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Tuesday, September 25, 2018   10:31:57 AM  
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Matthew  24 : 7
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
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The Disappearance
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Thursday, May 29, 2014
J.L. Robb

Suppose you woke up tomorrow morning, turned on the news to check the weather and there was no news, only a Please Stand By message from Homeland Security. You hit the remote, check CNN… same message. FOX News, BBC and local stations are the same, a message from homeland security. What would you think? What would you do?

In my life, there have been a lot of what would you do moments; but there was always an answer, something I would do to change or resolve the situation, or not. It wasn’t the end of the world. But what if it was?

This is what I like to write about.

When I started writing for Omega Letter in 2012, my first book, The End The Book: Part One, had been out for less than a year. Panic was enveloping much of the world as the Mayan Apocalypse of December 21, 2012 approached. Beach resorts in Mexico had parties, some a year long, waiting for The End. Of course, those of us who read Omega Letter or watch the news, knew that wasn’t going to happen. If Jesus didn’t know the day, the Mayan’s didn’t either, nor the Hopi nor Nostradamus. This was the setting for Book One out of the 7-book series.

This past weekend, I finished Part Four, The Disappearance and am now editing. Release is scheduled for August-September. The situation described above is what faces the characters in The End The Book: The Series.

Have you ever thought about how stunned you would be if you were walking down the street with your wife one night, a nice Spring night, holding her hand and sharing memories when suddenly your hand feels empty? You look to the left and she’s vanished. She was there; then she was not… in an instant.

Who would you call? How long would it take to pull yourself together? You turn at the sound of screaming and realize it’s happened to several people.

Here is an excerpt from The End: Part Three, Visions and Dreams. The scene is a wedding ceremony on a beach in Jamaica as midnight New Year’s Eve approaches. The ceremony is for the main character, Jeff Ross and his new bride, Samarra. Many attend, including ex-wife Melissa, his wife of twenty-five years who had been thought to be dead. Jeff was not a believer; Melissa was. He always told Melissa he might believe if he could only see a sign:

Suddenly the crowd felt movement beneath their feet as the ground began to shift, and Jeff tried to recall if Jamaica had an earthquake history; but then the ground stopped moving as suddenly as it started.

The witch doctor and Jake looked upward at the shape-forming light; and fear streaked across their faces, now plainly visible as the light intensity grew.  Melissa turned to face her children, but little Audry was the only one to speak.

“Goodbye, Mommy. I love you.”

From what had been a small white light, high in the Jamaican sky, a downward spire of brightness began to lower and the wind became silent. Suddenly, there were no sounds, no night crickets singing love songs, just silence.

Melissa smiled at Audry, held her arms just above her head and focused on the light. Then she looked over at Jeff and Samarra standing next to her; and held Jeff’s hand in her own.

“Listen to Abe,” she said, “and you will know the truth. God is not mythology.”

Melissa’s face glowed, she kissed him softly on the lips and made a final statement in a language he had heard but didn’t understand, Patois. The blip of light transformed into the light Jeff had seen in the past, except this time it was shaped… like a cross, a crucifix-type cross.

A loud voice descended out of heaven; but it wasn’t God, Jeff knew that for sure, for it was Melissa’s voice.

“Here’s a Sign.”

That was it, three little words. Then there was the bright flash, like the old Kodak Brownie flash cubes; and the light was gone. So was Melissa.

“Melissa!” Jeff shouted, but he knew she wasn’t there. She was holding his hand, and then she disappeared.

“She’s gone to be with God, Daddy.”

Jeff ignored Audry’s comment and continued to search for Melissa. Jake the Bellman, now a part of the crowd, saw Jeff glancing frantically, as was his new wife, up and down the cove.

“She be done disappeared, Mistuh Ross. I seen it wit my own eyeballs, I did.”

“What did she say, Jake? She was speaking Patois.”

Jake looked around the wedding crowd, mentally counting to see if anyone else disappeared.

“She be speakin’ to you, Mistuh Ross. She pray God forgive you for not b’lievin’ and she say…”

Jake’s voice drifted to silence, and the witch doctor spoke.

“De Lady uh de Sea sayin t’ings goin’ ta get riddy, riddy bad. Dat what she say.”

Think about that. I saw it wit my own eyeballs. I suppose that would certainly be a sign, only history shows that signs are easily forgotten.

The End The Book Part Four, The Disappearance, takes off where Part Three ends. The saga continues.

