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Thursday, September 20, 2018   1:18:46 AM  
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Iran - What, Me Worry?
Israel - Middle East
Friday, August 01, 2014
Alf Cengia

I have some really great news for everyone. We could all use the change, right? So kick back, relax and set your feet up on the ottoman. Grab a cuppa of your favorite brew and make your self all nice and comfy. Take some slow deep breaths to find your ''inner peace.'' Now sing a few verses of Kumbaya...or the Qur'an. Take your pick.

There ya go - feel better now?

We alarmists have had it all wrong about the Iranian regime. I suppose I'm guilty as charged. I've only now had an enlightening little opinion piece come through my news feed. It isolates five important reasons why the Iranian threat is just a "smokescreen." It goes something like this....

The first reason is that Iran is not actually that irrational. See, I hadn't realized that rational was synonymous with safe and good. What is good? That's a great question for the philosophy buffs to munch on while they're enjoying their lattes and cookies. Still, I still have to wonder - were Mao and Stalin rational, safe and good all at once? The people who suffered and died under their regimes may not have thought so. But then, they were probably a tad biased.

Be assured, though, Iran is the most stable nation in the Middle East. Despite its consistent, belligerent rhetoric against Israel, and the fact that it supplies advanced weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas via its proxy Syria; there is no evidence that it directly participates in any direct armed conflict - at least not yet.

The next reason we don't have to worry relates to Iran bombing Israel. Well, we shouldn't worry because Iran is rational...and, oh, most of us don't happen to live anywhere near Israel. That always helps. But seriously, Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries and Muslims never, ever kill each other. Nor does the Iranian regime harbor any ill intent towards Israel and America:

"Battle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist… This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought… This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides." ~ Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

What's that? Don't worry about the Supreme leader; he's just a grumpy figurehead. Take another sip of your cuppa. Next...

Not all Iranians hate Jews. Well, that's true. In fact Christianity in Iran is growing in leaps and bounds. This is despite the fact that the Iranian regime oppresses Christians and hangs Muslim apostates. Just ask Pastor Saeed Abedini how he likes his surroundings. Or go ask the Christian under threat of having his lips burnt for eating during Ramadan. How disrespectful of him!

For some reason we also learn that Jews living in Iran chafe at the idea of Israel's incursion into Gaza. Well, I suspect Hamas is chaffing as well. And I'm sure the kindly Mullahs would look the other way at any verbal dissention against the regime. But that's another story.

Speaking of Jews, the Washington Post informs us that, following the mass exodus of the (peaceful?) 1979 Iranian revolution, the Jewish-Iranian population has stabilized. So it's all good. Mind you there are: "fewer than 30,000 Jews live in Iran today, compared with more than 100,000 in the 1970s."

But let's not get our underwear in a twist over trivial statistics. Just take another calming breath. Next...

Despite all that blustering rhetoric, the Iranian regime is apparently only too willing to co-operate in international diplomacy. It aims to assuage the United Nations' irrational fears that it is seeking a Nuclear Weapon. It's all for peaceful purposes. Why would they lie? How many times must the Supreme Leader tell the naysayers that he was kidding about Israel and America?

Also, don't listen to experts who claim the Mullahs have out-negotiated the West - especially if the expert is a former Israeli spy responding to the so-called Iranian threat. People act irrational when they think they're threatened, right?

But let's cut to the chase - why shouldn't Iran have a nuclear weapon if they want one? That's the real issue. After all, Israel and the U.S. have them. In fact the U..S is the only country which has used them "against civilians." And this brings us to the last point.

Wouldn't it be great if Iran had a nuclear weapon? It would even up the odds and help regional stability. It would be like passing around the proverbial peace pipe. Well, almost. I'm sure the Saudis would heartily agree because, when they found out that Iran might be looking for one, they immediately wanted one as well. But that's just an affirmation that the idea is working already! Agree?

Yes, Iran isn't perfect. All those human rights violations and hangings can be somewhat troublesome if you lose your focus. However, we shouldn't concern ourselves with what are, essentially, purely in-house matters. You're better off focusing on Israel and all its abominable human rights violations....especially Gaza!

How's that cuppa going? Need a refill?

Well, maybe not.

These lame defenses of Iran are perilously common. They ignore the fact that Iran supplies weapons to terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas. There is no sane reason to trust that a Nuclear Iran wouldn't arm Hezbollah with dirty bombs as well. The not-so subtle mentions of Gaza and the Jews highlight the fact that the exercise is really about Israel.

To my mind this latest conflict between Israel and Hamas has signaled a Distinct Change in the world. The "conflict machine" has ratcheted at least one cog forward and I suspect the situation cannot be reversed.

Global hatred of Jews and Israel has reached boiling point. There have even been references to a second Kristallnacht in France. The Islamist extremists are out of control while Iran is quietly waiting in the sidelines, ready to pick up the pieces.

Anything could happen now.

Despite the frosty diplomacy, Israel knows the current US Administration does not have its back. No one does. One of Israel's major faults is its unhealthy dependence on the United States, rather than its true Savior. In time that will change - if God's word is true.

And it is.

I will return again to my place, until they [Israel] acknowledge their guilt and seek my face, and in their distress earnestly seek me. (Hosea 5:15)

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