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Sunday, September 23, 2018   9:43:17 AM  
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The ISIS Crisis and the Mahdi
Terror - Islam
Thursday, October 23, 2014
J.L. Robb

A couple of weeks ago we learned from Vice President Biden that the highest priority crisis facing the USA and the entire globe is “man-made climate change.” Really?

The control of our climate, now apparently manipulated and manipulatable by man, deserves our utmost attention... and money. Lots and lots of money so we can do more research on how to change the climate back to whatever it used to be that science considered normal. In the early 1970s, the fear was the coming Ice Age; and we poured money into that. Lots of money to do research to make sure the climate doesn’t freeze everyone.

For the sake of argument let’s agree that man can actually change the planet’s climate at will. Before we take on the entire globe, why don’t we start with a small tornado or haboob. Possibly we should put just a small investment into investigating how we can prevent forest fires and volcanic eruptions, two of the greatest emitters of greenhouse gases. And what if global warming is just part of the evolution of the planet; and it will be better, not worse!

In mankind’s arrogance, some truly believe we can manipulate the climate.  We’ve been seeding clouds for decades trying to produce a little rain, with little success. What if we don’t have decades?

Last month, Ebola made its first trip to the United States and Europe. This virus generally has a mortality rate of 40% to 90%, one of the deadliest viruses known to man. We are told not to worry, even though one can contract Ebola while dressed in protective gear; because it’s not airborne.

Until the current outbreak in Africa, the number of cases had remained few since discovery in 1976; and eventually the disease just seemed to fade away, only to make a comeback in a big way.

In an Omega Letter article last April, I wrote about the Ebola outbreak in Guinea. There were 100 deaths. Now six months later, there are more than 3,000 deaths and climbing. It is believed that the virus can be acquired by eating fruit bats and chimpanzee meat, common diet for the folk who live there.

Now we have brought Ebola from Africa to the far reaches of the planet. Gives Out of Africa a whole new perspective. Suppose an environmental worker in charge of disposing of sheets, pillow cases, seat covers and bloody clothing has a hot date and wants to get home early and decides to throw the infected materials in the woods on the way home. Dogs, coyotes, cats and vermin then dine on the clothing and sheets… You get my drift, and the beat goes on.

Ebola, MERS, SARS, Marburg or MRSA will get us much sooner than the drastically changing climate and is much more of a crisis than elevated carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. By the way, CO2 makes up less than 1% of our atmosphere, even though elevated.

What about Islamic terrorism? Could that be a crisis? It’s interesting that ISIS is the last four letters if crisis. Maybe The Almighty is giving us a hint.

Yesterday, the Parliament in Ottawa came under attack; and a lone, unarmed soldier guarding the War Memorial was shot at point-blank range and is now dead. The gunman is/was reportedly a recent convert to the religion of peace and love. I’m not talking about Lutheran! Was this an act of ISIS? Probably.

In an October 21, 2014, article in BuzzFeed News, a Jordanian Muslim was caught after crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. He told the Border Police that he was trying to “escape ISIS.” It’s also interesting that ISIS is the name of a pagan deity in ancient Egypt.

ISIS has seemingly come out of nowhere after the U.S. removed troops from the region, and their 7th century brutality has never changed. Within twenty years after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD, Islam had taken over Jerusalem and what had been ancient Israel, as well as North Africa. They did a lot of beheading way back then, and some things never change.

According to Shi’a belief, an Islamic messiah will appear in the end times and will make his appearance only when the world is at war and in total chaos.  Only 15% of the world’s Muslim population are Shi’ites, and most live in Iran. Belief in this Twelfth Imam, or Mahdi, is also shared in the Sunni sect of Islam; but the Sunnis do not believe the Mahdi has yet been born. The Iranians think differently, believing the Mahdi is alive and well, waiting for this upheaval to begin.

According to a recent article in Prophecy News Watch, Dr. Michael Youssef quotes an Islamic Hadith:

"[Armies carrying] black flags will come from Khurasan [Iran and Afghanistan], no power will be able to stop them, and they will finally reach Eela [the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem] where they will erect their flags."

In Islamic tradition, black banners symbolize violent conquest, and Muslims await the Mahdi's conquest of Jerusalem, when he establishes his reign from the Temple site.

The ISIS flag is black and is now hanging atop many buildings in the new caliphate, the first since 1916. The plan is to establish this new Islamic State as THE spokesman for Islam, a unified state that Islam has sought since Muhammad’s death, to no avail.

The attack yesterday in Ottawa was not Canada’s first experience with Islamism. Not long ago the Canadians captured several terrorists planning an attack on Parliament and a public beheading of the Prime Minister.

As there seems to be a slight shift in eschatological theory as to who the “Whore of Babylon” really is, the Bible may be talking about the actual Babylon and the surrounding Islamic territories. It seems that the world has been more than willing to do business with the purveyors of oil in the Middle East, no matter how corrupt and perverse they might be.

There is one thing certain: The goal of ISIS and Islamic teaching is world domination and the incorporation of Islamic law (Shariah or worse) and the threat is to hang the black ISIS flag throughout the world, including the White House.

Are we paying attention? ISIS is much more of a crisis than trying to change a climate that has always changed.

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