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For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
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The Fullness of Iniquity
Prophecy - Signs
Tuesday, February 05, 2013
Pete Garcia

''And this is the writing that was written, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin. This is the interpretation of the thing: Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.  Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.  Peres; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.'' (Daniel 5:25-28)

By the time our Founding Fathers got around to establishing us as a nation, American’s had already been roughing it in the wilderness colonies for almost 200 years.  The first colonies began in the late 1500’s with settlements in places like Roanoke and Jamestown.  As the colonies grew and states began to form, the Articles of Confederation were written to hold some type of governmental structure for the newly formed states.  But it proved too weak to hold them together.

Our founding fathers had the foresight to establish a Constitutional Republic governed by the rule of law.  The United States Constitution came to be in 1789, and it struck the perfect balance between the powers granted the federal and state governments by guaranteeing gridlock.  It also secured the rights of its citizens whose liberties were received by God, not from man so those rights could never be infringed upon.

As our nation expanded west and the population grew, our challenges of managing a growing nation forced us to develop the technology to meet the needs of the people.  Transportation over such a vast area was either going to make us or break us.  We knew back then, that a large part of what made Rome successful was the creation of roads.  So our first major technological contributions to the world included the first reliable steam engine, the automobile, and the airplane. By the middle of the next century, we’d even managed space travel and planting men on the moon.

Today’s achievements also deal with time and distance, by creating instantaneous communication to anywhere in the world.  Technological advancement is moving along so quickly now, that our knowledge and capabilities are doubling every 24 months. Truly, there has never been an age when time and distance became the least of our problems.

Our nation has fought in four major wars, four limited-scale wars, and dozens of smaller wars and police actions around the world.  Around 1,264,000 Servicemen had died in fighting our nation's wars.  Almost half of them (620,000) died during the Civil War alone when brother turned against brother.  But even in war, we evolved into an increasingly lethal battlefield opponent.  Each war allowed the Military Industrial Complex to develop newer and more efficient weapons of war.  It allowed our militaries to refine our battle tactics and doctrines.  By the end of World War II, we were the most lethal nation the world had ever seen.

We went from muskets to the Atomic bomb in less than 169 years.  We went from the Atomic “Fat Man and Little Boy” (carried by Air Force B-29 Bomber’s) to the stealthy underwater Trident nuclear submarines in 45 years.  The firepower for one Trident alone equals that of 5,000 atomic bombs.  The sad part is that there are even more frightening chemical and cyber weapons that could deliver equally devastating results.

By the end of World War II, our currency began to be held as the reserve currency around the globe.  But by the 1970’s, we had abandoned the gold standard because our fiscal reputation was so sound that we thought we could rely entirely on a debt based currency.  We held political sway over most nations on the planet through either the threat of military force, diplomatic sanctions or economic pressure.

But the times they were a changing.  In the mid 1960s we systematically kicked God out of our schools of higher learning.  By the 1970’s, we legalized abortion on demand.  By the 1980s, we led the world in divorce and decadence.  By the 1990s, we began forcing Israel’s hand into trading land for peace with terrorists.  In the 2000’s, gay marriage and adoptions became normalized as we became more darkened in our philosophical worldview.

We lead the world in setting the cultural stage with our movies and music.  Although there have been some great pieces of music and entertainment, for the most part, all we’ve done is opened Pandora’s box and let out every imaginable perversion.

Our cultural degradation has corrupted entire generations of youths into becoming increasingly radicalized and desensitized than the generation before them.  Today’s youth are as apathetic and cynical as any I’ve ever witnessed in my 38 years on this earth.  And if the last twenty years are any picture of what the next twenty hold, the future is not looking too bright.

Hypothetically speaking, if the human race were to continue on for another 500 years into the future from today, I have no doubt that the peoples then would wonder in awe at how such a mighty nation as ours, that had everything in the world going for it, could come to such an abrupt and violent end as we one day will.

I know this because we wonder the same things about the Roman Empire when we open our history books and read about them. By the time the Vandals and the Goths showed up at their gates, Rome was just a shadow of its former glory.  The reason I believe our fall will be that much more spectacular, is because we’ve had all of history to look back as examples, and yet here we are repeating the exact same mistakes.

To Whom Much Is Given

It’s been said that an average city’s newspaper holds more information than what a man would learn in his lifetime back in the Middle Ages.  We have more information at our fingertips via the Internet, than do all the libraries in the world.  As a nation, we have been so richly blessed that when we began to turn our backs on God, even moving His hand of protection took 38 years to become really noticeable.

At least back then, the minority were the men and women who turned their backs on God while the majority sat comfortably in their church pews.  The problem in large part was the church's failure to preach the inerrant Word of God.  So today, the minority sits in the churches and the majority remains largely either apathetic or willingly ignorant.  A growing majority of men and women raise their fist at God and mock Him openly without shame and without condemnation from anyone, as if there were something brave and Avant-garde about being defiant towards God.

Jesus states an important precedent for our benefit by saying;

"for unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." (Luke 12:48)

In thinking about the almost wholesale rejection of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Jesus had this to say about the generation alive who rejected His message:

"The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here. The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here."  (Matthew 12:41-42)

Our Cup Runneth Over

In Genesis 15, God enters into an eternal covenant with Abraham and his descendants.  During the covenant ceremony, God tells the Abraham that his descendants, the Israelites would be strangers in another land for 400 years.

"But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full." (Genesis 15:16)

We often look around and at all the evil and wickedness today and wonder if God is somehow impotent or just indifferent in concerning the matters of men.

Among the other abominations, the Amorites were a wicked people who would when building a house, put a child in the walls of the house and brick them in and leave them to die screaming inside the walls as an offering to their pagan god Molech.  Yet, even then, God was patient in allowing them 400 years to turn from their wicked ways.  But that kindness and patience had a shelf life.  God used the Israelites to become the Canaanites judgment when their time had come to an end.

Like Canaan, Nineveh, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and all the other nations and kingdoms that came before us, they were allowed to continue until their iniquities came to their fulfillment.  God does not just blindly allow evil to continue unchecked and unabated.  Corporately God’s patience allows a nation to condemn themselves, as His divine ledger becomes soaked red with the grievances of man’s wrongdoing over the millennia.

Perfect love demands perfect justice, and just as we would put down a rabid animal, God allows evil to a certain point, but He has not forgotten the victims of crimes and atrocities throughout our history.  As the prophet Jeremiah once stated, the “heart is deceitful and wicked, who can know it?”

Our nation has had so much time and so many opportunities to turn back to God, and yet our continued success has cemented our hearts so much so that 400 years later, we are at the worst spiritual point we’ve ever seen.  Even when revival had broken out, those moments were short lived and surrounded by apostate pseudo Christian movements adding confusion and frustration to the scene.

We removed God from the public square in 1963 and taught our children that they evolved from apes.  Is it any wonder they act like them now?

Since 1973, we’ve sacrificed more than 50,000,000 unborn children to the altar of convenience and choice.  The Amorites don’t have anything on us.  At least to their credit, the Amorites didn’t even have the Old Testament.

Our nation has a lot to answer to and for.  Our ledger is dripping with red, and our time has long since expired.

Now, I don’t consider myself a watchman on the wall, because to me a watchman is someone whose sole business is to warn the masses.  I am neither Seminary trained nor am I a pastor.  Really, I’m probably the least qualified person to be writing about what we see going on in the world.

I’m just simply an observer of the times we live in.  And if I can read the writing on the wall, the fact that most people can’t or won’t, tells me our nation is in deep Kimchi.

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