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In the Name of Allah
Commentary on the News
Friday, May 16, 2014
Alf Cengia

The Obama administration's inability to classify blatant terrorists and/or terrorism appears to be an ingrained malady. Its treatment of the Benghazi tragedy during an election campaign was one of convenience in which the narrative that terrorism was albeit dead had to be strictly maintained.

They opted to single out an ill-advised filmmaker who insulted Islam and Muhammad as the instigator of a spontaneous response attack by angry extremists on the embassy. That way, the administration could maintain the spin that terrorism had been defeated, and the incident was just a glitch perpetrated by those rare individuals who misinterpret the Religion of Peace.

More recently, Hillary Clinton has come under heavy fire for not outright calling Boko Haram the terrorist organization that it is. One former senior U.S. official said that:

“The one thing she [Clinton] could have done, the one tool she had at her disposal, she didn’t use. And nobody can say she wasn’t urged to do it. It’s gross hypocrisy.”

Not only is Boko Haram an Islamist terrorist organization, but they do what they do for the sake of Allah. They are obeying the Qur'an. However, calling out Islamic terrorism for what everyone knows it is, is not considered culturally sensitive behavior or politically expedient. Someone like me will be labeled an Islamophobe.

Yet in Boko Haram's own words:

"I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah...There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women." (Emphases mine)

In fact the Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans has claimed that Boko Haram has been kidnapping girls for some time now. Its strategy is to marry the girls off and kill the non-Muslim men.

It is fair to say that there are Muslims who are against what this terrorist group has done. Following the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls, Muslims Against Terror declared that:

"The actions of Boko Haram are in clear contradiction of the tenets of Islam. Islam forbids the killing of innocent victims. Islam forbids the attack of women and children."

One "human rights lawyer" who is also an "adjunct professor of religious studies" and formerly associated with CAIR assures us that Boko Haram is misapplying the Qur'an. He claims the Qur'an rejects: “kidnapping young girls and threatening to sell them into sexual slavery.” Note that CAIR has had links with HAMAS and Hezbollah.

No amount of excuses can adequately cover Islam's consistent treatment of women in Islamic dominant countries. Contradictory statements by people professing the faith are a problem for apologists. As Robert Spencer notes, other Muslim scholars and verses in the Qur'an refuse to align with the professor's apologetics. And obviously that goes for Boko Haram as well.

Salwa al-Mutairi, a female Kuwaiti activist and former candidate for Kuwaiti parliament was asked whether sex slavery was forbidden by Islam. In response she asserted:

"Absolutely not. Sex slaves are not forbidden by Islam. On the contrary, sex slaves are under a different law than the free woman. The free woman must be completely covered except for her face and hands. But the sex slave can be naked from the waist up. She differs a lot from the free woman. While the free woman requires a marriage contract, the sex slave does not - she only needs to be purchased by her husband, and that's it. Therefore the sex slave is different than the free woman."

Of course, she is only faithfully following the guidance she sees in the Qur'an. Silas of Answering Islam cites a number of Qur'anic verses, and historical examples of women taken in conquest to illustrate that fact.

According to Sura 70:22-30:

"Not so the worshippers, who are steadfast in prayer, who set aside a due portion of their wealth for the beggar and for the deprived, who truly believe in the Day of Reckoning and dread the punishment of their Lord (for none is secure from the punishment of their Lord); who restrain their carnal desire (save with their wives and their slave girls, for these are lawful to them:  he that lusts after other than these is a transgressor..."

Sura 4:24:

"And all married women are forbidden unto you save those captives whom your right hand possesses. It is a decree of Allah for you."

Secular apologists for Islamic extremists tend to fall over themselves searching for conciliatory excuses for the violence these terrorists perpetrate on their victims. Along these lines, the 9-11 massacres were a product of poverty and/or America's interference in the Arab-Israeli conflict, or whatever excuse seems plausible for the occasion.

Yet reports suggest that wherever Islam dominates, minorities are oppressed, persecuted and often martyred. So much so that many fear that Christianity will all but disappear from the Middle East in the near future.

Raymond Ibrahim recently noted that about "100 to 200 million Christians are persecuted every year" and that "one Christian is martyred every five minutes." He points out that around 85% of that persecution occurs in Muslim majority countries; and that, while in 1900, 20% of the Middle East was Christian, it has now dwindled to less than 2%.

Scholar Mark Durie has broken down the meaning of the recitation of Al-Fatihah (1st chapter in the Qur'an). He concludes that, taken in its proper context:

"....the daily prayers of every Muslim, part of the core of Islam, include a rejection of Christians and Jews as misguided and objects of Allah’s wrath.”

In three months (January to March 2014) 1,407 French Jews immigrated to Israel. This is a significant uptake to previous years. Some have pointed to the Islamization of France as a large factor. Ironically, these people are migrating into a region where Islamic nations refuse to recognize a Jewish state.

More than just "misguided zealots" - groups such as Boko Haram, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and even al-Qaeda are simply obeying Allah.

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