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Monday, September 24, 2018   3:58:55 PM  
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Lyme Aid
Prophecy - Signs
Thursday, July 11, 2013
J.L. Robb

''I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.'' Revelation 6:8 NIV

“The end is near!”

How many times have we seen that on a sign or heard it on TV? How many people throughout history have made this claim? Just as my first book came out about The End, Harold Camping told the world that… well, The End was happening two weeks later. I was thinking, “Thanks a lot, Harold!” I mean, who would be buying books if there was only two weeks left?

May 21, 2011 came and went and books started selling. My mortgage company was thrilled. Then Mr. Camping found his error and named October 21, 2011 as the next end of the world date. There went the book sales.

One thing certain, everything seems to have a beginning and an ending: plants, animals, planets and stars. The Biblical story of The End is so interesting, especially the ending (pun intended), that it is almost unimaginable. John’s visions of “mountains” falling from the sky and poisoning the water supply, an earthquake like none in history that would level mountains and sink islands, tumultuous seas that would sink the world’s navies and plague, famine and pestilence. What a story.

End of the world stories in different cultures and religions aren’t real specific about what would happen leading up to their demise. The Bible, however, couldn’t be more specific though there are plenty of mysteries and interpretations involved. There is one thing certain, today we are one day closer to the end of things as we know it than we were yesterday. The Bibles specificity is unique over all other teachings, as described in the paragraph above.

Is plague, famine and pestilence happening today? I would say so.

There have been plagues, disease and famine throughout the history of mankind some will say, and they are correct. There has been smallpox for thousands of years, though we think we have it under control. There was the bubonic plague which continues to raise its ugly head from time-to-time, carried by fleas. There is Trypanosomosis, carried by tsetse flies; and dengue fever, malaria and West Nile virus, all carried by mosquitoes. In 1918-1919 the Spanish flu killed an estimated 40,000,000 people in two years.

Today we have new diseases though, some of which are very deadly, like AIDS, SARS and the newly discovered MERS.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and until recently was confined there. So far there have been almost 100 cases with a mortality rate of 55%. As of July 10, 81 people had contracted the disease of unknown origin and 45 have died.

As a comparison, smallpox had a 30% fatality rate and bubonic plague (black death) stands at 11%.

According to Atlanta’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC had this to say yesterday:

“This virus has spread from ill people to others through close contact. However, the virus has not shown to spread in a sustained way in communities. The situation is still evolving.”

There is another illness though that is getting little attention, which is probably why it’s so difficult to diagnose.

TicksLyme disease is yet another blood-borne disease, this one carried by deer ticks. Deer ticks were once thought to be nearly non-existent in the South as most cases occurred in the northern United States. Now a derivative of Lyme disease, even more potent, is occurring in New York. More potent is a scary thing; because Lyme is extremely debilitating and sometimes, fatal.

A very good friend of mine, after years of suffering, was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. That is not good, because Lyme is quite treatable if diagnosed in the early stages. The longer Lyme goes undetected, the more difficult it is to treat. The treatment itself can be deadly. I asked ReAnn if she would share her experience with me this week, and she did.

Instead of excerpts, I am going to include ReAnn’s entire account and urge you to tell all your friends and family about Lyme disease and how easy it is to contract.

ReAnn’s story:

For almost 35 years I have battled infections of various kinds in my bladder and repeated crippling intestinal pain without explanation that later resulted in having my gallbladder removed.  Skin issues erupted later in life around my 30th birthday after a battle of what resembled the “flu”. The condition is called Granuloma Annulare (G.A.), a non-contagious inflammatory condition of the skin caused by various medical conditions. Combined with all the other mysterious health issues, everything fell under the category of “auto immune” disorders and only symptomatic treatment with very little satisfying explanation took place.

Not being one that takes any mysterious symptom lightly, I tried to figure out what in the world was causing the inflammatory condition. Surely all of my battles with the other painful experiences physically were related in some way.

Although highly functional, it was this year, 2013 that I become very ill with bladder pain that landed me into five different doctor’s offices and forced me into a full-tilt-on-line quest to figure out what was happening to my body. Stomach aches were escalating and I began to enjoy more nap time in the afternoon. I have always worked like a trooper with an abounding energy, but I began to enjoy my down time more and chalked it up to being ready for a vocational change that would require less demand on my body.

With only rough explanations pieced together from various doctors over the years, I discovered a specialist in Washington D.C. who finally gave me direction toward what was pointing to the dreaded Lyme Disease. With her help and testing, three tests proved that I had Lyme and the co-infection Bartonella. Apparently I have had this plague for over five years.

I was relieved to have an answer but had no idea the issues that were ahead for me when starting treatment. Medication can make one very very ill when you start breaking down the biofilms of the disease that incubate the parasites in the blood stream. When toxins are released from this bacteria, it will make one’s body fall into an unbelievable funk that varies from person to person. Life has changed for me over night.

