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Tuesday, September 25, 2018   1:09:34 PM  
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The Girls of Boko Haram
Commentary on the News
Thursday, May 15, 2014
J.L. Robb

''Western education is sinful.'' That’s what the name Boko Haram means in the Hausa language of northern Nigeria. The group, founded in 2002 by Mohammed Yusuf, Boko Haram is one group of Muslims who hate the ruling Muslims and want to overthrow the government. The Bible had this to say about the interrelationships among the Muslims and this passage describes the personality of the father of Islam, Ismael.

“He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers." ~Genesis 16:12 NIV

Hostility toward his brothers? I would say so; and most everyone else in the world it seems, including very young girls. Muslim men it seems have a penchant for young girls. Possibly this is because of Muhammad’s marriage to A’isha who became his favorite wife. He married the young A’isha when she was only 6 years old, but he waited to “consummate the marriage” until she was 9. Muhammad is said to have been 54 at the time. There is a name for this sexual deviancy in the West but dare not say it because it might be “offensive.”

A few weeks ago, the Boko Haram kidnapped 300 young Nigerian girls who were attending school. No one knows where they are now except Boko Haram, and they aren’t telling anyone.

The Quran is considered the word of God in the Islamic religion, as dictated to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel. This can be confusing because Islam teaches their flocks and anyone else who will drink the Kool-Aid that Allah and the God of Abraham are one and the same. Of course, God (Yahweh) chose the Israelites as his people among all nations of the world. He made covenants with the Israelites promising that they would be his people forever, even though they seemed to have a little trouble following the 633 rules. Who wouldn’t?

Alas, it seems now, or since 632 A.D. when Muhammad died, that God has changed his name to Allah and hates Jews, Christians and most everyone else except Muslims. Then there is that Sunni/Shiia split in the Islamic community, and they hate each other too.

Boko Haram has a history of blowing up churches and even the mosques of the bad Muslims, schools and police stations. It is estimated that Boko Haram has been responsible for more than 10,000 deaths since 2002. Kidnapping is one of their major modes of operation, including children and tourists.

In 2012 the Obama administration was hesitant to list Boko Haram as a terrorist group, apparently believing this would only increase their credibility in the world of jihadism, the ongoing holy war against the infidels, which is you, me and the next door neighbor, unless you live around Detroit.

According to a CNN World report May 12, 2014, a year ago:

Fighters from Boko Haram entered a dusty town close to the border with Cameroon. They headed for the police station, army barracks and prison buildings. The dawn raid on May 7, 2013, on the town of Bama left more than 100 people dead, including many civilians. The Boko Haram fighters freed about 100 inmates from the prison.

But -- little reported at the time -- they also abducted about a dozen women and children to use as bargaining chips, according to Jacob Zenn, an analyst with the Jamestown Foundation and long-time observer of Boko Haram.

However, in June 2012 the State Department was only willing to designate just three of the group’s leaders as "global terrorists" with "close links" to al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghrab (AQIM).

The President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has vowed to catch these kidnappers and free the young girls aged 11-16. Boko Haram is threatening to sell the girls as sex slaves.

A little history. Boko Haram isn’t really any different than armed Muslim armies of long ago during the life of Muhammad. In 600 A.D. there were numerous Jewish tribes in Arabia, established mostly after Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome. These Muslim armies attacked and ransacked the Jewish tribes. If the captured Jewish men refused to convert to Islam, they were beheaded. Muhammad had the remaining women and belongings divided among the Muslim men. The women were forced to convert to Islam and were kept as wives or servants.

Many of the world’s politically correct elite believe the Boko Haram group is only fighting the injustices of the Nigerian government; but that, like most of the politically-correct agenda, is far off base. Boko Haram has a plan.

The intent of this group of peaceful warriors is to establish their own country in northern Nigeria and rule via Sharia law. This would be similar to the governments of other peace-loving countries like Saudi, Afghanistan, Iran and recently, Brunei.

There is a huge PR campaign in the West to establish Sharia law in the centers of Europe, Canada and the United States. Here is a small sampling of what that would mean to the citizens of a Sharia-bound system. It’s not so bad for the Muslim men, as usual; but for the Muslim woman, not so good.

  • Adultery is a capital crime, punishable by whipping and then death, often by stoning.
  • Apostasy (saying or thinking something uncomplimentary about Islam or Muhammad) is a capital crime to be punished by death. Apostates are to be “killed wherever they may be found.”
  • Female genital mutilation to make sure sex isn’t too enjoyable for the women.
  • Women are considered inferior to men. Court testimony by a woman only counts for half of the testimony by a man. Women receive only half the inheritance that a man receives. A woman’s vote, if she is allowed to vote, counts one-half of a man’s vote.
  • Muslim men are permitted by law to commit marital rape.
  • Muslim men are given permission in the Quran to beat their wives.
  • Muslim men can have up to four wives and as many “servant girls” as they please. A woman can marry one man and he must be a Muslim.
  • Women cannot leave their home unless accompanied by a male family member.
  • Honor killing: Muslim parents cannot be punished for killing their children or grandchildren if they feel they have been dishonored.
  • If a Muslim woman divorces and remarries, she loses custody of all children. 

Atrocities against women seem to be a mainstay of the Islamic religion.

During the early seventies there was the Bangladesh Liberation War where Pakistani soldiers raped and tortured thousands of Muslim women. Many of these gang-raped women, known as Birangona (brave women) committed suicide; and if pregnant, their families killed them as honor-killings. For these women there was no hope as their families and husbands rejected them for getting themselves raped.

Now that the United States President has decided that the U.S. will no longer be the world’s policeman, what will happen to these poor girls? Videos have been released showing the young ladies being forced to convert to Islam, at least those who weren’t already Muslim. Where is the West? Who will get involved and help President Goodluck Jonathan find the culprits.

There are many in the know who think President Goodluck Jonathan could care less about the girls. Since this has happened numerous times in Nigeria to young girls and young boys, all at the hands of Boko Haram, possibly there is some complicity.

As the world drifts closer to Sharia law, the devil is in the details. One detail is there is no policeman. Without policemen, there is anarchy.

The West has an opportunity to make a statement of unacceptance of this brutal treatment of our fellow man, to take a brave stand; but I doubt that will happen.

President Jonathan says he will free the girls.

Well, good luck with that, Goodluck!

About J.L. Robb

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