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Tuesday, September 18, 2018   1:52:38 PM  
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This Serpent Has Legs
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Thursday, October 02, 2014
J.L. Robb

In the newly released The End-Part Four, The Disappearance, the lead character continues to anguish over what he had seen. Jeff had always wanted a sign of some kind, a sign or miracle or something that would prove God is reality instead of mythology. Supposedly, Jesus had provided all sorts of signs for the apostles and large crowds of people: healings, bringing the dead back to life, walking on water, feeding thousands with a few loaves of bread, resurrecting. How simple it would be if every unbeliever could see these sorts of signs.

Of course, there had been plenty of signs in Jeff’s life, he just failed to recognize them. Is that the way it is with us?

The Bible is full of all kinds of remarkable and unbelievable stories of God’s intervention with mankind; and if they ever do find a 450-foot boat on Mt. Ararat with traces of tar and bitumen, that would surely be proof. How would a large boat get to the top of a mountain unless it was built there or floated there? Evidence that this relic from the past has been found but hushed-up by the powers that be have been rumored for years.

I am a Bible student, not a Bible scholar; and every time I study the Bible I only become more amazed at the stories and the proofs that have come to light in the last 100 years, from the Dead Sea Scrolls to snakes with legs.

“So the LORD God said to the serpent, ‘Because you have done this, Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.’” ~ Genesis 3:14 NIV

On March 17, 2000, a report in Science Daily details the results of a fossil discovery in Israel, discovered in “95 million year old” sediment. Common zoological belief at the time had snakes originating as seafaring creatures. There were no legs on snakes, never had been; and this discovery was mind-blowing in the life sciences communities.

As a kid, I never really thought about snakes having feet and assumed they had always “crawled on their belly like a reptile.” When I graduated with a degree in zoology, I knew for sure that snakes never had legs. That is what’s so awesome about the Bible. The mysteries are slowly being solved, usually by these accidental discoveries. Now there is a whole new field of science trying to determine how snakes lost their limbs, and theories abound.

The discovery of the fossils near Jerusalem offers yet another “proof” that the Bible is accurate in its entirety, even in details about snakes having legs and then, not. As science tries to figure out, not only how snakes lost their legs but how they got them in the first place, Genesis has the answer in the third chapter of the book. God did it, a curse on the serpent for all time because he brought temptation into the world. The world would be far different had that story not happened.

Recent theory suggests that the creature really wasn’t a serpent at all, and who knows for sure? But that introduces another question: If it wasn’t true, why was it written in the first place? Most writing 4,000 years ago was chiseled into rocks, so there weren’t many novels. What they chiseled was what they had seen or heard.

We don’t hear much about this discovery of snakes with legs, like we don’t hear much about Noah’s Ark discoveries, except that the discoveries are just rumors. To me, these are signs that prove the validity of the Bible for the unbeliever who cares to open his mind, transform his logic and have a chance at the next life.

Why are some so resistant to the signs that are obvious? The ancient Hebrews had one sign after another but still built idols out of rocks and minerals to worship, a big no-no. If we truly did find Noah’s Ark with DNA samples from numerous animal species, would the scientific community and the media promote the find or would they quash it like has happened so many times in the past?

Even though the Hebrews saw the signs- they were difficult to miss- the memory of such was brief. I guess it’s the same today.

Jeff finally gets his sign in Part Three of The End series, a sign that was undeniable; but he still has trouble acknowledging what he saw with his own eyes, as described below, from Part Four.

Melissa gives the kids a big hug, turns and walks over to Samarra and Jeff. It is nearly midnight, and her head suddenly feels light. Her skin tingles and tiny goose bumps appear. She truly is happy for the newlyweds. She glances skyward, searching for the star and is startled to see how much closer it is. Maybe it’s an airplane, she thought quietly.

As midnight approaches, less than five seconds away, Melissa kisses Jeffrey Ross on the cheek and squeezes his hand gently. The white light in the sky grows in intensity and moves high above the beaches of Jamaica’s south shore; and the crowd stared, mesmerized or too frightened to move. Melissa’s parting words will forever stay in Jeff’s mind.

“Here’s a sign, Jeffrey,” and with that she rises into the air, quickly toward the white light, now more like the midday sun, and disappeared. The star quickly dimmed and then it too disappeared, and silence lingered with the small crowd. The Voodoo priest who spent the evening talking with anyone who would listen, about “de Lady of de Sea” and how she saved him for Jesus, was nowhere to be seen.

Tomorrow the LEFT BEHIND movie, starring Nicolas Cage, will hit the big screen. Unlike the first movie several years ago, this one is being heavily promoted. This is a fictional account of what is called the rapture and is based on a disappearance of believers just before the really bad stuff starts happening. This theory, known as the pre-tribulation rapture, is disputed by those who believe the rapture will happen in the middle of the 7-year tribulation (mid-tribulation rapture) and those who believe it happens at the end of the tribulation (post-tribulation rapture). And then there are Christians that don’t believe this disappearance will happen at all.

That of course would mean the Bible is inaccurate. It’s not. If Christianity proclaims the Bible as the inerrant word of God, they have to also believe the parts that speak of this coming disappearance.

I hope everyone reading this will go see LEFT BEHIND. It will be thought provoking. My series has a little different slant but the bottom line is the same.

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