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The Dead Parrot Returns
Commentary on the News
Friday, February 20, 2015
Alf Cengia

The persistent denials that ISIS is connected to Islam; that anti-Israelism is connected to anti-Semitism; that Jews are being directly targeted because they're Jewish, that Iran really is a terrorist state, all remind me of the Monty Python's Dead Parrot skit.

Except that the reality is far from funny. It's all very frustrating. But at least I get to occasionally grind my axe in these columns.

I'm sorry, people, the parrot isn't sleeping. It isn't even breathing. It's stone-cold dead, defunct and no longer with us. We need to wake up and smell the rotting corpse.

I don't care if you're the President or Prime Minister of Whatever State or an acknowledged Islamic historian. When you insist on ignoring hard evidence in favor of your ideology, you are either deluded or have an agenda. As far as the U.S. President is concerned, it's obvious which one fits his situation.

Let's get Mr. Obama's Christian Crusades versus Islamic Terrorism thing out of the way first. It took the president a whole year for his chance to get back at Dr. Ben Carson for that National Prayer Breakfast speech. Poison on the liver is hard to remove and some people love nursing their bitterness.

The president insists ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, but I doubt he believes that. In invoking the "Christian" crusades in context to ISIS he has tacitly admitted the connection with Islam. Most of us have seen the myriad of responses correcting Mr. Obama's fallacious connections. In case you haven't yet you can watch one of them HERE.

Unfortunately, facts will never take priority over a narrative driven by ideology. This attitude is exemplified by Islamic apologist and revisionist historian Karen Armstrong. She is noted for her "starry-eyed" presentation of Muhammad as "a great man and a prophet" and "peacemaker."

Hugh Fitzgerald has facetiously noted of her:

"For Karen Armstrong history does not exist. It is putty in the hands of the person who writes about history. You use it to make a point, to do good as you see it. And whatever you need to twist or omit is justified by the purity of your intentions - and Karen Armstrong always has the purest of intentions." (Emphasis mine)

Of course she has the best of intentions, as does the POTUS. Armstrong and Mr. Obama are change-agent soul-mates who aspire to rise above the facts.

In one of life's ironies - after ISIS killed a Jordanian pilot and after they murdered Egyptians and Libyans, Muslim majority Jordan and Egypt declared war on the organization. It's not just an irony that they've done so but also because of their quick response, in contrast to Mr. Obama's reticence to act.

Apparently Jordan and Egypt, unlike Mr. Obama, weren't too concerned with philosophical arguments as to whether or not ISIS represents Islam. One can deny the relationship but one is still faced with the reality of its brutality and the choice to respond appropriately.

Egypt and Jordan are now responding just as Israel would to attacks by Hamas or Hezbollah. Will the bleeding heart B.D.S. activists now turn their attention to them? Not likely.

This development also raises questions regarding Israel's future relationship to these states. Will Egypt and Jordan soften their stance on Israel in the face of the ISIS threat? I doubt it. Will Israel be judged by a different standard over any future retaliation against ISIS or Hamas (see Hamas link below)? You bet.

These military responses on ISIS camps in order to take out their manpower and resources will only affect a temporary reprieve. ISIS is a fluid chimerical organization which can quickly regroup and morph into something else. It draws almost inexhaustible manpower from extremist Mosques throughout the world and multiple financial backers. Its recruits take the Qur'an seriously rather than culturally. And like Iran's extremist mullahs, its agenda is apocalyptic.

ISIS' extremism has nothing to do with jobs or unemployment as State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf recently blurted. That is not only a fallacious sentiment, it's insane. The sharp increase in attacks against Jews in Europe can be largely (not solely) attributed to the uptake in Islamic migration.

But the Dead Parrot is Alive Society denies all this because it contradicts the adopted spiel. That's why these problems can never be resolved and will only escalate.

The most prominent and dangerous member of the Parrot Society is Barack Obama. His love affair with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood has irrevocably changed the dynamics in the Middle East and is painting Israel into a corner.

Mr. Obama has created an administration of like-minded people, in which radical Valerie Jarrett is arguably the most notorious example. This administration is the perfect one for the perfect storm. And there's two more years of it left.

How will that impact Israel?

Of course, we know that whatever happens next will be according to God's sovereign plan. That's a comforting thought.

Keep looking up.

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