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Walking the Walk
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Thursday, October 16, 2014
J.L. Robb

“He talks-the-talk, but he sure don’t walk-the-walk.” I heard a lady say that the other day.

How many times have you heard that? I hear it a lot among my Christian friends and even find myself repeating the quote from time-to-time. Walk the walk… that’s the hard part.

Growing up in the South may not have been any different than growing up anywhere else in the United States 60 years ago, at least any place rural. There was a good dose of honesty and God; and few if any kidnappings, armed robberies and child molestations occurred. If someone molested a kid, the likelihood of making it to the police station was not good.

My parents usually left the doors unlocked; and in the summer, parking lots were full of cars with the windows left down.  Next time you go shopping, check to see how many cars have been parked with their windows down.

The divorce rate in 1900 was .7 divorces/1000 people. Now it is 3.6, a 514% increase. In England and Wales, the total number of divorces in 1858 was 24 per year. By 1958 the rate climbed to 22,000 per year. The rate in 2012 was 118,000, annually.

It seems like more folk walked the walk sixty years ago than today. There’s a reason for that.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” ~Proverbs 9:10 NIV

There’s not much fear of the LORD going on in today’s progressive world. We’re too smart and too busy. Plus, we have the football playoffs and ballet lessons and are often just too busy for an hour church service each week. Volunteerism continues its decline, probably generated by the weak economy that the government keeps telling us is booming, and the decline in morality.

Food prices are at an all-time high, so we remove a monument from a school because it dares to reference the New Testament.

Much of the Europe is suffering from unprecedented weather, so they decide to lessen the pedophilia laws.

Last month a volcano suddenly erupts with no warning and kills fifty; and Scandinavia opens yet another “animal brothel” for those who have a thing, not for the same sex but for… you got it. Where will it all end?

A small asteroid crashes outside the capital of Nicaragua last week, leaving a fifty-foot crater, and South America is embracing the occult.

The Ebola pandemic-in-waiting has made its way out of Africa for the first time in forty years, and the world worries about which bathroom a transgender should use. Liberia just ordered 79,000 body bags, and this could explain why the U.S. government has purchased so many the past year.

Apparently, a lot of the world’s population is not walking-the-walk or talking-the-talk.  Things keep getting worse, though we are told things are just groovy. God keeps sending us warnings, but the world seems to think it’s only coincidence.

So the past couple of weeks I have been checking on some Christian websites and have discovered that there are many there that do walk-the-walk. One conversation was about Joel Osteen and there were many comments about him not walking-the-walk. I’m not a big Osteen fan because I’m not much on prosperity preaching, since the preacher always seems to prosper more than the flock. However, I imagine Joel walks more than many.

I asked one guy if he walked-the-walk, and he said, “Of course I do.”

When I asked him what that meant, he wrote that he walked in Jesus’ shoes.

“So you don’t eat catfish or locusts?” I asked, and he readily acknowledged loving catfish but no to the locusts.

“What about tattoos? Is that a tattoo I see in your photo?” It was.

“Ever steal a Sweet & Low or pack of sugar from a restaurant?” I continued. “Ever say something bad about someone when you knew it wasn’t exactly true?”

Finally he wrote: “What’s your point?” I could hear his frown.

I did explain that I wasn’t criticizing, just trying to determine what walk-the-walk means in this day and age. I apologized and assured him that I did not walk-the-walk way too often too.

Walking the walk in the sandals of Jesus would be tough. He was and is, sinless. We will never be, no matter how hard we try. We just often have trouble noting our own sin and flaws, at least I do.

When I first read the Law of Moses, I decided I would try it to see if I could follow those numerous rules from God. That lasted about 3.2 hours. I knew right away that trying to be sinless would surely develop into a neuroses of some sort. It was as impossible as following 613 or so Jewish laws. Some things are simply impossible.

Jesus followed the Law, had no sexual affairs, kept the Sabbath on Saturday, celebrated Passover, no tattoos or piercings, kept kosher before kosher was a word, loved His enemies, definitely turned the other cheek, just like He talked. And in the end, the piercings were in His hands, feet and side.

I don’t think I will use the term anymore, now that I’ve thought about it. There is no doubt that some walk-the-walk better than others, surely better than me; but there is no one who walks the total walk. If you could do that, you could have kept the 613 Laws and not needed a Messiah to begin with. God did not make the journey easy, and it is not always plain to see; but He did give us the gift of having the journey in the first place. I’m glad He did. Sometimes I get sidetracked a bit. For that I am glad He gave us Jesus.

As far as fearing God and being wise, that pretty much ended in 1963 when the U.S. Supreme Court Rulers kicked God out of school. It only took a generation for the new children to believe God is mythology. Will we all raise a ruckus to change that situation? Probably not; and most wouldn’t listen in the first place, just like the people didn’t listen to Noah and Isaiah.

Going to put on my walking shoes.

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