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Tuesday, September 18, 2018   3:41:17 PM  
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Jochebed: The Woman Who Changed the World
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Thursday, September 04, 2014
J.L. Robb

I promised myself this week’s article would not be about ISIS/ISIL/IS or whatever the heck they call themselves this week, maybe the JV team?

And I am not. I won’t even mention the 11 missing jetliners in Libya that was on the news yesterday. I also will not mention the beheading of yet another American citizen. No problem, the President is working on “containing the cancer,” or something like that, from the 9th hole. Here is a great commentary on what ISIS really is, by Dr. Michael Joseph.  

I love Bible history, Christian history and history of religions in general. That interest started after a Hal Lindsey book four decades ago. While beginning my trek, I became like many new believers… obsessed.

One of the many things discovered on this journey is how little I really knew, and that continues. With the Bible, the more I read; the more I realize how little I really know. For instance, a few years ago an atheist asked me who Noah’s wife was. I dug out my Bible, this was pre-internet, and turned to Genesis. It turns out Noah’s wife’s name was never mentioned.

At least until the recent Noah movie. Somehow, in the movie we learn Noah’s wife’s name, something the Bible omitted. I suppose that was one of the many reasons the movie lost $50,000,000 or thereabouts in the United States. Hollywood seems to think we are all idiots. Make a religious movie and they will come. Didn’t happen.

This week I heard a name from the Bible, Jochebed, thanks to Charisma News, a name of which I was unfamiliar.  It sounded like a good Jeopardy question, one I would’ve missed. I can hear it now: Jerry, the good news is you get to go first in Double Jeopardy. Thanks.

Do you ever wonder how different the world would be had it not been for Jochebed? Well, neither do I.

Jochebed was quite a woman, raising three kids, all of whom became quite important in ancient Israeli history about 3,600 years ago. This Hebrew woman, a slave in Egypt, had no idea of her future impact on the world. Because of Jochebed, the world today is at the brink of a world-wide war(s). Because of Jochebed, we have Western law. Because of Jochebed, a hero of sort to Jewish women today, the Word of God spread from a small community in the deserts of the Middle East along the eastern Mediterranean coast, to the entire world.

After nearly 400 years of slavery at the hands of the Egyptians, the Pharaoh became worried about the Hebrews. The women had many children, propagating the species, resulting in a heavy population, possibly as many as a million. The Muslim population does the same today in the lands to which they have immigrated, having babies and growing their population so they can control. With only two children, Jochebed was an exception- an understatement.

In an effort to control the Hebrew population, Pharaoh ordered that all newborn boys be thrown in the river Nile. This was bad news for Jochebed, as she was on the verge of having her third child. With the help of friends and her two children, she managed to keep her baby boy hidden for three months. Jochebed’s daughter, Miriam, took the small child, placed him in a reed basket with lid, coated in pitch for waterproofing and placed him in the river.

Most of us know the rest of the story to some extent.

Pharaoh’s daughter just happened to see the basket (this was not a coincidence), gazed upon the small boy’s face and fell in love. She named the boy Moses which meant “drawn out” as in drawn out of the water. Miriam, who had watched carefully to see if her brother would be rescued was thrilled and proposed to Pharaoh’s daughter that she might find a “Hebrew woman” to nurse the baby if she so wished; and she did… Jochebed. At this point, Jochebed’s oldest child, Moses’ big brother, was Aaron. He remained in the background for the moment.

When Moses became a man, a man of royalty, he discovered his Hebrew roots. There was no ancestry.com back then, but his investigation led him to his biological mother, Jochebed. He learned the history of the Hebrews, how the tribes of Jacob had at first been welcomed with applause and cheer upon their entry to Egypt, only to become enslaved a few years later.

After killing an Egyptian, Moses is banned to the desert. He gets married eventually and one day hears a voice, much to his surprise. It is the voice of YAHWEH, the Hebrew God that Moses did not yet know. God tells Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him to “Let My people go.”

Now who would want that job? Go to the leader of the most powerful country on Earth at the time and tell him to release his labor force or else he would have a really bad day. No thanks. Moses didn’t really want the job either, so he suggested his big brother Aaron might be interested, explaining that Aaron was not cursed with speaking difficulties and would make a better presentation.

God agreed with Moses, but Moses did not get out of the job. He was instructed to go to Pharaoh and take Aaron along as his speaker. Eventually, after ten of the world’s worst plagues against mankind in a short period of time, Pharaoh let God’s people go.

Moses led 600,000+ Hebrews through the Red (or Reed) Sea and across the Sinai Desert and eventually to the land of Canaan. Unfortunately the Canaanites, the ancestors of modern-day Arabs, did not particularly like the Hebrew people, just like today. They went to war; and like today, the Israelites kicked the you-know-what’s of the Arab precursors.

Jochebed had no idea that she would produce three progeny who would all play a huge role in modern world beliefs in 2014 A.D.

Miriam, the daughter who adored and protected her new little brother from certain death; the daughter who placed him in the river and stood watch for his safety.

Aaron, the son who would become Moses’ spokesman in one of the most miraculous stories in the history of mankind.

Moses, the lost son who returned to his mother, Jochebed, after so many years, healing her aching heart. From Moses, the world received the Law of Moses which is the basis for all Western Law, though the West is quickly denigrating those laws of God.

Moses, the son who led the Israelites to safety, booted the Arab ancestors out of Canaan at the insistence of God Himself (Moses was willing to share the land; but the Canaanites would have none of it, just like today) and brought the Hebrew belief in a single God to the entire world today. All because of Jochebed, a woman whom I did not recognize by name a week ago. Which is the point of this article.

Jochebed, unknowingly, led to the history of Israel as we know it today. Her three children played key roles in the execution of God’s Grand Plan. The Arabs of that day hated the Semites (though they were also Semites), hated the Semites after they were called Jews and in 632 A.D. at the death of Muhammad (not sure what he ever prophesied) the Arab descendants of Canaan declared war against Jews, Christians and various and assorted Muslims if they were members of the wrong Muslim sect-Shi’a or Sunni.

Today the descendants of Canaan are still creating havoc, the worst havoc the world has ever seen since the Holocaust. Today they call themselves ISIS/ISIL or Islamic State. In my The End The Book series, they are called Jihad’s Warriors. Their intent is to rule the world and kill anyone who does not believe their way. We are watching it happen on TV.

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