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What if Jesus Ran for President? Would He Win?
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Thursday, December 12, 2013
J.L. Robb

As we celebrate Christmas and the Festival of Lights, at least most of us, each year and every year, it appears that Christmas has been hijacked.

Shaw Air Force Base Security has removed a manger scene, because a “rights” group complained about church/state separation, stating a couple of soldiers contacted them.

I was a soldier once; and as most of us who have been one know, once a soldier, always a soldier. All the soldiers I knew in 1968 when I went into the U.S. Navy were either Christian or Jewish, though many didn’t choose to practice. None of us would have been offended by a manger scene, a shiny white cross or three kings stating that Jesus was the predicted messiah.

A few years after his miraculous birth, Jesus the son of Joseph began to fulfill the predictions foretold long before. He did heal the blind and deaf, cure mental illness with a word, feed the hungry and finally, offered salvation for anyone listening. Jesus’ offer of salvation meant “everlasting life” forever. Unlike cockroaches, squirrels and orangutans that die and that’s it, those who heard and paid attention to the salvation message would come back to life in a different realm. Think about that.

Oh, and there was that prediction that whoever this messiah would be, he would raise the dead back to life. Jesus did all these things and more. Not only did He bring Lazarus back from the dead; He brought Himself back from the dead. Then He appeared to almost 500 people who actually saw Him with their own eyes. But that was then, and this is now.

ESPN has reportedly refused a Christmas holiday ad from a Catholic Children’s Hospital because they found the mention of Jesus, 11 seconds into the 30-second ad, “problematic.”

Suppose Jesus appeared today in the United States, incognito, just to prove a point to the people, again. He would suddenly appear on the stage, coming out of nowhere, sort of like the current President and would be sorely tested. Can you imagine the Presidential debates?

Commentator: “Mr. Josephson, you seem to have come out of nowhere. You have been quoted as being against abortion. Could you clarify your position?”

Jesus: “Yes, I am against the killing of innocents.”

Commentator: “So you believe a fetus is a life?”

Jesus: “Of course, don’t you?”

Commentator: “Wow, you certainly sound like you’re anti-women. Next question."

Jesus: “No, I’m not anti-women, I am pro-children.”

Commentator: “Mr. Josephson, you have been quoted as being against gay marriage, prostitution and adultery. Don’t you not believe that we, as adults, should make those important decisions?”

Jesus: “Those important decisions were made by God thousands of years ago. It is man’s decision whether to follow God’s requirements, or at least make the attempt. You left out that I am also against pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and everyday sexual encounters among strangers.”

Commentator: “Well Mr. Josephson, you certainly appear to be judgmental. I’m not sure which god you are referring to, but wouldn’t you agree that what was good 10,000 years ago is not necessarily good in 2013 United States? Do you eat pork chops, Mr. Josephson?”

Jesus: “No, I do not. And it was 6,000 years ago.”

Commentator: “So you’re anti-pork too? What about global warming? You claim that God, not man, is causing this climate change. Where do you get such a preposterous idea as this? Scientists across the world are talking about the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused by man. That’s what is causing the extreme weather. But you disagree.”

Jesus: “The climate has always changed, no two years are alike, ever. If so, show me. The earth was once covered with ice. By the way, most of your ‘world’ scientists agree with this. That ice has been melting for thousands of years, long before air conditioners and SUVs. Global warming, as you call it, and other climatic disasters are the result of man’s disobedience to our Father in heaven.”

Commentator: “There you have it folks, right from the horse’s mouth. Mr. Josephson, do you not realize that you’re running last in every poll because of your homophobic and anti-woman attitude? Your interpretation of sexual mores is much different than modern-day man’s. Your views on global warming and evolution are far outside the norm. Is it any wonder to you that people refer to you as a ‘nutcase’?”

Jesus: “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.”

Commentator: “Can I quote you on that?”

Jesus: “Yes, absolutely. I am the norm, not modern-day man. You will see, but it will be too late.”

Commentator: “Mr. Josephson, you have been quite vocal right here at this holiday season. You stated last week that the “Freedom from anything Religious” group’s humorous nativity scene should be removed from the City Hall’s lawn but the Christian nativity scene should be allowed. If one religion is allowed, shouldn’t all?”

Jesus: “No. This season is about Jesus Christ and the great gift he offered to everyone, everlasting life instead of a destiny of again becoming dirt from which you came. Christmas is the time of year that you should celebrate this wondrous birth.”

Commentator: “So let me get this straight. You do not believe in the separation of church and state like our forefather’s decreed?”

Jesus: “There is only one ‘forefather’, and He doesn’t live on Earth.”

Commentator: “Well, Mr. Josephson, you are quite ‘different’ from our other candidates. One candidate is even pushing for polygamous marriage. I won’t bother to ask your thoughts on that. As a commentator, I cannot show partiality to any candidate, but I must say I can see how you have created such a stir. To many Americans, you should be prosecuted for hate crimes. Some have called for your confinement, even execution.”

Jesus: “Been there, done that.”

Yep, that’s probably the way it would go.

Imagine a holiday revering the birth of Christ that the government doesn’t allow government workers, teachers, policemen, firefighters and others to celebrate because it might offend someone who doesn’t believe the story. If that’s the case, then open the government offices and quit paying employees for days off for a holiday the government doesn’t believe in.  There is a reason for the celebration.

Put the manger scenes back, reinstate the three wise men from the East and get over the phobia of mentioning Jesus’ name. It is not offensive to anyone normal. What is offensive is the boycotting of Jesus or anything Jesus by my tax-paid government officials who have profoundly misinterpreted Thomas Jefferson’s fear that the state would endorse the Quaker religion, similar to England’s endorsement of the Church of England.

Christmas has been hijacked, and now Christians are accused of paganism by atheist groups because Christmas is the “worship of the winter solstice” (shortest day of the year). Wrong. The winter solstice was December 21st or 22nd, not the 25th. Christians do not worship the Christmas tree, it is purely symbolic. We do not believe that Santa Clause drops in chimneys to deliver presents to children but that Santa is the personification of the great St. Nicolas, a man with a generous and giving spirit. Generosity and giving to others is a bad thing? Apparently to modern man.

My bet is that Jesus would not win the Presidency of the United States and would probably be prosecuted for hate crimes.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.  (Isaiah 55:8 NIV)

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