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Nero’s Fiddle
Prophecy - Signs
Monday, May 11, 2015
Pete Garcia

"Some men aren't looking for anything logical.  They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn." – Alfred Pennyworth, “The Dark Knight”

You will have to forgive me on this one, as I’m feeling particularly salty today.  While I don’t make it habit to quote from movies, this is one that I have often thought about, and how it pertains to certain individuals in power today.  They do things that seem so…antithetical to what is common sense, that at a certain level it either has to be reckless naiveté, intentionally criminal, or a combination thereof.  But these men and women are in power, and they are only in power, because God has allowed it.  (Romans 13:1) 

I think God has allowed it, because America has already collapsed, we just don’t know it yet.  This would be why our world seems is becoming more upside down and lawless.  It is why we keep anticipating some calamitous event to transpire, yet, we trudge on mysteriously.  As if something, or rather, SOMEONE, is restraining events until the Father deems fit.  (2 Thess. 2:7-8)  In other words, we are living in borrowed time.  

So in describing some of the issues we are painfully familiar with, I will use the proverbial ‘they’, and you take that and apply it to the appropriate personality or agency.

  • This is why even after 9/11, they take no issue strip searching the children and elderly, but refuse to secure our borders
  • They refuse to call clearly Islamic attacks, Islamic.  Instead, their called ‘random’ or ‘workplace’ violence
  • They refuse to deal with our out of control debt.  If you look at the simple math of it, we do not have enough tax payers (maybe 150 out of 315 million Americans) to pay down $18 trillion dollars
  • They are dismissive of groups like Islamic State or Boko Haram, yet think the real threats are patriotic Americans
  • They believe that the cure for a “broken” system, is not cured by adding more medical providers (doctors, nurses, specialists) to the system, but by involuntarily forcing a government subsidized insurance/information collection system onto the backs of normal Americans, and then holding your tax returns hostage
  • They’ve fashioned and encouraged liberalism, socialism, secular humanism, and political correctness to flourish at universities, thus creating successive generations of ignorant and bitter people, who embody the very thing they think they stand against…intolerance
  • It is because reality does not match their agendas that they, have gotten into the redefining business.  So far, they have redefined:
    • Weather:  weather change is no longer cyclical, but has become some nefarious, man-driven agenda known as global cooling, global warming, climate change.
    • Marriage: marriage is no longer the progenitor of the family unit (i.e. the building block of nations), but should only be defined in that which we can love.  I’m sure nothing wrong can happen with that as the qualifier.
    • Life: life is no longer life in the womb (although easily proven), but only begins once the host determines that the ‘thing’ growing inside them is worth the time and effort.  But hey, we have no issue claiming some blob on Mars is alive, or used to be.
    • Diversity:  Everyone is free to say, do, be whatever desire…so long as that doesn’t entail being a Christian, Jew, or Conservative.


This is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honour. I believe it is peace in our time.                                                                 British PM Neville Chamberlain (September 30th, 1938)

And we must be a source of hope to the poor, the sick, the marginalized, the victims of prejudice–not out of mere charity, but because peace in our time requires the constant advance of those principles that our common creed describes: tolerance and opportunity; human dignity and justice.  Pres. Barak H. Obama’s Second Inaugural Address (January 21, 2013)

Echoes of Neville Chamberlain ring true 75 years later.  In every generation, there comes along certain leaders who think they are uniquely qualified to understand and reason with, the evil that other wicked leaders are capable of doing.  By so doing, they justify their efforts to appease bad behavior with gratuitous verbosity, i.e.…much speeches given, empty treaties, and generous concessions.  All the while they laud some new peace initiative as innovative and unique, and are so convinced their plan will succeed, not because it hasn’t been tried before, but that this time it will be different, that this time it will work, because it is now ‘they’ who are the ones doing it. 

These are they who either blinded by years of liberal indoctrination, or perhaps enamored with their own salesmanship, rage violently against common sense, and against those who represent it.  They are not offended by the violence that men do, they are offended when people challenge their competency, because their vanity and pride has so enshrouded their sense of purpose and entitlement, their ideology causes them to think exceedingly more of themselves, than they do of the ‘common man’. 