From studying and suggestions by the medical world, I cut down on all acidic foods and went totally organic and whole with my diet. I eat like an athlete training for the race of a life time.

Lyme is highly debatable in the medical community, especially “chronic Lyme” which is a label given to anyone that has the disease for more than one year. Some deny it even exists in the South, and the insurance companies are glad to fight persistent treatment that goes beyond a few weeks of treatment for this tough to kill bacteria. 

How does one know they have Lyme? In my case, I can recall bites from bugs but never remember the bulls-eye rash or a specific time of bite-then-sickness that can be typical of Lyme. In fact only 30%-40% of those infected have the classic symptoms of illness, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and more. Many won’t become ill until later in life such as my situation, because my own immune kicked in hard to oppress the damage it could potentially cause. But our own immune is not generally strong enough to kill the disease. It takes much aggressive treatment to bring it under control.

The bacteria can be carried by ticks, mosquitos, fleas, horse flies and although rare, can be sexually transmitted. Surprise surprise. And yes, Lyme exists right here in the South as thousands can prove with their stories over and over in the local community. Many times doctors say “it doesn’t exist” in Georgia or the South because they often “miss” the diagnosis and have to find a way to explain overlooking the not so obvious.

Lyme is a great imitator and can cause issues such as irritability, depression, bladder infections, insomnia I.B.S., Fybromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, arthritis, allergies, mental disorders, Parkinsons, A.D.D., tingling in limbs, Bell’s Palsy, A.L.S., stroke, blood clots, heart attack, inflammation in brain and all areas of the body that eventually lead to cancer if not treated, nausea, and the list goes on. It’s tough to figure out without the proper testing. I’ve even seen an explanation that it’s a mental disorder wrapped up into the frustrating line we may have heard “it’s all in your head” rather than all in your body. Infuriating to say the least and blood tests prove it’s the real deal along with many doctors who are well aware of the perplexing world of Lyme.

The Western Blot was once the only way to test for this type of disease, but often can throw out a false-negative or false-positive more often than not. Fortunately there are accurate tests now that wipe the Western Blot Test away for accuracy.  The CD57 Test, Fry Lab Testing out of Arizona, Advanced Lab in Pennsylvania, and more. Advanced Lab is 97% accurate to pinpoint Lyme and Fry Lab can specifically test for co-infections and exactly which bacterium are alive and well. These lab tests can be ordered by local doctors where samples are sent and tested rather quickly. 

But be prepared; often tests are NOT covered by insurance and some testing is so new it’s not FDA approved yet due to the slack action of our government to get with the program to help the nearly 300,000 new cases of Lyme per year in the U.S. Yes, it’s the #1 growing epidemic right now even above HIV/AIDS and we have yet to get into our health care system a solid protocol to test, treat, and care for the sick, with some wiggle room for each patient that varies from the other.

Currently I am now working on getting a doctor that is local in Atlanta and can treat me close to home as I have been too ill to travel to other doctors in the northern states, more heavily populated with practitioners that understand the disease. Come to find out their practices landed on the Dr. Oz Show with their vast understanding of parasites.

Minnesota, Connecticut, Washington D.C, Florida and California also have pockets areas of doctors that will look into difficult cases. I’ve spent nearly $5,000 in diagnostics and care and have a new price tag when it comes to eating ultra-pure and healthy ... organic is not cheap, but it’s essential to support the immune system.

The key is to find an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) who is familiar and well versed. The typical doc-in-the-box has NO clue about Lyme, and many well-meaning doctors in the E.R. will tell you the same, that they have little knowledge of the disease unless you land in a hospital set up with a specific department for this disease. Misdiagnosing is common and tough to endure year after year as you can see from my story. Finding one who truly understands how to outsmart the bug is a tricky process.

What we can recommend ... if one is bitten by a tick, don’t pull out aggressively and throw it away. Pull carefully, do not squeeze out the stomach as it can spill the bacteria, and send it in for testing. The sooner the better to know if you are infected. The sooner you move, the better chance for successful treatment.

Check out your pets as well that may carry ticks on them that then bring them inside to your home. If you spend time in the garden and yard, hunting in the woods, check your body thoroughly when you come inside and run clothing through a hot drier for 20 minutes before you toss them in the wash. Yes, kill them before they get away out into your home.

There are Lyme Disease Websites set up to help, but be careful looking to the first one you find. Many are more than ready to take your money at a steep sum to treat you. I ran across one man that charges $875.00 an hour, does not take many, if any insurances; and although a bright and heavily researched man of wisdom, I feel, takes full advantage of the sick that are tapped out financially from their quest for care and will charge one ample for “expertise”.

My goal has been to turn this over to our Great Physician the Lord God and let Him guide me to the right doctor who will care for me the best we can practically or impractically ... but He makes all things possible.

*ReAnn Ring promotes God and His Kingdom every day of the week and is my publicist. I hope everyone will keep this beautiful young lady in your prayers.

About J.L. Robb

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