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Abortion and Rape Victims
Commentary on the News
Saturday, November 03, 2012
Rebecca Droeger

A couple of weeks ago, Indiana US Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (R) made national headlines for his position on abortion and victims of rape.  When asked during a debate for  the Senate chair, he stated: ''I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God,  And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.''

The Democratic Party and mainstream media had a field day with his comments and even twisted it to sound like rape is something “God intended to happen.”

The following day, Mourdock defended his position and clarified his comments expressing regret for the way he phrased it.

Honestly, I was not thrilled about his candidacy prior to the debate.  I thought to myself “well, he’s certainly not someone I would pick to run for the Republican party.”  However, compared to career politician Richard Lugar, I felt that Indiana needed someone else to represent the Republican Party.

Originally, I only intended to vote for him because I knew that a Democratic candidate would just vote with his own party on matters I knew were not good for the country.  Indiana thought they could trust Democrat Even Bayh until he threw us under the bus with the Health Care Law.

Now that Mourdock made the statement about abortion and stuck by it, I feel a lot better that I will be voting for him come election time.

That statement may sound horrible to some of my friends that hold a different view on abortion.  It could even cost me some friendships if they read this article.

It was only 10 years ago that I may have somewhat agreed with them.  10 years ago, I hadn’t become pregnant with Nicole; and to me, life did not begin until a baby had a heartbeat. 

Believe me, a friend of mine and I had quite a few disagreements about abortion in regards to life where we had in-depth conversations about it all the time.  She was staunch pro-life at conception, where I was pro-life up to the time the baby had a heartbeat.  I was always of the position that I could never have an abortion, but I couldn’t make the decision for someone who had been raped or whose life was in danger.

So, at the time, I deduced that laws needed to be changed, but that laws to make abortion illegal were too difficult to establish since no one could agree when life began.

Over time, and after greater study of God’s Word, my mind changed to believe life begins at conception.  This was a case of true repentance as God transformed my view about life itself.

After carrying life inside your body, and feeling the miracle grow inside you (even when it makes you deathly ill and miserable) is such a remarkable experience.  It is so hard to relate to the person I was in that regard because my mind changed so completely about how precious life is.  I thought to myself “how could anyone want to destroy something so precious?”

So, while rape is a detestable, horrible tragedy; if life springs from it, I do not think it should be destroyed.  Two wrongs do not make a right.  Killing an innocent victim of a crime is not the answer.

Other options exist.  For instance, the highly debatable “morning after pill,” could be a potential solution.

Known widely as the “Plan B” option, the morning after pill is a series of pills that adjust female hormones in the body to trick it into thinking it’s pregnant.  Since sperm take a while to travel up to the egg (typically three days), the morning after pill acts similar to most birth control pills because it makes the egg produce chemicals that tell the sperm it’s already “fertilized.”

This emergency contraception is already available over-the-counter and does not need a doctor’s or parent’s consent (much like condoms).

Right now, many pro-life groups oppose this method of contraception because the FDA has not approved wording that states that it may prevent implantation.  This means that it has not been proven yet that the morning after pill prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus; which could be viewed as abortion. 

I say, it is well worth it to find out because how many problems would this solve if it was proven not to prevent implantation?  It could be widely promoted for victims of rape and they would not have to worry about abortion.  We could also pass laws making it illegal to murder a precious life without knowing that the life began as a result of a horrible crime.

Even if the morning after pill never becomes a viable solution if it is proved to prevent implantation, there is always the option of adoption.  So many families desperately want children and are unable to produce them.  Why end the life of an innocent when you could bring so much joy to so many people by sacrificing 9 months of your life to bring a creature of God into this world?

Perhaps if we had more “natural affection,” we wouldn’t even be having this argument in the first place.

Rebecca Droeger" href="http://www.omegaletter.com/content/?Bio_Becky_page">About Rebecca Droeger

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