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The Proof is in the Archeological Pudding
In Defense of the Faith
Thursday, September 18, 2014
J.L. Robb

In Israel, the hills are alive but not with the sound of music. Across the landscape in the 18th century, archeologists in The Holy Land discovered that many of the hills across the desolate land had surprises underneath. Over the centuries, cities and villages, long destroyed, abandoned and forgotten had been covered with sand and dust. Marvelous discoveries have been made since, proof for those who need such.

One hears a lot of accusations on the news these days, accusations that Jerusalem was never Israel’s capital in the past; accusations that the Jews who populate Israel today aren’t really descendants of Israel; accusations that Muslims are now the chosen people since the Jews and Christians were such a disappointment to God. Of course, that philosophy would mean God is a liar, which He is not.

His eternal covenant was with Abraham’s descendants through Isaac and Jacob- not Ismael, the illegitimate son. However, these accusations are picked up and spun in the media and madrassas; and before long, we the lemmings believe it. At least some of us do.

In 1993-94 the Tel Dan Stele was discovered. The word tel simply means mound or hill. The mound beneath which the ancient city of Dan was discovered, yielded great treasures about the validity of the Bible’s (Tanach) version of ancient Israeli history.

One such treasure was the stele, though fragmented, which verified biblical history to that point in time and has been dated to about 950 BC. The writing is in Hebrew/Aramaic and discusses the conquering of an Israeli King. The stele goes on to mention the House of David. For those who are of the Islamic faith, the House of David was Israel since he was King. The City of David was, and is, Jerusalem, the capital of ancient Israel and modern Israel.

Dr. Clifford Wilson, once Director of the Australian Institute of Archeology, died in 2012. With multiple collegiate accolades, Dr. Wilson was a renowned scientist who, the more he dug, the more he believed. When asked in an interview what was his most notable hands-on experience, he described the digs at Gezer.

“…we found evidences of a civilization which had Egyptian and Canaanite artefacts with a Solomonic wall nearby. The team found little god-figures and the like; I was in charge of that area. All the excavation leaders were very excited because they realized the ash was from the time when the Egyptians had burned the city of Gezer and then handed it over to Solomon as a wedding present when he married the Pharaoh’s daughter.”

Dr. Wilson confirmed the biblical significance of the find and referred to 1 Kings 9:16:

“(Pharaoh king of Egypt had attacked and captured Gezer. He had set it on fire. He killed its Canaanite inhabitants and then gave it as a wedding gift to his daughter, Solomon’s wife.”

Asked in the interview if he could recall other experiences verifying the truth in Genesis, he spoke of Ebla in North Syria. In the ‘70s, tablets were discovered at Ebla that spoke of the “creation” of mankind. These tablets predated Moses.

Isn’t that interesting?

In my life I have wondered if Moses could have known the story about the creation of man and had he heard the story before he wrote it, possibly in Egypt? Did Moses, in 1,500 BC know through writings, about Abraham and the Chaldeans? Did ancient man start believing in gods because there were rumors from the past, ancient legends of a God or gods, or something? To discover tablets that speak of the creation pre-Moses was contradictory to the teachings by the priests that the creation story didn’t make it into the Torah until the time of Ezra. Maybe that’s why we never hear much about the creation tablets of Ebla, because it contradicted biblical teaching.

The same thing happened with Jesus to an extent. Jesus contradicted Rabbinic teaching because there was no Israeli victory over the Romans, and Jesus did not come riding in on a large white horse but on a donkey. A King would never ride in on a donkey. So the Rabbis 2,000 years ago spun the story, denied the Messiah that had been born especially for the Jews and began a seductive brainwashing of their flocks (lemmings) that Jesus could not be who He said He was because it contradicted their teachings at the time.

Only there were texts that perfectly described Jesus and even gave names: Immanuel; King of Kings; Prince of Peace; Son of the Most High. He is called all these names in today’s world, yet they still deny the facts. Maybe that is why the ancient Jews did not win the war against Rome, or any other war for nearly 2,000 years- because Israel was no more. God apparently was not pleased with their rejection of His Great Gift.

This past week, another archeological find was noted, the largest monument ever discovered, a monument dedicated to the moon god. The moon god was THE deity during Muhammad’s days on Earth. Many scholars through the years have claimed that Allah was the name of the moon god of Muhammad’s day, but two weeks ago one would be hard-pressed to find any validation of such. Wikipedia and other sources seem to claim the opposite- more spin. Tell the flock a lie long enough, and they will believe it. That, of course, happens in all religions.

Will the internet sources go back and re-spin now that this discovery has been made in Israel, a discovery that pre-dates the pyramids of Egypt?

“A 5,000 years old (3050 B.C. to 2650 B.C.) massive stone monument structure in the shape of a lunar-crescent stone has been identified 8 miles northwest of the Sea of Galilee in Israel which confirms to the oldest reference to Allah, Islam and its practice.” ~ Walid Shoebat 

Walid Shoebat is notable because of his background: Former Muslim Brotherhood member and now an ardent Christian. He spends his life telling of the illusions of Islam.

When I began my journey to better understand God, the Almighty, I bought a subscription to Bible Archeology Review. As ignorant as I was in 1979 concerning Judaism, Christianity and Islam, I still knew that if there was “proof the Bible is true” it would be in the Archeological pudding.

I went to Home Depot yesterday to buy a new shovel. I’m going to dig up the backyard. There’s just no telling what might be down there.

About J.L. Robb

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