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Saturday, September 22, 2018   7:29:58 AM  
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The Islamic State & Faerie Land
Terror - Islam
Friday, August 29, 2014
Alf Cengia

My title uses the word faerie as opposed to fairy for the sake of the millennial generation. A long time ago there was a different meaning assigned to the word. You know, just like gay used to be the antonym of curmudgeonly.

Anyway, it was inevitable I suppose. ISIS, or the Islamic State, has been compared to Israel - as in birds of a feather. A certain cleric recently tweeted:

"What is the difference between ISIS and Israel? In one sentence."

That caption was set above a graphic of bombs going off with the heading: "ISIS on Israel's border." The inference likely being that Israel (ISIS) is also operating on the Gaza-Israeli border. One response was that the difference was in the name.

But forget putting it into a simple sentence, here's a nice once-upon-a-time faerie story for ya:

The difference between Israel and the Islamic state is that one risks one's life setting foot in Israel. Those Jews are an intolerant bunch who would just as soon decapitate you if you happen to stare at them too long. Christians are fleeing Israel in droves.

On the other hand those ISIS chaps are a friendly party-loving bunch. They've come from all over the world to make sure that people - especially Christians - have a great time in Iraq and Syria. Iraq's tourism industry is booming as a result. Christians are fighting to get flight tickets to Baghdad where they can hire jeeps to drive north to where the ISIS boys are throwing the parties.

You should try it. But don't let all that fun go to your head....you might lose it.

I appreciated President Obama's comforting speech following the death of journalist James Foley. What an unfortunate accident that was! And what leadership skills Pres. Obama displayed in taking precious personal time out to comfort America! He set us right about what's really occurring in Iraq. But that's what it's all about in Faerie Land.

President Obama affirmed that ISIL speaks for no religion, that their victims were overwhelmingly Muslim and that no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. He asserted that "no just god" would stand for what ISIL does every single day.

In fact he paid superficial attention to the Christian genocide, while attempting to sanitize Islam.

Obama has a track record of viewing Islam through rose-tinted glasses and it shows in his policies. Iran is "strategic" rather than "impulsive." So, forget about the annihilating Israel narrative and the weapons supply line to Hezbollah. He believes Iran responds to costs and benefits and will respond to incentives.

Cozying up to Iran is part of his smaller American footprint strategy. The Iranian regime and Czar Putin would undoubtedly agree that it has been effective so far. On that point, David Goldman (Spengler) noted that, while some of George W. Bush's decisions may have been feckless, Obama is mad. He also wrote that:

"Ultimately, ISIS is a distraction. The problem is Iran. Without Iran, Hamas would have no capacity to strike Israel beyond a few dozen kilometers past the Gaza border."

Spengler is right about the Iranian danger. However, he has underestimates ISIS which is capable of bringing down the Iraqi infrastructure. It draws its manpower resources from cells around the world - especially in the West. Journalist James Foley's murderer is believed to have come from the United Kingdom. It also appears to be well funded.

Soeren Kern writes:

"Austria figures prominently in a map produced by the IS that outlines the group's five-year plan for expanding its caliphate into Europe, and has emerged as a central hub for jihadists seeking to fight in Syria....In Vienna, supporters of the jihadist group Islamic State [IS] have set up a "fan club" to promote holy war. They sell camouflage baseball caps emblazoned with the IS logo and T-shirts with terrorist messages in Arabic."

Fox's Greg Gutfleld claims that up to 3000 ISIS fighters are Brits with passports and who are able to return home any time. How many dissatisfied, young Americans might do the same?

Like Obama, others wish to correct us regarding the relationship between ISIS and Islam. Don't blame Islam is the meme. Not surprisingly, Dutch official Yasmina Haifi recently tweeted:

"ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It is a preconceived plan of Zionists who want to deliberately make Islam look bad."

You cannot trust those sneaky Zionists! It takes some discernment to see that they are behind the world's problems normally associated with Islam. Then another writer sees America as possibly complicit, and suspects a sectarian nature to ISIS:

"...the fact that ISIS can suddenly capture a huge amount of wealth and American weaponry as well as the entire city of Mosul, where no shot was fired, without the US batting so much as an eyelid leads to further questions. Add in to this the horrific nature of many of ISIS's "PR" releases which are highly sectarian in nature."

In fact ISIS believes it is doing Allah's will when murdering infidels and lukewarm Muslims. These men were taught the Qur'an in Mosques via Imams in Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

To his credit, Muslim apologist Michael Ghouse condemns these terrorists. He has even set up Muslim prayers for Christians, Yazidis, Shia and others in Iraq and Syria threatened by ISIS. Ghouse goes to great pains to show that ISIS misinterprets Islam. But do they?

The Qur'an speaks for itself when one takes it at face-value:

Suras 4:74-76, 9:29, 9:111 and 9:123 admonish believers to fight for the cause of Allah against unbelievers and friends of Satan. When believers are killed they will receive their reward. It's that simple.

That these verses are to be taken literally is shown in Muhammad's own example. This was how he spread Islam. ISIS is merely copying his exploits. They want a world-wide Islamic Caliphate whether the world wants it or not.

It's rather ironic to me that the West works assiduously to flush Christianity from schools and the public arena, yet it routinely kowtows to Islam.

It is also insane.

Far from being a faerie story; this is a Steven King nightmare.

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