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Friday, September 21, 2018   5:24:02 AM  
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Al Gore and Hurricane Sandy: At Least Hes Not Blaming God
Perspective on the News
Friday, November 02, 2012
J.L. Robb

As Hurricane Sandy rushed ashore this week, devastating the Northeast and New Jersey in particular, self-proclaimed environmental science guru, former Vice President Al Gore, blamed the storm on us, we the people.  The cause of the historic storm was global warming, ''man-made'' global warming that is.

Al described Hurricane Sandy as a “disturbing sign of things to come” if the world doesn’t quit producing “dirty energy.”  He went on to state,

“Sandy was also affected by other symptoms of the climate crisis. As the hurricane approached the East Coast, it gathered strength from abnormally warm coastal waters. At the same time, Sandy’s storm surge was worsened by a century of sea level rise. Scientists tell us that if we do not reduce our emissions, these problems will only grow worse.”

The key words here are “our emissions.”   Not the emissions of the massive forest fires around the world that heap much more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere each year than all mankind; not volcanic eruptions that heap sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere in a greater magnitude than mankind; not the emissions of greenhouse gases that result from methane deposits and animal flatulence (farts).  It is purely because of mankind.  And the water was not “abnormally warm.”

Environmental guru Bloomberg of New York had this to say:

“What’s clear is that the storms that we’ve experienced in the last year or so around this country and around the world are much more severe than before. Whether that’s global warming or what, I don’t know. But we’ll have to address those issues.”

N.Y. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo quipped that New Yorkers “have a 100-year flood every two years now,” and suggested the state could look into the construction of levees to prevent future flooding.  It would take some massive levees to protect the entire northeastern coast.  We would have to print a lot more money for that “shovel-ready” project.

Al Gore has made an estimated $100,000,000 from his climate-crisis push, but how in the world did he become such a learned scientist?  He didn’t.  Actually he earned a BA degree in Government, and he graduated from Harvard with a 2.2 grade-point average, a low C.  After serving a 5-month stint as a journalist in Vietnam, he attended Vanderbilt University in an attempt at earning a law degree.  He left Vanderbilt without a law degree to run for the 3rd District’s open seat in Congress in 1976.

The blame game however is not reserved for just Al Gore.  We have Muslim clerics blaming the sins of the United States for God’s Divine punishment via Hurricane Sandy , but Christian ministers are doing the same because of America’s embrace of homosexuality.  The same thing happened with Hurricane Katrina when Muslim clerics joined Pat Robertson in blaming sinners for all God’s storms and earthquakes.  The Haiti earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people was because of Haiti’s Voodoo community, according to Robertson.

In 2004, Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation suffered the worst tsunami in recorded history with more than 240,000 deaths.  Religious communities around the world blamed sin and God’s Wrath for the punishment of the population.

Why do we do that?  Why are we so eager to blame God’s Wrath when every disaster happens?  Isn’t it possible that it’s just “stuff” happening?  Do we, believers, believe that God causes every calamity?  He didn’t cause the calamities of Job.

Are Connecticut, New Hersey, Delaware and New York the Sodom and Gomorrah’s of today’s world?  Wouldn’t Las Vegas and Key West qualify at least as much for God’s Wrath?  How about San Francisco and Bangkok?

Last week I “unfriended” a facebook “friend” because of his Christian-based judgmentalism, my first unfriending.  The gentleman posted an interview of Internet evangelist Bill Keller condemning Billy Graham for his support of Romney, a “Satan-worshipper” who would certainly go to hell.  I commented on the post that it was interesting to me how quickly fellow Christians condemned others to “hell.”  The gentleman sent me a private message that said he deleted my comment and “this is a warning, the only one you will receive,” or I would be “unfriended.”  Well, I do have a small temper, just a little; so I beat him to the punch.

God certainly uses Mother Nature to make His point; but it seems to me that what He destroys, we (mankind) don’t rebuild, ie Sodom and Gomorrah.  The wrath He bestowed on ancient Egypt did not destroy the country, though they certainly did have a bad day.  The tornados that tore through Alabama last year that killed so many Bible-belters weren’t God-sent, at least in my feeble mind.  Sometimes stuff happens.

So back to global warming and who is causing it?  In this case, I think God is the cause of global warming because Revelation says that in the last days it will get hotter, and it is.

“The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire." (Revelation 16:8 NIV)

Last week I read an article that stated global warming hadn’t occurred the last 16 years.  Yet other reports state differently.  I have studied weather/temperature data since 1979 because of my business, and it’s getting warmer, little-by-little; but flatulence and man-made pollutants aren’t the cause.  Eighteen thousand years ago most of the planet was covered with ice according to those in the know.  It’s not anymore.  The ice has been melting for thousands of years; and it has not been caused by air conditioners, Humvees or coal-fired power plants.  The polar ice caps on Mars are also melting.  Not sure what the Martians drive, but I’m almost sure they don’t need air conditioning.

As Gore and other self-proclaimed environmentalists blame us for the unprecedented storm to hit the Northeast, I wonder if they forgot the September 21, 1938 hurricane, estimated as a category 4 with 120 mph winds that hit Fenwick, Connecticut and nearly killed Katharine Hepburn.  Nearly 700 died in that one.  Was that man-made?

What about the Great Colonial Hurricane August 25, 1635 that killed 46 people, possibly a category 4 or 5?

There are many more.

I can’t really blame Al for wanting to make all that money, but he must remember the “coming ice age” reported in TIME Magazine in the 70’s and all the federal grants given to colleges at the time to study the coming disaster.  And then there was the Little Ice Age that lasted about 350 years, and George Washington’s soldiers were freezing to death while on watch.

As the climate continues the natural process of heating up, it is certainly feasible that storms will worsen. Anyone who has ever had a chemistry lab knows that if you want to make something happen more quickly and violently, you just heat it up.  But Mr. Gore, we are not making it happen, any more than we made it happen in 1938 or 1635.  And the Martians are not making it happen on Mars.

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