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The Passing of Ariel Sharon
Israel - Middle East
Friday, January 17, 2014
Alf Cengia

First of all, my heartfelt condolences go out to Ariel Sharon's family. Not that any of them are likely to read this column. They may have hoped for some miraculous recovery and likely even prayed for one. Now, the end of things for the Old Warrior has finally come.

By the time you read this, you will have already been saturated with dozens of articles covering Ariel Sharon's life and recent passing. Even so, I could not ignore this occasion. And, so, here is one more commentary on Ariel Sharon.

There's a tendency for the world to glorify certain dignitaries after their passing, especially when they've been championed by the Left. Their sins are inevitably whitewashed or overlooked, and they join the pantheon of other cultural demigods of history in classroom lectures.

Not so with Ariel Sharon. He led and fought for the wrong team.

Ariel "Arik" Sharon was an Israeli warrior and a leader. He began his military career at age 14 and participated in the 1948 war, as well as most of the other future conflagrations with Israel's enemies. He will always be remembered for the highly controversial Gaza Strip disengagement. He also resigned as Defense Minister after being found indirectly responsible for the Lebanese (Christian Arab) Phalangist Militia massacres of refugees at Sabra and Shatila.

Some of the reports following Sharon's death have been relatively benign, even when they've been shoddy on details. One 2005 article resurrected by one "Global Intelligence" source was on Israel's Gaza withdrawal.

The article noted that Palestine had been overwhelmingly Arab when Jews began vacating Europe for Palestine, after WW II. Having glossed over the Jewish problems in Europe, the columnist failed to comment on Palestine's "overwhelmingly" arid condition, and that a significant amount of Jewish settlers actually bought the land they came to possess.

He wrote as if the 1967 six-day war was a strategic plan by Israel on its enemies to give depth to its borders. Yet Israel gained that land because its enemies had vowed to destroy it and had amassed troops on Israel's borders with the intent to bring that destruction to fruition.

Perspective can be a wonderful thing.

Other post-Sharon reports are blatantly biased and inaccurate. They're just excuses to indulge in some ax grinding. This one tries to kill three birds with one stone - Israel's honor and its right to statehood, and Sharon:

"As his track record demonstrates, leaders like Sharon reinforce injustice and oppression for the sake of statehood....as I see the man that provoked followers at Al-Aqsa Mosque and ignited the Second Intifada pass away after being incapacitated for almost a decade, I can only say the following: Sharon is dead but Israeli apartheid isn't. That ought to be the focus of discussion about his life and contributions towards 'peace'. That ought to be the concern of people interested in ending the conflict on realistic and just terms." (Emphases mine)

In fact Palestinian leaders later admitted that Ariel Sharon's presence on the Temple Mount was only a pretext for the violence. They were just looking for a good excuse. This and other myths surrounding Sharon are addressed by the CAMERA article With Ariel Sharon's Death, Expect the Usual Falsehoods.

Space prevents any response to the following biased retort. Sharon's passing was a handy excuse for this columnist to vilify the Israeli warrior, and Israel:

"You can talk all you want about Israeli entrepreneurial genius and the blooming desert, but what I see when I travel in these regions is a policy of separate-and-unequal. Geographically, politically, and morally, this is the major cancer that’s been eating at the Israeli nation from within for generations." (Emphasis mine)

If Israel has a cancer, then what can we say about its neighbors? Would you want to live in any of those places as an outspoken Christian, atheist, feminist or homosexual?

One of the most objective essays came from FrontPageMag's David Hornik. Sharon was no saint, but neither was he a monster. Hornik notes Sharon's chutzpah and audacity in a "slapdash disdain for rules and constraints" and writes:

"Sharon had the trait so strongly that he became known as the bulldozer—someone who, when he thought he saw the solution to a problem, plowed straight toward it without regard for protocol and niceties."

Christian Zionists were indignant (as I was) at Sharon's decision to disengage from Gaza. Not only did we feel that there were scriptural reasons for not ceding territory, but also very real security issues. The latter concern was borne out immediately after the withdrawal (see link below).

There are biblical warnings regarding dividing God's land, yet I feel disinclined to judge Sharon. Who knows what kind of pressure the International Community had put Ariel Sharon under! As the saying goes, one has to walk a hundred miles in a man's shoes....

Perhaps his greatest failing is that - in the end - he didn't heed the examples of Ezra and Nehemiah in trusting Israel's God.

Those who are toying with the idea of dividing Israel or Jerusalem may want to ponder Joel 3:1-2 and Zechariah 12:1-3. Most interestingly, one anti-Zionist blogger opined that, were it not for Sharon's devastating stroke, the withdrawals may have also been repeated in "parts of the West Bank."

One thing is certain, Ariel Sharon has gone but his family is still here. Amid all this vitriol they need our prayers for consolation and, if need be, salvation.

Finally, there has been a buzz in prophecy circles about a note written by a rabbi before his death. This rabbi wrote that the Messiah would appear after Ariel Sharon's death. He identified the Messiah's name as Yehoshua (Yeshua).

Some reports, such as the one by Israel Today, include portions of what the rabbi revealed regarding this Messiah. Others report the incident, yet leave out the rabbi's thoughts.

The question we should all ask ourselves is this: Does the rabbi's Messiah line up with the one we recognize in Scripture?

Further reading: Goodbye Gaza, Hello Hamas

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