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Monday, September 24, 2018   3:24:28 PM  
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The Past is Prologue
Prophecy - Signs
Monday, September 08, 2014
Pete Garcia

I’ve often wondered if any high ranking members of the intelligentsia ever read Pre-Tribulation prophecy forums.  Chances are, they don’t.  But if they did, they might understand why the world is moving in the direction that it is.  They might understand that all that we see, has already been foretold by the prophets of old.

Like the Pharaoh of old, they have hardened their hearts, and their minds have been blinded by the god of this age. [2 Cor. 4:3-4]   Since they don’t, we as a society are doomed to repeat the same mistakes because the powers that be, think they can outsmart God.

So in the off chance that there are high ranking members of the elite reading the Omega Letter, let me put my own personal assessment out there of where I see the world in 2020.  I won’t put 2030 out there, simply because I don’t think we’ll be here by then, but here is where I see things going in the meantime, simply off the way the Bible states they are going to go.

I will caveat this by saying I am not dogmatic on any of these points, only that in my understanding of geo-politics and military affairs, this is what I see trending.  I marry that up with what I know the Scriptures outline what will happen, and these seem the most logical.

1.  Europe will rise to fill the void of a declining US.  This seems counterintuitive to almost all the ‘experts’ out there, but only because their looking at the current issues the Euro (currency) and Euro-skepticism (rising nationalism) are currently having within the EU.  At some future point, a technology will be developed (or is currently in the process of being developed), which will provide the currency solution to the EU, which will allow them to become the economic juggernaut of the global economy.  The decline of the US will force the EU to fill that role.  [Daniel 2:31-43, 7, 9:24-27; Rev. 13:1-9]

2.  The decline of the US, will by necessity, result in the United Nations relocating outside the US and handing over the permanent American seat on the Security Council to that of a combined EU one, which would also knock off the two individual seats France and the UK currently hold.

Of the five current seats (US, Russia, China, France, and UK), three will go to the EU, and Russia will abdicate their seat (give up or will be forced too over Ukraine) as will their ally China (over current South Pacific belligerencies).  In other words, the EU will hold control over the Security Council, but will in fact, represent what was the United States, Australia, Canada, and all of Europe, for a combined population of over 1 billion.  Potential candidates for the remaining seats include Israel, Brazil, and India.

3.  The rise and morphing of NATO into an EU Defence force.  “Peace and Security” is literally written into the founding documents of the Charter for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  NATO has two aspects to it, a political one, and then a military one (for when diplomacy fails).  The infrastructure for NATO is very developed, and has in its charter, 28 member nations.  With over a decade of participating in all levels of the War on Terror, NATO has refined and honed their military capabilities.  We can already see the merging of military leadership both here and abroad with bi-lateral military partnerships with several European nations.  If the US collapses economically, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see US military power being bought out, or brought over to augment and fill the ranks of NATO.

4.  The ‘Kings of the East’ will continue to rise in power, but will not move against the west until an appointed time, inside of the time period known as the ‘Tribulation’.  The Asian Pivot, was meant as a ruse to preemptively warn China from getting too aggressive, but seeing as they hold our purse strings, not much more than stern language will come from this side of the Pacific.  If the US collapses, former US allies like Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines will have to rethink their strategies and realign either behind China or India.  [Rev. 9:14-17, 16:12]

5.  Despite Israel’s enemies, best efforts to destroy her, their attempts to wipe Israel off the map will cause them to be involved in three future wars; Psalm 83/Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38-39, and Revelation 19.  The first two remove Israel’s near and far threats, and enlarges her current borders beyond her current environs.  The last is a global coalition that seeks to come against the Antichrist’s headquarters (in Jerusalem) and end up trying to fight against Jesus Christ as He returns…which is a losing battle before it even starts.  [Zech. 14:1-15; Rev. 16:14, 16; Matt. 24:22]

6.  The world will continue to move in a regionalist, globalist direction.  By this, individual states will decline, and regions will align to become power demographics.  See the rise in transnational groups taking predominance over individual ones: UN, EU, ASEAN, UfM, SCO, NAFTA, OPEC, etc.

7.  The single most important piece of power anyone on the planet has, is information.  Since technology was used to vastly increase that one resource, it is also the one thing that the powers-that-be, seek to control.  That same technology that has enabled so much freedom of information, will also be used to turn that flow of information off, or to manipulate and shape whatever message the powers want us to know.  Media is already doing this.  Technology is being steered to become compatible with all other systems, and once these systems are integrated; data collection, monitoring, and censorship will be in place to shut down freedom of speech everywhere.

