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That Wretched Zionism
Israel - Middle East
Friday, June 08, 2012
Alf Cengia

I just want to finally come right out and say it - I’m in a loving, 'gay' marriage.

There, I’ve said it!

My wife is a wonderful woman and I’m a very lucky man....and we’re very happy.  It was about time I publicly acknowledged that fact.

Isn’t it strange how words which originally meant one thing get hijacked over time and end up meaning something entirely unrelated?  Awful meant “full of awe” and has been used in religious connotations in times past.  Now it can accurately describe the way I dress on a good day.

You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?  The title gave it away.

But before we get into the folly of Zionism, we should understand that the world is slowly heading towards that Globalism mindset.  Strong nationalism isn’t chic anymore and hasn’t been for decades.  It isn’t cool to love your country over and above the others.  Any strong patriotism is suspect – “Loving your country a little too much means that you’re probably a racist or a religious nutcase.”

Liberals will undoubtedly cry foul and claim that the conservatives have hijacked the word.  Or perhaps, “It was all Bush’s fault.”  Strong patriotism wasn’t “in” in Australia among my friends who were the sons and daughters of immigrants.  We had that same inclination subtly foisted onto us by some of our Australian-born teachers and news media.

During one CNN interview, comedian Jim Carrey assured us that you could feel the difference in the world’s attitude towards America the day after Senator Obama was elected President.  I wonder if the honeymoon is over.  One American comedian confided on an Australian radio show that he was surprised at the anti-American sentiment he saw in Oz during his tour.  If he attributed that to the Bush legacy he’d be wrong.

Many Australians were anti-American long before Bush came along.  It stems back for as long as I can remember and has less to do with America’s policies and more with human nature.

Today, “Zionism” has undergone a worse definitional restructuring than “patriotism” has.  Melanie Phillips notes that it has become a dirty word in Britain and the west.” She writes:

“For many in these societies, Zionism has now become equated with racism. This group libel, once regarded with revulsion by decent people when the Soviet-Arab axis got the UN to endorse it in 1975, has now become the prism through which the BBC, academia, the artistic and theatrical world and much of the rest of the cultural establishment now frame all references to Israel.”

In “With Flowers From Israel – An Intimate History of Zionism” Jakob Rosenthal wrote his personal memoir of Zionist history.  A Ph.D. in Modern European History and a newspaper correspondent, he attended 7 of the 22 World Zionist Congresses between 1920 and 1946.  His account rings with the hope and aspiration of the Jews for their own homeland after centuries of dispossession and persecution in Europe.

On page 197, he recalls Golda Meyerson-Meir’s tearful speech immediately following the approval of the Jewish state.  He notes her extended hand of peace and friendship to the Arabs in Palestine and to the neighboring Arab States:

“You have fought your battle against us in the United Nations. The United Nations – the majority of countries in the world - have had their say. The partition plan is a compromise; not what you wanted, not what we wanted. But let us now live in friendship and peace together.” ~ Golda Meir

Meir addressed the Jews in the displaced camps in Germany, Austria and Italy, “The end of your sufferings has come; together with us you shall live in a free Jewish state. Together soon, we shall elect the first Jewish Parliament.” Some hours later the Arabs began their “unofficial” war against the Jews.  Six Jews lay dead after a bomb was thrown at a Jewish bus on a highway between Tel Aviv and Haifa (p 199).  And the rest is history.

After Israel’s dramatic rebirth, the world gradually got over the shame of the Holocaust.  If the word “Jew” had distasteful connotations imposed on it through history; likewise Zion and Zionism quickly followed suite.  Suddenly, the Zionist state became a mistake.  Zionism morphed into a pariah and its Christian supporters given various derogatory labels - even by self-described Christians – while some media published distorted versions of news events covering Israel.

A prime example of this was the Jenin fiasco – sometimes labeled “Jeningrad” by British media who zealously drew comparisons to the Siege of Leningrad.  Tom Gross wrote three chapters of the account under the section One Lie in “Those Who Forget The Past”.

It was the massacre that never was.

Jenin was a fabrication built upon lies that grew out of all proportions and gave an opportunistic outlet for hatred to be vented by those inclined to hate the Zionist cause. Tom Paulin was noted by Gross as declaring that the U.S. born Jews who live on the west bank of the river Jordan should be “shot dead” (p 141).

Moreover, the incessant misrepresentation of Zionism and Israel by secular and clerical academics feeds hatred and violence.  FrontPageMag notes:

“The flow of raw hate speech against Jews from Cairo and Tehran and other Arab and Muslim capitals is not to be underestimated, but the willingness of European intellectuals to lend their support to the demonization of the Jewish state has given these sentiments a patina of undeserved legitimacy.”

And this:

“Under a thin veneer of “anti-Zionism” or “anti-Israelism,” homegrown European anti-Semitism has returned in full force as the Jewish state is singled out for boycotts and obsessive vituperation.”

Yet the origins of Zionism are firmly entrenched in the in Law and the prophets where Zion is mentioned no less than 156 times.  It is used as a synonym for Jerusalem (624 times).  The Old Testament is saturated with “Zionism”.  It is inexorably linked to a specific location; a particular people and iron-clad promises made by the God of the Bible to that same people and land.

Zionism is rightfully embedded in the psyche of the observing Jew.  Jakob Rosenthal gives Psalm 137:5 as just one example of Scripture that prompted Theodor Herzl to finally reject the “temporary” Ugandan offer (p 31):

“If I forget you, O Jerusalem, May my right hand forget her skill.”

Supercessionist Christian academics routinely attempt to cite clauses and/or excuses to nullify a current or future Jewish state.  I think I’ve heard them all.  Their main point is Israel’s rejection of the Messiah.  Following that they focus on its alleged treatment of the Palestinians.

The Christian Zionist should properly note that Israel is far from infallible in its secular and spiritual aspects.  The same is true of all nations.

However, they would also point out to their anti-Zionist brothers and sisters that Scripture makes incontrovertible promises to Israel – that they would be forgiven despite what they’d done; that they’d be returned to their homeland in unbelief where they’d be given a new heart under a new covenant; never be removed from that land again. (Jer 31:31-37; Ezek 20:33-38, 36:25-28 and Amos 9:14-15)

Attempts to find a way out from the above are doomed.  If God can renege on promises to a sinful Israel then how might that affect the sinful Christian?  It’s a question of God’s faithfulness.

Finally, the ultimate Zionist is God Himself.  He has clearly declared His intentions.  I’d hazard a guess that those who object and insist on their new definition of Zionism will one day have the opportunity to take it up with Him personally.

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