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Monday, October 15, 2018   8:50:51 AM  
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On Peace Talks & Bullies
Israel - Middle East
Friday, April 18, 2014
Alf Cengia

Well, it appears that the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks have gone right on schedule.

I thought that a recent Times of Israel column contained a number of gems in its reporting of the situation. First of all John Kerry has announced that both parties had been unhelpful. But, of course, he believed that Israel had to shoulder the lion's share of the blame.

Some of Kerry's excuses were that:

“The prisoners were not released by Israel on the day they were supposed to be released and then another day passed and another day, and then 700 units were approved in Jerusalem and then poof — that was sort of the moment.” (Emphasis mine)

In reality there was never any definitive "moment" when the talks failed. Remarks of this nature only embolden one party over the other and inflame the situation. What was Kerry thinking? Does he see his role as mediator or instigator?

The simple truth is that the "peace talks" are perpetually doomed to failure because the dual Palestinian leadership organizations do not want peace with Israel. It's that simple. Yet in Kerry's world, any recognition of Israel as a Jewish state must occur at the "very end of the peace process" as "part of a final peace agreement".

When John McCain advised Kerry that the peace process was "finished", the latter responded that it "couldn't be declared dead" while there was willingness to continue to negotiate. Yet how can one arrive at "peace agreement" with a hostile entity that has always refused to recognize one's right to exist?

In Kerry's scheme that so-called willingness to negotiate is inextricably linked to the hope that Israel will eventually concede to all of the Palestinian gambits. In return there's that tenacious optimism that the Palestinians will finally accept a Jewish state; even though the Arab states have tried to destroy Israel from the outset.

But I really liked what Kerry added in that same breath:

“...there are limits to the amount of time the president and myself can put into this, considering the other challenges around the world, especially if the parties can’t commit to being there in a serious way.” (Emphasis mine)

As Snagglepuss says: Exit Stage Left.

I wonder if Vladimir Putin is quaking in his steel-capped boots now that the Obama administration is apparently refocusing its attention to these global "challenges".

Israel is besieged by bullies of different persuasions. Some want to destroy it while others want to force it to yield territory. Still others want to penalize it in various ways (B.D.S.) under false or trumped up charges (anti-Israel activism).

Some harbor the bizarre belief that acquiescing to the demands of avowed antagonists is tantamount to peace-making. In my simple world I call that dumb and dangerous. I can't help recalling my first childhood experience with a bully.

I lived around the corner from John and we attended the same school. While he was slightly smaller than me he was also a year older. Smart and athletic, most people liked him. But he would occasionally delight in beating up the migrant kids, even though they were his friends.

On many occasions I arrived home bruised from John's beating. My mother forbade me from retaliating. And truth be known, I was scared of him. She talked with his parents who were nice, understanding people. Yet John kept beating up on kids.

My dad finally intervened. Even though he knew as much about fighting as I did, he fixed a pillow to a clothes line and had me punch it. That was the extent of my training. The exercise, however, instilled a small sense of confidence in me.

Some time later, three of us were walking home from school. For no clear reason John suddenly beat up on Angelo and sent him home crying. That was the definitive moment for me. I told John that he only got away with this sort of thing because the other kids were afraid of him. And so we fought.

Each time he punched me I'd put a headlock on him and ask him to give up. Each time he'd agree yet proceed to punch me again. This went on until some older friends of John rounded the corner and asked what was going on. I knew I'd had it.

John's friends decided to let us settle the matter under their supervision. He began punching and I placed him in another headlock. Once again I asked for his submission and he agreed. When I released him he continued punching. This time I punched back.

It must have been that proverbial lucky punch because one awkward jab landed on his nose and he ended up a blubbering, bleeding mess. I prepared myself for a beating from his friends but it never came. They agreed it was a fair fight and took him home sobbing.

We became real friends after that and to my knowledge he never beat up on anyone again. His parents' admonitions hadn't helped; he learned his lesson the practical way.

My neighbor occasionally reads my columns but he won't mind my mentioning a conversation we've had. A reasonable guy who keeps me honest, his view is that Israel is rubbing salt in the Palestinian wounds by allowing settlements in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. The last time the subject came up I jokingly told him that a bucket of salt was in order.

In summary:

When the land was partitioned the Arabs immediately protested and were allotted the largest segment we now know as Jordan. It wasn't enough and fledgling Israel was subsequently attacked and threatened with extinction. In the 1967 war against Israel the Arabs conceded Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip. When Israel withdrew from Gaza under international pressure, they were instantly repaid with incessant rocket attacks from that region. 

The Palestinian people are victims of their recalcitrant leadership who use them to play the perpetual victim card. Their leaders are the real Bullies; as are those who facilitate them by trying to force Israel to concede to their demands.

I was privileged in not having my hand forced when I confronted my Bully. Israel does not have the same luxury.

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