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The Butcher of Baghdad
Commentary on the News
Friday, July 27, 2012
J. L. Robb

It’s not uncommon to hear ''failed Iraqi policy'' and ''George W. Bush'' in the same sentence. ''That was a war he never should’ve got us in!''  Or maybe this one: ''He’s a war monger!''  Sound familiar?

So when does a nation go to war?  When does a country reach a point that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of their own children and husbands and wives?  What is the point of no return?  Didn’t Jesus himself say to love your enemy?

I have friends who don’t believe in war under any conditions; and if you’ve ever served during war, you can certainly understand the logic.  They tell me that they don’t want to kill other “Christians.”  Of course, in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, they wouldn’t be shooting at “Christians,” just those who want to kill Christians, and Jews; and each other for that matter.  They also want to rule the world for Allah, their version of the Abrahamic God, who was also the Moon god, pre-600 AD.

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.” - Albert Einstein

Last week, July 20, 2012 The New York Times, SKY and other news sources proclaimed the news of Syrians fleeing for their lives.  A young lady describes the terror.

“Sometimes you feel that the bombs are very close, other times that they are far away,” said Sarah, 19, crammed into the back seat of a white sedan with her mother and two sisters at this Lebanese border crossing, where the United Nations said about 18,000 Syrians fleeing the fighting crossed in the past 48 hours. “You don’t know what is happening. People are so scared that they all departed; there is no one left in our building.” - The New York Times, July 20, 2012

So how bad does it have to get before we decide to “love our enemies” and help these poor people out?  Some would say that Syria is our enemy, but in the world of enemies, there are the bad ones and the good ones.  There is the good bad enemy and the bad bad enemy.

Hitler was a bad bad enemy, and look how long we waited to go help the Germans and the Jews.  There were plenty of “good” Germans, like Schindler; but the World restrained and had meetings.

It appears at this point in time that if the United States doesn’t “do it” then no one will.  Europe has its own turmoil; and it’s difficult to fight a war when you’re broke, no matter how just the cause.

Three years ago we (the U.S.) had the opportunity to liberate Iran from the loony Mullas who think Jesus was a Muslim, even though Islam didn’t “begin” until 600 years after Jesus’ execution and resurrection.  Tell the people a lie long enough, and they will believe it.  And of course, lying is a-ok if it furthers the Quranic cause.  There are many Iranians, some actually pro-American, who wish to live without the “morality police” making sure women are properly covered, so not as to invite rape from the uncontrollable Muslim men and their apparent lust.

Iran just passed a law that allows grown men to marry 9 year old girls.  Now does that sound Jesussy to anyone?  Does that sound like something God would say?  I can hear it now: “All right all you 50 year olds, it’s open season on the 9 year old girls!?”  This from the “morality police.”  There is precedent however, since Muhammad’s last wife was only 6 years old when he “married” her.

'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old. - Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3310:

Hmmmm. Don’t think that’s a WWJD moment.

Was George W. Bush wrong to take the fight to Iraq?  I mean, President Clinton did have the Navy launch 23 Tomahawk Cruise missiles at Iraqi intelligence facilities long before Bush took office.  The missiles were launched in retaliation for a Saddam Hussein plot to assassinate George H.W. Bush.  In many countries, trying to assassinate a ruler, or previous ruler, is a cause for war.

Three weeks after entering Iraq, the United States military had accomplished the first mission of the war: Remove the ruthless rulers and destroy the military.  Bush was heavily criticized for the “Mission Accomplished” sign hanging on the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier; and had he had a good marketing department instead of apologists, they could have informed the nation that a war has many missions.  This one was accomplished.

Then there were all the UN demands that Saddam Hussein laughed off, so the UN had more meetings.  The lens of history will show Bush in a more positive light once the shrill rhetoric from the left becomes mute, and it will when all the facts come out in the years ahead.

The other night on National Geographic Channel, a program captured my attention.  It was about Saddam Hussein’s Reign of Terror.  There was a good reason that Saddam was called the Butcher of Baghdad.  Maybe if you watch this first segment (there are 6 segments), you will find it insightful: When do we decide to help our “good” enemies?

Butcher of Baghdad   (For mature eyes only)

I have included links to the other segments at the end.  As I watched this entire show, I couldn’t help but think of others who are not being helped.  When Jesus said to love our neighbors, did he only mean our next door neighbor?  Wasn’t there a story about a good Samaritan?

We didn’t help the Tutsis in Rwanda.  We didn’t help the people of Darfur.  We didn’t help the Iranians or the Syrians.  Or the Sudanese.

Bush said we would go into Iraq and Afghanistan and change them for the better, we would “win their hearts and minds.”  Now, that was a bold statement, that we would win the hearts and minds of our sworn enemies, an enemy who has been brainwashed for nearly 1400 years.

When installing a democracy, it is important to remember that the United States is not a democracy but is instead, a republic.  In a democracy, majority rules.  Take the case of the Arab Spring, so heavily promoted by the West.  We encourage them to democratize; and when they do, they vote in people most of us consider to be terrorists?  Like Hamas in Palestine and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In late 2002 I read an article out of Israel.  The Mossad was saying that Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction were being taken from Iraq to Lebanon’s BeKaa Valley along the Syrian border.  Then, nothing more was said; and you can’t even find the article anymore.

Three years later, Saddam Hussein’s #2 man, Vice Air Marshall General Georges Sada, had this to say, from the New York Sun:

The Iraqi general, Georges Sada, makes the charges in a new book, "Saddam's Secrets," released this week.  He detailed the transfers in an interview yesterday with The New York Sun.

"There are weapons of mass destruction gone out from Iraq to Syria, and they must be found and returned to safe hands," Mr. Sada said. "I am confident they were taken over."

Mr. Sada's comments come just more than a month after Israel's top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Moshe Yaalon, told the Sun that Saddam "transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria."

Luvly!  Just last week it was reported that Syria was bringing out the WMD, chemical and biological weapons.  They are described as some of the largest supplies of WMD in the world.  Gee, wonder how that happened right under our eyes? Do you think it’s possible that Syria has Saddam’s?

While so many were criticizing Bush for accomplishing the first mission, or not finding WMD; maybe they should have read more news rather than watching Entertainment Tonight.

So how bad does it have to get before we, the U.S., get involved since no one else will?  Does anyone at the major news networks think it a bit odd that there is the largest naval build up in the Middle East in recent history, maybe ever?  Russia has warships in Syrian ports.  Has that ever happened?  We need someone to let our President know, he seems to be a little weak in foreign policy, that Russia and China aren’t scared of us anymore.

Then there arises another troubling question: If we help the good bad enemy to win the Syrian battle, what will we then have?  Something bette, or worse?  Who knows in the crazy world of jihad?

And the beat goes on, as well as the beating.

I hope you will watch this series about Saddam Hussein and his terror.  It’s gut wrenching and terrifying; but it’s not Shakespearean tragedy, it’s reality.

“The great day of the Lord is near- near and coming quickly. The cry on the day of the Lord is bitter; the Mighty Warrior shouts his battle cry.” (Zephaniah 1:14 NIV)

Butcher of Baghdad Part 2 

Butcher of Baghdad Part 3    

Butcher of Baghdad Part 4  

Butcher of Baghdad Part 5

Butcher of Baghdad Part 6

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