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Night of Broken Glass
Israel - Middle East
Thursday, November 13, 2014
J.L. Robb

Has any culture or ethnic group ever undergone the tremendous suffering that the Jewish people have endured? Known as Hebrews in the beginning of the story of the birth of the future Jewish nation, they spent 400 years in slavery in Africa, helping Egypt become one of the great empires.

When the slavery ended at the hands of God and the Egyptian army was destroyed, the Hebrew people began their trek across the deserts of Sinai. Because of the inherent stubbornness of the Children of Israel, they ended up spending an extra four decades wandering and fighting in the barren wastelands of the Middle East.

Finally, after that 40 years, they conquered the Canaanites, Hittites, Jebusites and a few other ites. They became quite a formidable nation in the crossroads of the trading routes of the known world, and their brutality in battle was feared by the future Arabs of the world. Having to build walls for protection, Israel really never knew peace except for brief periods.

About 800 years after the establishment of the country of Israel, in 722 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon conquered Israel and slaughtered or took for slaves the remaining Israelis. The Temple of King Solomon was destroyed, as predicted by the prophets; and the northern ten tribes (The Lost Tribes of Israel) disappeared it seems from the face of the earth, at least until recently.

Seventy years later, King Cyrus of Persia (Iran) conquered Babylon and freed the Jews (the two tribes from the southern country of Israel, Judah). The Judahites became known as Jews. They returned to their land and rebuilt the Temple, now the Second Temple; but Israel the Country was no more and remained occupied by invading forces until the Romans conquered and destroyed Jerusalem as well as the Second Temple. The Bible predicts a Third Temple in Israel’s future, and it is in the works as I type.

Once the Romans finished their slaughter and expulsion of the Jews to the surrounding nations of the known world (also predicted by the Jewish prophets), the Jewish people began a nearly 2,000 year journey through valleys of misery and rivers of blood. The countries in which they sought refuge usually despised the Jews, made them wear identifying badges (Star of David) and often confined them to the lowliest of jobs, except in the cases where Jewish intelligence was beneficial to the home governments.

Nearly meeting their demise at the hands of Hitler’s Germany, the Jews were pushed close to non-existence. They were captured, shot or thrown on death trains and gassed or burned to death. From 722 BC until 1948 AD, the Jews were not free and remained homeless, a people without a country.

Why? Why has all these tragedies befallen the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

“Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: ‘by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.’” ~ Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

The quote above is one of many from Hitler that is harshly anti-anything Jewish. When I read some of his quotes, his views of the Jewish people seemed to change for the worse over his lifetime, which was far too long.  An evil spirit definitely took over this man, but it backfired.

Something else of note about the quote is how similar the logic fits in the world of Islam. Jihadists are killing the Jews for the work of Allah.

In reviewing Jewish prophecy, the predictions made were uncannily accurate, often many years in the future. Look at Israel today.

Ezekiel predicted the rebirth of Israel before Israel was even destroyed by the Romans. He spoke of a valley of bones of the Children of Israel (Hebrews) indicating that Israel was dead. But wait, the bones in the vision came back to life and Israel was restored to the land God gave her thousands of years ago, a land He took from the Canaanits (future Arabs); and the Arab population has never gotten over their loss at the hands of God’s Chosen. They want to believe that they are now the chosen.

Now that is interesting. The Muslims worship Allah, who they claim is the God of Abraham, the same God who created Israel. So in their programmed logic, Allah was really God’s name, not I AM, not YHWH (Yahweh), not Jehovah, not Elohim. In addition, their god suddenly hates the Jews and most Christians; because we can’t/don’t keep the rules, in jihadist-speak. If this is the logic, and their Allah is THE Old Testament God, then why would he have told Ezekiel that Israel would be restored to their ancient lands because God said so. Seems the God of Abraham and the Islamic god has many disagreements.

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.” ~ Albert Einstein

This quote from one of the great minds of all times, a Jewish mind, is so indicative of today’s world.

The night of November 9, 1938 began one of the final phases of Jewish history. Because of the assassination of a German official, purportedly by a Jewish teenager, the Germans began what almost became the demise of the Jewish people and probably would have succeeded were it not for the Allies. The Allies did what Albert Einstein indicated above and became involved. The world stopped the slaughter of Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gypsies and homosexuals… finally. Like today, the Allies had meetings; and as a result, 10 million people were murdered.

The two days and one night of rioting led to the burning of 250+ synagogues and dozens of Jewish deaths. In the process, thousands of Jewish businesses were ransacked, looted and all the windows were broken. Glass covered the streets.

That night became known as the Night of Broken Glass, or Kristallnacht.

The next day, tens of thousands of German Jews were arrested, simply because they were Jews, and shipped off to concentration camps. We know how that story ended. Jewish businesses could no longer operate unless managed by non-Jewish folk, and curfews were imposed.

Why did this happen to the descendants of Abraham? Why did the prophets warn the occupants of Judah that they would suffer all these terrible calamities? The Jews were described as the “Apple of God’s eye.” The silver lining in that very dark cloud was the restoration of Israel on the world stage, predicted almost 2,700 years ago by Ezekiel.

Between the last book of the Old Testament and the first book of the New Testament, 400+ years had passed. Israel was brutally occupied, and life was anything but good. The people of Judah longed and prayed for the predicted Messiah and were often lulled into the deserts to hear some guy claiming to be such. Many were fooled.

Unfortunately, the Judahites shot themselves in the foot big time when the Messiah did appear and they had him killed. Even to this day it seems the Israelites in Modern Israel have no clue that they fulfilled the prophecy that stated the Messiah would come to the Jews, they would not recognize him and they would kill him. That’s exactly what happened, and that really ticked off God who rescued them from Egypt.

When the people of Judah killed Jesus, Jerusalem was destroyed (as predicted), the Temple was destroyed (predicted by Jesus); and the Jews were dispersed to suffer throughout the world, no longer in the land God had given them. For 2,000 years they cried out to God for mercy but little came.

After World War II’s Hitler began killing every Jew that could be found and nearly succeeded in eliminating the Jewish people, God did hear their screams from the camps at Auschwitz and did show them mercy (just as predicted).

Night of Broken Glass. It led to the near destruction of the apples of God’s eye. It also led to the predicted restoration of Israel. They still don’t recognize the Messiah, so they don’t recognize why all this hell happened to them for 2,000 years; but they will soon know.

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