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Monday, September 24, 2018   3:35:40 PM  
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Iím Glad Itís Still Thanksgiving
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Thursday, November 24, 2016
J.L. Robb

Bloomington, Indiana is rewriting American history.

It is not unusual to see the Islamic Taliban or ISIS destroying history and rewriting it the way they think Muhammad would like it. It has been going on in Middle Eastern Islamic countries for centuries. But Bloomington? Why?

To “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace,” according to city officials.

So they are going to change the culture in order to reflect more culture. Why didn’t I think of that?

Columbus Day is now Fall Holiday; Good Friday is now Spring Holiday. The paid holidays will continue to be paid by the citizens of the town and state, but why? Looks like a great time to cut the budget and just let the townsfolk work those two days.

Columbus Day is celebrated… altogether now: Because of Christopher Columbus. The leaders of old, in their infinite wisdom, were not walking down the street one day when one said, “It’s really a nice Fall day; let’s make it a holiday.”

Good Friday is a holiday because of Jesus Christ, celebrating the greatest weekend in human history.

Cultural/political correction is bringing the United States to its knees, trying to make sure no one is ever offended, except Christians it seems.

Happy Thanksgiving, Bloomington, Indiana but your city officials have walked one too many walks through the psychedelic mushroom patch. This could be your last “Thanksgiving” holiday so not to offend… someone.

God might be offended.

Things have surely changed since the days of what became our Thanksgiving Day celebration. I am sure that the Pilgrims had no idea there would one day be Macy’s Parades, football games and tons of delicious food every year because of the tradition they started with the help of Samoset the Abenaki.

Samoset lived from1590 to 1653 and was a Chief of the Abenaki Indians who occupied the area that became New England. Samoset learned to speak English from fishermen who fished the coastal areas. He was the first Indian (Native American) to greet the Pilgrims at Plymouth. You can imagine their surprise.

A little history before it’s changed:

Seeking refuge from religious persecution in England a group of Pilgrims made their way to Holland in 1609. From Holland they made their way to the New World, thanks in large part to Christopher Columbus of Fall Holiday fame.

After several years in Holland, the Pilgrims’ journey to the New World began on the sailing ship Mayflower, September 6, 1620. It was not an easy journey, and the 44 Pilgrims shared the ship with 66 others. One did not make it.

The trip across the Atlantic was treacherous and cold, taking 65 days to spot land. Because the ship was made of wood, fires were prohibited so the110 people on board ate their food cold for the entire journey. Land was spotted November 10, and the Pilgrims and crew finally settled in Plymouth.

Upon settlement, the greatest fear to the settlers was the possibility of an attack by the local Indians, which did not happen. Their greatest fear should have been the coming winter. By the time it was over, less than 50 managed to survive.

Then on March 16, 1621, Samoset the Abenaki came walking into their settlement, unannounced and uninvited. As the Pilgrims recoiled in fear, they were greatly relieved when Samoset shouted, “Welcome.” An Indian welcoming them in English was quite a surprise.

Soon, Samoset returned with his friend, Squanto. Squanto spoke better English and had learned it on a trip to England. Turned out that Squanto was quite cosmopolitan and was one of the best things that happened to the Pilgrims, reeling from the deadly winter. Squanto had many survival skills.

By the time the next winter approached, the Pilgrims were most thankful that they had plenty of food, thanks to Squanto who showed them how to get syrup from the maple trees, how to grow corn and which plants were good for you and which were poisonous.

Little is known about Squanto, but it is rumored that he was captured as a young man along the Maine Coast about 1605, with four others, by Captain George Weymouth. Weymouth claimed he captured the five because he thought his business clients in England might want to “see a few Indians.”

Thanks to Squanto, this winter would be much different than the previous. There were lots of veggies, fruits, meat and fish. With comfortable homes and plenty of food, the Pilgrims felt they had weathered the storm; and they wanted to have a celebration of thanks.

A “day of thanksgiving” was announced by Governor William Bradford, and all colonists and neighboring Indians were invited. The celebration lasted three days and was attended by Samoset, Squanto and about a hundred other Indians. It is thought that this celebration took place about mid-October.

Unfortunately, the following two years were not so abundant. The third year was met with a hot and very dry spring and summer, and plants were left dying in the fields. After the governor called for a day of prayer and fasting, praying for rain, the rains came. This time the celebration, a day of thanksgiving as declared by Governor Bradford, was held November 29. It is believed that this was the “true beginning” of what is now Thanksgiving Day.

Over the years, the annual custom continued; and in the 1770s, during the Revolutionary War, a day of national thanksgiving was suggested by the Continental Congress. Thanksgiving Day became official in 1863 when President Lincoln appointed it as a national day of thanksgiving and is celebrated the fourth Thursday of November.

The world is in disarray, but I am thankful we have a world. There are poor and hungry, and I am thankful we have the opportunity to help them. There seem to be wars all around the globe, and I am thankful to be living in a free country without war. I look at photos of Mars and the moon and other planets; and while they have their own beauty, they don’t have butterflies, hummingbirds, bamboo trees and banana plants. I am truly thankful for our planet and that God decided to let us experience it, a place like no other.

I am not thankful that somebody keeps changing the holidays! At least we still have Thanksgiving, for the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may God bless you and your families.

About J.L. Robb

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