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Wednesday, September 26, 2018   9:01:13 AM  
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Signs in the Sky
Prophecy - Signs
Thursday, January 14, 2016
J.L. Robb

When I was little, last century, my Mom would sometimes talk to me about the last days and the effect those days would have on the seasons. She said the seasons would exist but would be out of place. Maybe summer would become October, November and December. This would be a sign.

I believed that story at the time because kids always believe their parents when they are little. After I drifted from belief in college, I never really thought about the seasonal changes, except on a late November day when the North Carolina temperature was in the high seventies.

I have looked in the Bible for the prophecy about the confusion of seasons but have found nothing so far. It appears it is a Catholic prophecy concerning 3 Days of Darkness that is to occur during the last days. The prophecy was made by Padre Pio in the 1950s and later modified somewhat by other supposed Catholic prophets.

It would take a lot to change the timing of the seasons or where those seasons occur on planet Earth, but it could happen if Earth’s axis were to tilt 25%. Something massive might pull the earth out of orbit around the sun or modify the orbit. However, whatever cataclysm that would have to happen to change Earth’s axis by 25% or modify Earth’s orbit would most likely kill all the humans, earth-crawling animals and plants. Possibly sea life too.

If summer became the winter season, it would surely change some things; but I am doubtful that will happen.

There are numerous references in the Bible to signs of the times and signs in the sky when forecasting the last days or the end times events. Of course these signs can be envisioned or interpreted several ways.

Just a few years ago, I considered signs in the sky to be something visual, like a UFO or comet or an unusual brightening star. However, a sign does not have to be visual. It could also be an audible sign in the sky, like thunder.

When you read the Book of Revelation and get to the parts about the seven trumpets being sounded by angels, do you think it is referencing actual trumpets? Would we hear them? Would we feel the vibrations? Would it sound like a trumpet or large, brass horn? Will it be an actual audible sign in the sky if the sound comes out of the sky? Or is the trumpet only symbolic in some way?

I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. ~ Acts 2:19 NIV

Showing wonders could certainly be something visual, but hearing wonders could be the same, signs from Heaven. By actually hearing a trumpet or some sound from the heavens, a sound that would have to vibrate one’s soul if it covered the world, a sound that could not be a fluke, can you imagine how frightening that might be?

Mysterious loud booms and other strange sounds are appearing all over the planet, strange noises from the sky. Some are booms, and some are said to sound like horns.

February 2013 in the Tuscon, Arizona area, mysteriously loud booms were reported from many sources, some citing the ground actually vibrating. After contacting proper sources, earthquakes, sonic booms and asteroid strikes were ruled out.

There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. ~ Luke 21:11 NIV

An internet source I read this morning had this to say about recent events:

The January 2016 examples include news clips from Florida, Oklahoma and Indiana, all separate events where loud booms, some say sounded like "explosions" rattled homes and caused the earth to literally shake, with witnesses asking "what is going on?"

What is going on?

I have not heard these odd noises that people are hearing, nor have I seen a UFO; but I do not believe they are all untruths? I’ve never seen gravity but know it’s there, or I would not weigh this much.

In the Book of Revelation there are seven trumpets; and like in war, when you hear the bugle blow it is usually not a good thing. If it is a call-to-charge, the soldiers know they very well may be killed; if it is a call-to-retreat, it’s the same.

The 7th trumpet is the final trumpet and introduces the third woe. Woe is never good. It truly introduces the final act of God’s story about how our world will be renewed, not ended.

This is the sad part about the Book of Revelation, the misunderstanding that Earth is going to blow up, and everything will end. That is not what the Bible says. It is a new beginning and sounds a lot like the Garden of Eden was described in the Book of Genesis. No pain, no disease, no starvation, no sleep disorders, no death… for those who make it.

According to the article, What Is Causing The Strange Trumpet Sounds In The Sky All Over The World? written by Michael Snyder,

All over the globe, people are recording extremely loud sounds coming from the sky. In many instances, these ominous noises sound like someone is blowing a trumpet. So what are we supposed to make of these “apocalyptic” sounds?

These sounds are being heard from South America to Asia to Europe, every hemisphere.

May 27, 2015 from the skies above Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, came sounds that were recorded by numerous sources. These sounds would scare most anyone, and some of the sounds are like those of a brass instrument.

I have been following this phenomenon for several years since I started seeing reports around 2007. It is very odd. It has only been recently that I have started seeing articles and reports of the trumpet sounds. Would that be a little frightening?

God is talking to us, just like He said He would in the Book of Revelation. I wonder how much of the world is paying attention?

I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. ~ Joel 2:30 NIV

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