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Behold, A Pale Horse
Prophecy - Signs
Wednesday, May 08, 2013
J.L. Robb

''It’s a new disease, unlike anything we’ve seen before,” said Ann Froschauer, a spokesperson for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. ''We’re still behind the curve on it.'' -Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 5, 2013

Most people, believers or not, have heard of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; White, Red, Black and Pale.  Hollywood has made movies about them, and Clint Eastwood even rode one.

Pale comes from the Greek word khlôros and can also mean sickly green.

The Four Horses are the first four judgments issued in the last days for mankind because of man’s total refusal to believe that God exists and His rules are important.  Of the four horses, the Pale horse is the only horse described in Revelation whose rider is actually named.  His name is Death.

This rider is given supernatural power to kill 25% of the world population, and the deaths do not come easy for those who are still here at the time.  Unfortunately this will be the last 25% because most are already dead for various reasons caused by the previous three horses.  Speaking of this future time when He is to return, Jesus said that had He not come when He did, everyone would have died.

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come and see!" I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6:7-8 NIV)

What creates plague?  Other than man of course.  I have come to learn from all the science and environmental gurus that if anything bad happens in nature, it’s my fault because I have a riding lawnmower… with drink holder!  When something good happens in nature, like global warming in Greenland, it’s because the gurus complained to us, the tiny people and we quit breathing.

When I was a kid in junior high we would play in the street at night during summer.  Every night, small bats would dart through the trees and around street lights, tracking even tinier insects with their special sonar and the poor bug never had a chance.  Many times it was a mosquito.  We would throw the baseball as high as we could, about a mile and watch the bats home in, chase and do a one-eighty just before the ball hit the ground.  It was the most amazing thing.

This summer, take a walk to the front yard or corner street light and ask the kids or grandkids to count the number of bats they see.  Wait thirty minutes, and they will be lucky to see one.  They may have never even seen a bat.

Where did all the bats go?  White Nose Syndrome.

Ever heard of it?  Recently discovered in the northeastern United States, WNS is named such because of the white powdery fungus that begins to grow on the noses of these small mammals.  Bats are not birds, and vampires give them a bad rap.

According to Mark Davis with the Atlanta AJC, bats have been disappearing since about 2006.

“What happens to bats has profound implications for creatures higher up the food chain.  Bats love insects, and can eat as much as half their body weight in bugs in one night.  Large-scale agriculture, backyard gardens, outdoor dinner parties: bats play a role in the success of each.”

“It’s a new disease, unlike anything we’ve seen before,” said Ann Froschauer, a spokesperson for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “We’re still behind the curve on it.”

This syndrome has now spread to many states and into Canada.  Because of the fungus’ sensitivity to temperature, it was not expected in the South.  It does best between 50° and 60° Fahrenheit, the temperature of most bat caves.  During the winter when the bats hibernate, the white fungus disrupts the sleep and the bat expends energy by coming out of hibernation and then going back to sleep.  As a result, the bats starve to death during hibernation.  That means more mosquitos, more mosquito-borne diseases and more pests to eat the farmer’s plants, our food.

WNS Map 2013Millions and millions of bats have died, and they really don’t know what causes it.  There is no cure.  They hope it will “die out.”

If the bat population was no more, pesticides couldn’t begin to kill all the destructive bugs, the corn would be ex-corn and people would starve.  My lawnmower would’ve had nothing to do with it.

What if all the bees died?  About 1/3 of the food we eat is pollinated by bees.

Colony collapse disorder (CCD); ever heard of that one?

CCD occurs with the sudden disappearance of an entire bee colony.  Though bees have had instances of die-offs in the past, never has it been to this extent, at least that we know of.  The disease occurs in European countries too, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. 

Pesticides are blamed by many, but most believe it’s a combination of circumstances.  Al Gore probably blames global warming.

At any rate, CCD is another possible cause for the coming famines and plagues predicted in Revelation for the times and events of the last days.  Should we be concerned?

According to Sam Droge with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), maybe not.

"When you look at what's out there in the public press, the implication is that pollinators are all under threat, that there's some kind of mysterious decline across the board," says Sam Droege, a biologist at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. "The problem is, there's really no data to show that either way." Huffington Post May 10, 2012

However, according to the United States Drug Administration (USDA), oops,

“Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a serious problem threatening the health of honey bees and the economic stability of commercial beekeeping and pollination operations in the United States.  Despite a number of claims in the general and scientific media, a cause or causes of CCD have not been identified by researchers.”

Then we have the new flu from China, another one of those “we’ve never seen anything like this before.” The H7N9 virus was believed initially just a few months ago that it could not be spread human to human, but apparently that is not the case.

In 1918-1919 another flu virus, the Spanish Flu H1N1, killed an estimated 50 million people in just two years.

Then there is the new and improved SARS-like virus that has appeared in Saudi Arabia, killing 7 of 13 so far, more than a 50% fatality rate.

If one believes the Bible is mythology, how would one explain all these coincidences the Bible predicted?  And there are many other new bugs, especially in the sexually transmitted arena; but that’s another story for another day.

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