8.  Fiat currency will go the way of the public pay phone.  Currency will go digital, with bio-metrics systems built into them that make identity theft and fraud a thing of the past.  But everything is hack-erable these days, so at some point, this currency tech will have to move ‘the mark’ into the user, to ensure that only those whose specific biometrics can appropriately use the system, can.  Then comes the access into the loyalty system, only those loyal to the system, have access to the system.  And whoever ends up controlling this system, will be able to absolutely control who buys and sells anything.  The removal of cash also reduces the black markets from operating outside of the boundaries of the aforementioned controlling agencies.  [Rev. 13:16-17]

Two Points to Consider:

Military Industrial Complex

The United States spent much of its first 200 years, really on par with the rest of the world in regards to weapons development and capabilities…even up through World War I.  In fact, we would even be really slightly behind the European Central powers when it came to weapons development by WWI.

The American’s didn’t surpass the European’s by means of technology; they did it by means of mass production.  And it wouldn’t be until we created the Atomic Bomb, and used it against the Japanese, that we achieved weapons superiority.  The Military Industrial Complex and the Space Program then launched into massive research and production development in all areas so that the US would continue to dominate in: Land, Sea, Air, Space, and now Cyberspace.

But that begs the question; for all the money we spent, who did we end up fighting for the better part of 70 years? 

Second and third world countries, with either antiquated weapons and/or untrained armies.

My question then is; why?

Why did we get sucked into: Korea, Vietnam, Beirut, Gulf War, Iraq War, and Afghanistan?  With the exception of the Gulf war, the rest were drawn out, no-win scenarios.  I mean, we won the battles whole heartedly, but we lost the wars; or at the least, they were considered draws by nations that spent a fraction of what we spent on our build up since World War II? 

Which leads to a subsequent question of why?  Why did we expend so much time, money, and energy building these gigantic weapon systems, only to get involved in rinky-dink countries where tens of thousands of our best and brightest, died?  Did we not anticipate that our enemies would resort to guerilla warfare since they couldn’t compete with our vastly superior weapon systems? 

The Pattern

If you look past all the geo-political chaos, all the diplomatic hubbub and media clips, what is the one common theme that keeps reoccurring all over the Islamic nations?  Actually, there are two common themes, but only one of which I’ll focus on today.  The first you know, is that a coalition is building against the nation of Israel.  That’s pretty obvious.

But what is happening in places like Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq?  What is being reported by the alternative press, but all but ignored in by the mainstream press?  It is nothing short of the final stages for the eradication and extinction of Christianity in the Middle East, or at least, that’s Satan’s end state.  The truth is that Holy Spirit is still moving many hundreds to thousands to Christ through modern technology, dreams, and visions in a very real, powerful, way.

But as bad as Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gaddafi, and Mubarak were, or Bashar Al Assad is, they still at least, tolerated Christians.   But things are speeding up, and Satan is overturning his regional commands in order to bring in more radically violent leaders to officially purge an already spiritually oppressed area.

Now, pretend your Satan for a moment, and you know that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is true…but you have no idea when it will be.  What would you do?  If I were him (and I’m glad I’m not), my first goal would be to establish my own Satanic caliphate.  In order to do that, I would first remove any vestiges of my sworn enemy, Christians and Christianity, from within my kingdom. 

Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.  And the devil said to Him, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours.”  Luke 4:5-7 NKJV

But we also know that God the Holy Spirit restrains Satan from completely enveloping the world through the Church (who as the Body of Christ is ‘salt’ and ‘light’).  So this means that Satan (as a finite being) is limited to when and where he can control.  But we know he has spiritual strongholds over regional areas, and these areas are the ones he seeks to eradicate, even the tiniest vestige of Christianity.  Satan is seeking to establish a ‘Christian-Free’ zone that will be least impacted when the Rapture of the Church happens, so as to be least impacted by the sudden removal of millions of citizens.


Now marry that satanic concept together, with a state of the art, global information monitoring and controlling technology, along with a financial system that ties the whole world in together economically, and add the world’s most powerful military…which happens to belong to a nation that is suffering from an aggressive and rapid case of moral, ethical, financial, and spiritual deprivation, and you have a polygamous marriage made in hell.  It will be a world superpower, energized by Satan himself, who can control all buying and selling, who can listen in on every conversation, every message sent online, and who has spent the better part of 70 years perfecting the art of crushing citizen uprisings, guerilla warfare, and asymmetric battles …and you will see what the saints in the Tribulation will be up against.

It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.  Rev. 13:7

And since there is no mention of a great western power resembling anything like the United States, anywhere in Scriptures, we have to assume that the “Prince who is to come”, in fact comes from somewhere from within the old Roman Empire. (Daniel 9:26).  Who that is exactly, we won’t know this side of the Rapture, but he will come at his appointed time.

The US experiment, particularly with us playing the role of the world’s superpower, only comprises a short period of time.  (70 years roughly) Power is moving back to where it has been traditionally throughout history.  And seeing that we are already in a rapid state of decline nationally, and it would take decades to put the EU where the US is now militarily, the only logical conclusion I could come up with, is that the transfer of power shifts back eastward, to our mother countries of…Europe, where power was centered since the days of Alexander the Great. 

That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

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