When people start disappearing, though not as many as had been thought, a certain meanness comes over the world. Manhattan has been virtually destroyed, the United States has been infiltrated, thanks to the friendly drug cartels in Mexico and a secret tunnel, by thousands of armed jihadist militants with one aim: Conquer the world for Allah and convert or kill everyone else.

One of the themes throughout the series is the role of nature: tremendous hailstorms like never before, a sudden rash of meteors threatening Earth, a Spanish Flu outbreak and poisoned fresh water supplies. God does not need man to help end the world as we know it, though I am convinced we will play a big part.

Here is a fact: Earth is a sitting target in the middle of the empty nothingness of space for many fly-by objects that could drastically change or end life on Earth as we know it, in an instant.

Today, May 29, 2014 a comet will fly by Earth at a distance of only 5-million miles. That appears like a long way off, but in the scheme of the universe, it’s phenomenally close. Yesterday, May 28, asteroid 2014 K45 missed us by less than 45,000 miles and was discovered May 27, the day before. Isn’t that warm and fuzzy?

COMET 209P/LINEAR FLIES BY EARTH: Today, Comet 209P/LINEAR is passing remarkably close to Earth. At a distance of only 5 million miles (0.0554 AU), it is making the 9th closest comet flyby in recorded history. ~Spaceweather.com,  May 29, 2014

Early Wednesday morning January 1st, while New Year's 2014 celebrations were still underway in the United States, the Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, AZ, collected a single track of observations with an immediate follow-up on what was possibly a very small asteroid 2-3 meters in size on a potential impact trajectory with the Earth.

Designated 2014 AA, which would make it the first asteroid discovery of 2014, the track of observations on the object allowed only an uncertain orbit to be calculated. However if this was a very small asteroid on an Earth impacting trajectory, it most likely hit the Earth's atmosphere last night sometime between 2 pm Wednesday and 9 am Thursday EST. ~NASA

I thank God for The Omega Letter every day; for all my new friends and the support from so many who are reading this series. It is a story that needs to be told, and it needs to be told to unbelievers and to many church-goers who know little about this subject matter… and there are many. This is probably the most ignored major event of the Bible and shouldn't be ignored at one’s peril. The 1st chapter in Revelation says as much.

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near. ~Revelation 1:3 NIV

I will end with an excerpt from Part Four and hope you will enjoy. I will start taking pre-orders for autographed copies next week.

THE END THE BOOK PART 4:The Disappearances: J.L. RobbThe Disappearance

“How does Wild Willy know all this Bible stuff?” The Admiral questioned. “I’ve never known him to be particularly religious.”

“Don’t know, Admiral. I think it might be his new girlfriend. I guess she’s a messianic Muslim or somethin’ weird.  Is there such a thing as a messianic Muslim?”

“I suppose there could be, Chadbo. We live in a crazy world.”

They sat silently, sipping their coffee. Outside, a lady in a blue dress and a small girl, maybe her daughter, pointed toward the horizon, both holding the other hand above their eyes, protecting them from the intense sunlight. The outdoor digital thermometer displayed 101, and it was still early. The lady’s blue dress blew violently in the constant wind.

“In spite of all this doom and gloom,” Chad said, interrupting the silence, “the most immediate concern is the loss of lunar orbit of so many asteroids.”

“Lunaroids,” The Admiral corrected, “and you’re right about that, Chadbo. Everyone used to think these meteors came one at a time. Now we know differently.”

“Admiral, let me ask you something,” Chad said in a near whisper.

“Go ahead. Ask away.”

“The last couple of months, I’ve been reading the Bible myself. I’ve never done it before. I mean, I’ve always sort of believed… I guess. I guess if I believed strong enough, I would have disappeared. My dad used to always talk about this disappearance.”

“The rapture?”

“Yeah, Admiral. The rapture. Wild Willy mentioned it several times, too. It’s on everyone’s mind. But what I’ve been wondering about is the part that talks about stars falling from the sky. It was a vision.

“Admiral, we both know stars can’t fall to Earth. I mean I guess they could collide with Earth, but the earth would melt before the star ever got here.”

“That’s correct. Everything would melt.”

“That’s the conflict,” Chad continued. “This vision of falling stars was probably meteors or large asteroids. We even call them ‘falling stars’ sometimes.”

“Well, Chadbo, there have certainly been a lot of them hitting us for the past couple of years. And it is getting worse.”

Keep looking up, and get a helmet!

About J. L. Robb

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