our days in fear of what is coming upon the earth, nor spend our time perplexed and anxious about all the doomsday scenarios that play 24/7 on cable TV and shoddy websites.  For our Lord Jesus Christ Himself comforts us with these words as He is describing what will be the signs of His coming and the end of the age: 

"Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near."  (Luke 21:27-28 NKJV)

Even So…Maranatha!

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