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Monday, September 24, 2018   3:40:39 PM  
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Why I Write For God
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Thursday, February 25, 2016
J.L. Robb

I get asked about this routinely, maybe from friends and always in an interview.

In 1954 when I was seven years old, I had a chimpanzee named Kiki. I fell in love with the chimp the Christmas morning I received it as a gift, even though she was not created by God and consisted merely of rubber face and stuffed body. And long arms with which to drag Kiki everywhere I went. This became embarrassing to my parents after twenty years!

Actually, they did throw Kiki away one night and claimed it must be in chimp heaven, but that was about four years later. Kiki only had one stuffed arm at that time, was somewhat smelly I was told and stuffing was everywhere. I thought she smelled fine and remember Kiki like it was yesterday. I loved that chimp!

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles often do not realize the influence they project to the kids who love them, or not. I named Kiki after my aunt in Waynesboro, Georgia, one of the great influences in my life when it comes to the journey it took to get me to God.

I want to share part of the story; because it is all about God and the love of His son, the very forgiving Jesus. He does not forget us, no matter how lost we become.

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. ~ Ephesians 6:4 NIV

What does that mean, exasperate your children? The King James Version clarifies a little:

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

This is a warning to parents, as well as advice. Bring your children up in knowledge of God for their eternal safety and well-being.

My mom had two sisters and a brother: Sammie, Charlotte and Earl. They all believed strongly in God and raised their children to do the same, instilling discipline along the way.

When I was a toddler just learning to talk, Sammie always called Charlotte by her nickname, Cookie. My attempt turned out as Kiki, and there you go: A chimp named Kiki.

Were it not for Kiki, I probably would not have recently released my 5th novel in The End The Book Series. She pushed reading and education.

In 1952, I remember my trip to Waynesboro at age five. Because of the polio epidemic, my parents sent me to Georgia to live with Kiki for a year. I was too little to worry about polio and was happy. I now had a brother and sister it seemed, cousins Danny and April; and I was in heaven for the entire year. I spent every summer there until age sixteen, 1963. That influence had a very positive affect on my later life. Her strong faith gave me a taste of Christianity to come back to after I drifted so far away.

Kiki and Uncle Bob had little money but had huge hearts and were very giving. They worked at the lumber mill, would rush home at the whistle for lunch that April prepared and rush back to the mill. Uncle Bob sharpened saws at night in the woodshed. They never missed church; so of course, never did we.

Kiki prepared for my summer visits and would have us signed up for French lessons or Bible School and always a reading club at the Waynesboro Library. Though Kiki was not a Bible-thumper, she knew the scripture and its importance. At that time, 98% of Americans claimed to be Jewish or Christian. The other 2% were “other,” much different than now; and there was little crime compared to our new, progressive world where believing in God is no longer cool.

Cousin Danny still claims today that he never got a spanking during the year until I got there in the summer. Yes, I was a bit of a discipline syndrome of sorts. Kiki was strict. She would tell us, “Do NOT get in that creek, boys!” and within no time, I had talked Danny into the creek. Then we would get to visit the woodshed, but it had nothing to do with saws.

I didn’t appreciate the summer book club and thought some of the books were boring; but if we wanted to go to the local swimming pool, we could not do so until we read and cleaned the entire house. And we did.

I loved my mom tremendously but also looked at Kiki as a mom more than an aunt, I guess because I spent so many of my formative years with her.

Though I drifted and think many do, her foundation was the influence that always made me think, what if I’m wrong? It was her push to read and learn that led me to writing books that I hope glorify God, since I spent so much of my life doing the opposite.

One time someone told me, “You sure seem to know a lot about sin.” I do. I have done a lot of it. The influence of Aunt Sammie and Aunt Kiki, who I spent so much time with, brought me from a spiritual hole in which I once lived to the enlightened reality of God who said, “Let there be light.”

I do not know if my book series about God’s plan for mankind will ever become a best seller like the Left Behind series, but I hope so. I hope that many, many unbelievers will find this thriller/love story enticing enough to dig the Bible out of the closet or go buy one. When someone asks me who my market is, I tell them it is the unbeliever.

When I have an online debate with an atheist in England or California, some ask me why I waste the time- because it is usually a waste of time and oxygen to debate an unbeliever- but it is because they are the unsaved and think God is mythology. Every time I debate the doubter in England, about twenty people from England buy the series to read. It is apparently pretty good from the many emails I receive and the reviews posted on Amazon- except for the gal I made mad on facebook.

The Two Witnesses tells a story that many know little about but should, the story of two strangers who appear in Jerusalem during the last days of Earth as we now know it. The Bible does not say the earth will be destroyed but will be greatly modified. There will finally be real hope and change, not manmade mischief.

There is much speculation about who the two witnesses are, the most common consensus either Elijah and Enoch, Elijah and Moses or Enoch and Moses. No one knows for sure, but the world will hate whoever they are because of the climate-change they will bestow on the planet. This climate-change will be God-made.

While citizens in Flint, Michigan are concerned about the lead in the water, imagine the concern when blood instead of water comes from the faucet. While the doubter scoffs and says this prediction is nonsense, water that looks like blood is not uncommon and has a deadly influence on life in the water and out. And it stinks.

Many Omega Letter subscribers pre-ordered The Two Witnesses, and everyone should now have your copy. I am very appreciative. If you haven’t read the series, you can read samples of each book and reader comments at www.theendthebook.biz.

Kiki died not too long ago, so now they are gone: Mom, Sammie, Kiki and Earl; but their influence lingers. And as long as I live I plan to write about God, thanks to my Kiki. As she got older she would apologize to me that all we sometimes had to eat were tomato sandwiches. She offered me so much more than food, and I still love tomato sandwiches to this day.

Jesus does not forget us, no matter how lost we become; but we have to seek him out. Seek and ye shall find.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins- you matter more than you know.

About J.L. Robb

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