Although our generation has an increasingly short attention span, we should still keep close to our hearts, that when these men offer peace in our time, you can guarantee, that peace is the last thing you will get.  When leaders refuse to lead, chaos ensues.  It emboldens the evildoers, and causes those good men, who would in normal times, rise up against the tide of evil, to pause.  They pause because they don’t know whether it is worth the effort to have their character, credibility, livelihood, and all that they hold dear, ripped apart not by the enemy, but by their own government.

Perhaps this is why a certain leader can sympathize with rioters in Baltimore or Ferguson, but mock and loathe the Fundamental Christian and Tea Party types.  It is why he can bow ceremoniously to leaders from around the world, but can’t manage to reach across the aisle to compromise on common sense legislation with the other party.  It’s why he will bend over backwards to extend an olive branch to a murderous regime like Iran, but escorts the leader of our greatest national ally in the Middle East, Israel, out through White House kitchen door.


You might be asking, considering the current state of our nation, and what can we as Bible believing ‘average Joe’s’ do to fix the woes that ail us?  I don’t believe praying for our nation will no longer suffice.  Nationally speaking, we have far surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah’s shame long ago.  (Gen. 13:10-13; 18:20, Ezekiel 16:49)  Many hope that another Charles Spurgeon will arise, or Billy Graham perhaps, who would somehow bring revival back to the land.  But the Bible speaks of no great end time’s revival prior the Tribulation. (2 Tim. 3:1-3; James 5:2-4; 2 Peter 3:3-4).  In fact, the US (the greatest Christian nation to have ever existed), doesn’t even warrant a single mention in the Bible.  Just as a reminder, God didn’t offer to bring revival to Sodom or Gomorrah either.  (Luke 17:27-29)

Were individuals saved along the way by the Spurgeon and Graham’s of the last century?  Absolutely yes!  Many hundreds of thousands, millions perhaps were saved during revivals and crusades…so these men served the purpose God had intended for them.   But to right the national flagship, they did not do.  In fact, all these men and many others, taught and preached for decades, and yet, here we are, more fractured and divided as ever.  But I do advocate that we pray for friends, family, co-workers, students, etc.  I do advocate that we continue to preach and witness to the lost and dying around us.  I do advocate that we continue to share the Good News with those who are destined for an eternal hell.

Nationally speaking, we are crumbling from the inside out.  I don’t believe it really matters who we elect next, or whether the housing market rebounds for another quarter, or if jobs go up by another 4.7%, or if the Fed decides to pump another trillion dollars into our ailing economy.  We are just attempting to kick the proverbial can down the road a little bit further.  Only problem is, we have long since run out of road.  At this point, we are arguing over who is going to pay the bar tab on the Titanic. 

Unfortunately, the modern, western, mainstream Christian church is failing its communities miserably.  They refuse to warn those around them, because the message is unpopular.  They’re more concerned about building the ‘kingdom up now’, then the one Christ will someday build.  But those of us in the prophetic “know”, are trying to warn others that time is running out.  Our message is that the world is about to change for the worse very soon, and that they need to get right with the Lord before He comes.  We know it will get worse, because as Christ stated, there is coming a time of tribulation, unlike any the world had or will ever see.  (Matt. 24:21-22)

The Roman historian Suetonius was attributed with the saying that ‘Nero fiddled while Rome burned’.  Then Nero used the fire as justification to persecute a ‘weird’ little sect known as Christian’s, without mercy.  But Suetonius also records of Nero’s debauchery and ineptitude which unfortunately rings uncomfortably close to where we are today.  So while scoffers mindlessly debate over whether fiddles existed during Roman times, (these are those who miss the forest for the leaves) a case can be made that while…

Nero fiddled

Barak golfed

Republican’s jockeyed

Christendom slept

And the world burned

And in regards to our current state of affairs, I am reminded of something Hillary Clinton once prophetically said….What difference, at this point, does it make?

For the born-again Christian, none.  My roots to this life and to this world are shallow.  I’m looking for and anticipating greatly, the world to come, and so should you.  Because as the Apostle John records, the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever. (1 John 2:17)  We also know that the current global leadership is about due for a regime change.  And while they proclaim ‘peace and security’, sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. (1 Thess. 5:1-3)

For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame—who set their mind on earthly things.

For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself.      Philippians 3:18-21

Even so, Maranatha!

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