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Friday, August 17, 2018   1:00:44 PM  
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Has God Called You to Write?
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Thursday, July 26, 2018
J.L. Robb

I got up this morning, had myself a “The best part of waking up is just waking up” coffee and cranked up the computer. I opened my email, and the first one I see is a solicitation: Is God Calling You to Write?

I called my daughter to see if I should click on the link. She checked and said it was legit.

I clicked and sure enough, He is. He is calling us all to write and send money to this publishing company. When the link opened, it was amazing how slick God’s-Author marketing program was. You write it; it will be in all the book stores. I thought God’s fee to be a bit exorbitant, but if it was in all the book stores, that had to be a good thing. Just send $3,500.00, and you could be one of God’s authors, too.

When I first decided to write a book, I was fifteen. The English Department had a short-story writing contest; and I won, surprisingly. My English teacher met with my mom and dad and encouraged them to encourage me, to write. That never happened. Dad wanted me to hunt and fish, and I wanted to write and play trumpet. Plus, why hunt and fish when a grocery store was right down the road.

Forty years later, I was praying one morning… about life, and kids, and the economy and the falling away from the religious beliefs I had grown to know as fact. I heard a voice. Not a real voice, but a voice in my head. No one could hear it but me. I thought it said, “Write your book.”

I paid little attention at first; but over the years I kept hearing it. The only novel I had ever thought of writing about was John’s vision in Revelation, thanks to Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth.

I read Revelation when I was ten and was fascinated. And frightened. Though I did not understand what it was about, I did know I did not want to be around when it happened.

I guess I heard that voice of encouragement for ten or more years before finally making the commitment. At first, the voice was so clear I thought I might be crazy. It was like a whisper and only happened when I prayed. My first thoughts were: Why would God pick me, of all people, to write for Him? I spent many years not believing, I have broken most all of His laws; and even as a believer, I don’t always walk the walk, unfortunately. Then one day it hit me. Maybe He wanted me to write about the wages of sin because I knew so much about sinning.

And so it began.

I think most everyone who writes books, articles, poems or songs about God believe they have a calling to do so. We may not know the reason, but we feel the nudge.

Instead of going the conventional route, getting an agent and waiting/wading through the process which could take years, I began a search for a quality self-publishing company. In one of my first conversations with a “Christian” publisher, the agent laughed when I told him I planned to be a best-selling author but he did have some advice.

1.      If you write about the end times, be sure and write what Christians want to read.

2.      You will probably not make it because large publishers only deal with the big guys, like Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.

3.      Why don’t you write Amish love stories instead?

I am a little stubborn and would not be swayed to Amish love stories. I was determined to write a series of seven books and promised The Almighty that I would do so. As I wrote, I began to make it available on the internet, to read as I wrote; and that is how the first book started. I finally chose Thomas Nelson Publishing’s self-publishing arm, WestBow Press; and they published my first two books.

I am now completing the seventh and final book in the series, The End The Book. In my journey, I thought a lot about the advice from the Amish Love Story agent, especially #1; and I wondered what he meant? The series is a fictional account of possibilities, like Left Behind.

I wrote an article once about Rapture Theory and covered pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation and post-tribulation theories as well as the belief that many Christians have, that there is no rapture at all. Talk about an email generator.

I had never written a book when starting this quest, but I was excited that I finally committed. I prayed and I dreamed, and much of the plot that I have written came to me in dreams. Book 3 is titled, Visions and Dreams. I would dream something, wake up and write it down on a yellow post it. The next day, I would get my Bible out and see if there was anything non-scriptural that I could see. Some of the thoughts had never crossed my mind, and I debated whether I should write the way I dreamed. A couple of things I did not want to write, fearing scorn from reason #1; but it never happened. To the contrary, I got many- Wow, I never thought of that- comments. The dreams were sort of like the voice I would hear when I prayed, and I figured that God was talking to me.

I am glad to be completing the series; and amazon.com is full of four and five-star reviews, many from Omega Letter readers. Much of the success I owe to Omega Letter and am glad that God led me that way.

Is the series factual? There are many facts included and a lot of history about biblical archaeology, infectious disease, supervolcanos, comets and Islamic terrorism; but the series is fiction. Some things we just will not know until it happens. My intention has always been to target the non-believer in the hope that they might find it interesting enough to go buy a Bible and check it out. If only a single person does so and becomes a believer, my job is done.

The final book, The Ninth of Av,  should be available in late October; and click here for some reviews.

Now I think I will start an Amish love story.

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