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We’ve Lost Some Angels this Year
Commentary on the News
Thursday, July 30, 2015
J.L. Robb

Her name was Jeanette, and she was born two days before Christmas of 1922. Married 66 years it appears to have been love-at-first-sight, at least according to the following quote from her husband.

“I immediately had a crush on her that I have never gotten over.”

He was eight when he met Jeannette, and he was selling Coca-Colas on the streets of Atlanta just before the Great Depression of 1929. They grew up, got married and remained so. According to reports in the RockdaleCitizen.com, “…their romance is an embodiment of the American dream.”

They were married September 19, 1948; and she died at age 92 this week, July 22, 2015, ten months after her husband died.

Jeannette’s husband opened an all-night diner in 1946 outside Atlanta, just after World War II and acknowledged that times were rough, a tough time to open a business of any hind. However, he was determined to make it work and considered growing up during The Depression was actually a blessing. Kids learned good work ethic back then, doing whatever was necessary to survive; and he planned on doing much more than surviving.

With help and encouragement from Jeannette, described as the “spiritual nucleus and encourager” of the family by her eldest son Dan, the single restaurant became two and eventually, one of the most successful “family businesses” in history. At latest count, there were 1,900 restaurants in 42 states.

Jeannette became a Christian at age 5, and she walked the walk as well as talked the talk. The family business was the embodiment of her faith. Though most restaurant chains open every day, some 24/7, never has there been a Sunday since 1946 that this family establishment opened for business. There is no indication that it ever will, though the founders are now angels elsewhere than on Planet Earth. Their family will carry on the legacy.

Jeanette’s encouragement and her husband’s tenacity throughout the years, a tenacity to achieve while helping others in the process, led to numerous awards and accolades, too many to list.

Like all good, family-type businesses that maintain a moral vision paralleled with the views presented in the Bible, there has been adversity.

Three years ago in 2012, the CEO and President of the restaurant chain worth $6 Billion+ dollars said publically that his personal opinion about marriage definition aligned with God’s, as expressed throughout the Good Book. Can you imagine that? Someone in this new day and age, an age of newly-found hope and change, actually saying that marriage should be between a man and woman (like it has been for 6,000 years of human history)? What has the world come to?

The Alternate Lifestyle Community (ALC), aligned with anyone it seems who likes rainbows, ie college kids and guilt-ridden adults, pledged huge protests from the LGBT network and staged kiss-ins at the restaurants but were met with a backlash. There was no room at the inn.

The extreme support from the community was quick and decisive. The “straight” crowd who mostly agrees with the Bible too, deluged the stores. As a result, even had the deluge of the ALC happened, which it did not, there was no room. The restaurants, acting like mean, old Christians, sent ice cold beverages and sandwiches outside to the protestors (those who seem to think one can marry their telephone pole if they wish and get any tax-related benefits), for free.

How did that work out?

Chick Fil A has grown from $4.2 billion sales at the time of the so-called “boycott” to over $6 billion today, a near 50% increase. And that is without Sunday sales.

“Our mother has always been the spiritual nucleus and encourager of our family. I can’t remember a day when she was not in full support of Dad in his work and vision for the Chick-fil-A business.”

Dan T. Cathy, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Hopefully Truett and Jeannette McNeil Cathy are enjoying their stay in the hereafter, and the Heavenly Hosts will never want for a great chicken sandwich. Wait! Is that St. Peter shouting out the door? Something about, “Please bring back the Chicken-Q!”

That is also my request. God bless the Cathy family.

Update on my open heart surgery:

Well, I made it! It is 6 weeks post-surgery, and I want to thank all of you for your many wishes, thoughts and prayers. You pulled me through, and I am glad to be back. It appears it will be a while before I will be 100%, but every day is better. And I have a book to finish.

I am going to write about this experience and some of the things one thinks about during 5 days of ICU, or at least I thought about. Did a lot of praying and thinking and hoping. Thank you all for your patience and support. God bless Omega Letter!! ~ Jerry

About J.L. Robb

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