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ARGO: Movie of the Year 2012
Israel - Middle East
Thursday, March 07, 2013
J.L. Robb

I couldn’t wait to see this movie; and as soon as it was available on satellite, I did.  I used to see movies at the movie theaters, but that was before you had to get a second mortgage to afford the popcorn.  They’re really proud of their popcorn and soft drinks, so now I sit in the comfort of my home with my big screen and eat my own doggone popcorn, $1.49 and you get two big bowls.

I am not a Ben Affleck fan, but he did a great job with a movie about a subject that many of us weren’t totally aware.  What a great friend Canada has been to the United States over the years.

I’m not sure why Hollywood feels it must fill their movies up with one F-word after another.  The first time I ever heard the F-word in a movie was MASH when it came out.  It was a big deal.  Now it’s apparently the trend, but that’s another topic for another week.

ARGO is about the 1979 Iran Hostage Fiasco, perpetrated upon the United States because of a weak and incompetent U.S. President, and the rescue of six United States diplomats who managed to escape to the Canadian Ambassador’s home.  The Canadians knew it wouldn’t be long before the Islamic extremists taking over Iran would figure out the six were missing and would hunt them down.  Iranian religious zealots seem to be good at tracking down people they don’t like and killing them, just another day in the life of jihad.

ARGO was the brainstorm of Tony Mendez, an ex-CIA operative who was acting as a consultant, played by Affleck.  While criticizing the government’s plans to rescue the six diplomats and get them out of Tehran, safely; Tony admittedly had no plan of his own.  That is, until he went to his hotel and was watching Planet of the Apes.  That’s when Mr. Mendez came up with a plot to stage a movie named ARGO, complete with movie set, screen play and directors.  The movie would be a science fiction film to be set in Iran.  The proper Iranian producers were contacted, it would be money and fame for Iran, and an agreement was made.

I won’t tell how the movie turns out or the specifics, but I would recommend the movie for those interested in historical fiction.  It demonstrates the risk taking and friendship of our Canadian neighbors to the north, as well as the extreme incompetence of the Carter presidency.

Until the 1979 Iranian Hostage crisis, there were 16 Islamic terrorist attacks against the United States, resulting in 27 deaths.  Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, there have been 44 attacks and 3,051 deaths, as of April 30, 2011.  There has been more death and destruction since.  Islamic jihadism is on the rise as our leaders seem to have their heads in the sand.

With that said, my personal physician is a Muslim.  She’s from Pakistan and works with the Veteran’s Administration.  One of my close business clients is a Muslim man from Yemen, married to a Christian lady.  The Muslims that I have met in the United States do not want to kill us, they don’t hate Jews and Christians and appreciate the opportunity to express their beliefs freely.  It’s the “15%” we only need to worry about, the “extremists.”  Like the folk who run Iran.

You would think, being in Georgia, that bashing President Carter would be frowned upon; only Georgia had him for governor and, well… enough said.

There’s a joke circulating the Internet that says Carter voted for Obama so he would no longer be the worst president.  I don’t know about that; it’s close.  However, I don’t think President Carter set out to harm the country and our values like some of the later administrations.  You know who you are.  I think Carter has a huge heart and has been a great humanitarian, even if he doesn’t seem to be much of a friend to Israel; kind of like our current President.  However, while he was admittedly lusting for other women and feeling guilty about that, U.S. territory was being attacked; and he did very little to stop it, as you will see in the movie.  Because of the blunders in the United States government policies of 1976-1980, because of Carter’s unwillingness to back an ally with numerous U.S. weapons in the Shah’s possession and because of his lack of decision making skills about important decisions, like protecting the Embassy staff (ala Benghazi), we now pay the price 34 years later.

The extremist-Islamic obsession to take over the world and implement their religious views, or kill those with a different view (that would be us), is only what the Quran says to do. To them, they are not extremists at all.

This movement that is now booming (literally) three decades after Carter could have been prevented or delayed had we not turned our back on another U.S. ally, once again, like Mubarak in Egypt. I’m not sure why the Democratic Party is so quick to abandon our friends and allies. The most recent abandonment was the Pakistani doctor who gave vital information for the bin Laden capture. He is now sitting in a Pakistan prison for the next 35 years. Thanks a lot.  We reap what we sow.

What we are reaping today are headlines like this from yesterday’s USA TODAY:

Does Iran already have the bomb? USA TODAY  February 28, 2013

In my book series, Part One, the lead character ponders the same; what if Iran was getting weapons from North Korea, or Pakistan and their production was just a ruse?

The Foundation inventory included more than one hundred briefcase nukes and mini-briefcase nukes (Kyoto referred to the mini-nukes as lunch box nukes). There were also several nuclear torpedoes, three low yield nuclear bombs from North Korea, and five multi-megaton nuclear bombs, purchased from Pakistan. The second war between Russia and Georgia had been a boon for the arms proliferation business and was apparently leading to a regional war.

Page 174, The End The Book: Part One

Iran could very well have the bomb(s) now, safely stored away. Apparently they have the needed propulsion systems and have launched satellites to make sure we all know. Iran is of the Shi’a sect of Islam, so they have a strong belief in the Twelfth Imam, sort of an Islamic messiah, only he won’t come, according to their belief until the world is at war. They’ve been trying to make that happen since 1979, a world at war.

One might ask why Iran, as theologically pure as they seem to think they are, would have a partnership with North Korea, the most atheistic nation in the world. Wouldn’t that make them the Great Satan? There is an old Arabic saying that sums that up: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Think about that.

Anyone who actually reads a newspaper today, the front section, recognizes already that the world is edging toward war. One look at the northern coast of Africa and what’s happening in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, then there are Mali and Chad, bogging down the French military machine, is all it takes. These countries that are fighting and causing world-wide strife are not Presbyterian or Catholic or Jewish. They are not Hindu, Buddhist or Taoist. They are Islamic.

We woulda, shoulda, coulda done something about Iran 34 years ago; but we turned on an ally and stuck our Washington, D.C. heads deep in the sand. It remains the same.

I think I’ll write my congressman and senators to see if they can hear with all that sand in their ears. Atomic bombs are really loud. I guess we’ll wait until they blow up New York or Atlanta before we do something, if then.

About J.L. Robb

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